Friday, September 30, 2005

Temperature says cool, but it's STEAMY up in here.

Warning: Please excuse the occasional swear word. If you are easily offended by the use of such words, you may want to skip this post all together.

Time Warner Cable came last night. I was all excited to finally have cable in my apartment. But Jack (that's what I'll call him...short for JACKASS) came to my apartment all crabby and spoutin' attitude and was a little annoyed when I told him my landlord had special requests on where to drill. Jack snapped at me, I told him this is NOT my problem, and thus, called my landlord and had John (my landord) speak with Jack (the Jackass). After about a 30 second conversation John apparently swore at Jack, Jack hung up the phone, and one day later I still do not have cable. I was fuming about it last night but after being on hold for a half hour with Time Warner Cable after Jack decided he was unwilling to help me out, I hung up and figured I'd deal with it today when I calmed down. (After I post of course)

I just don't understand why my landlord is being such an ass about it. I've been hounding him for the past month, trying to get him into our apartment so he can decide where he wants Time Warner to drill (my landlords instructions) and he finally comes, gives them absure directions, and suddenly I have to take the grunt of it all. I'm not asking him to take down a frickin' wall. I'm asking him to drill for cable. It's not like his house is anything spectacular that a cable line is going to drop the value. Take your f'n overpriced rent and your new little Mercedes and back the fuck off a little bit. My god!

And Time Warner...TIME WARNER! Don't think you're getting away from my rath either! You send a lousy, attitude-stricken, helpless man over to my house to I'm sorry NOT do his job..and then expect me to pay $60 a month for YOUR services that he was unwilling to provide me with? Probably not. I'm sorry Jack. It's your fucking job to come into my house and drill. Don't act like your life is so tough and your job is so shitty. You don't like it quit, but don't take it out on me. I'm so sick of people acting like they deserve something else out of life, or that their life is so much worse than anyone elses. If you're not happy, change something then. Don't expect someone else to do it for you.


Okay, I feel better =)

It's a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I'm not going to let Time Warner's incompitence or my landlord's bs to ruin that. I have brides to make happy =)


Carmen said...

Cable companies suck. I'm sorry you had to go through that - I'd die without my cable.

Here from Michele's. ;)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You don't want cable, cable is evil.

God, I miss cable.

Here from Michele's.

Erin said...




That really sucks. I HATE dealing with the cable company, the electric company, etc. It's always such a pain in the ass!

Love you ;)

monkey said...

i love erin because erin can spell.


that makes it sound like i love erin, but not christi, just because christi can't spell. but i do love christi... it's not her fault she can't spell. so maybe i should say that i love erin because erin always corrects the spelling mistakes, and it just adds humor to my day. (which apparently, is something i'm in great need of if something this simple adds THAT MUCH humor to my day.)

there, it's settled. i love erin because erin corrects the spelling mistakes. that sounds much nicer.

but ok, for real... i must say that i do love christi, whether or not she can spell, because christi doesn't get mad at me when i am a smart ass and i make it a point to point all of this out.

and that's just my randomness. =)

Christi said...

I love you BOTH because no matter where I go, I can always count on you two to be lurking in the background, waiting for the chance to jump on my latest mispelling.



Erin said...

Laughing my ass off at you, Monkey. Glad you love me for correcting Christi. ;) I can't help it!

Christi, dear, learn how to spell! You're a college graduate for pete's sake!

I love you tons anyway, though!

Christi said...

We can't all be as perfect as you Erin ;)

I have my strengths and weaknesses...unfortunatley my weakness is spelling. I don't take the time to proofread.


Carmi said...

I'm just about ready to cancel cable and simply download the Torrent files of the shows I want to watch. I've been downloading the few shows that I DO watch for a few weeks, and it's causing me to doubt why I'm paying to see it on the TV. What a waste...

Visiting from Michele's today. Good to e-see you again.

ribbiticus said...

i couldn't live without cable anymore - i've gotten too used to watching all the crap they put on - lol. seriously, don't let up on time warner. fight for your rights! you're still a customer. here via michele. :0

monkey said...

no... erin's not fine. in fact, erin, well erin makes a valid point. you are a college graduate. make something of it. and don't be saying you don't have the time yadda yadda. we don't want to hear it. we want to SEE it... SPELLED correctly. =)

and um, correction! yes we all can be as perfect as erin. some of us (and yes i do mean myself) can even exceed such expectations. =)


Christi said...

Never ONCE in my college career did I EVER take a class that was entitled "How To Spell". Nor was I, or will I ever BE an English major in which I would have taken writing classes of some sorts. Therefore, the fact that I incorectly spell a few words from time to time does not indicate my intelligence level in ANY way, shape or form.

Good for you two for being such fantastic spellers. I'm sure you learned how because of your degree.

Now leave me alone.

The end

monkey said...

it's incorrectly. ;)

love you too.

the end.