Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Thursday Morning Mess

There was once a time in my life, when I could drink with the boys, dance with the girls, stay up all night, and then do it all over again the next day.

Such is not the case anymore.

I'm hung over, I'm tired, and I'm completely regreting my decision to accompany my roomate and her two friends on a Wednesday night excursion to Champion's.

The night started out nice and chill. I pulled into my driveway a little after 7:30 and was greeted by an already not surprisingly drunk Nikki and her friend Erika. I was all about joining them on the porch I love so much for a glass of a wine and a wind down session before heading off to bed.

But of course nothing can ever be chill when you have Nicole Knauer as your roomate =)

Soon after I arrived, Karen (pronounced K-ah-ren) showed up ready and willing to down a few 40's and Joey came by already drunk. Needless to say my one glass of wine turned into two and then the brilliant idea to go out arose and off we were.

You know the night is going to be rough when you're pretty much drunk before you even get to the bar, and before you even leave your house you are the sole instigator of a hit and run. Nikki and I rolled in laughter in the backseat as we witnessed Karen nudging the truck in front of her with her little car. "It was just a love tap guys" Karen laughed out, completely oblivious to the scratch she created on her door. "That was more than a love tap, that was a full blown make-out session"

Thankfully we made it to Champion's safely, and spent the remainder of the night playing Shuffleboard. Has anyone ever played bar shuffleboard? Pretty sure it's the most entertaining thing EVER!! It's my new obsession. Nikki and I got yelled at by the bartender though for being too loud. Apparently we were getting a little too excited, but I was WINNING. How can you not be excited about that? =)

We stayed for a while then Nikki and I decided we'd had enough and wanted to go home. We decided walking home would be a good idea, and started on our way...drinks still in hand. We didn't make it very far as boy upstairs had just arrived at the bar and Karen called summoning us back. Thus, we walked back, said hi to boy then decided we had definitley had enough and hitched a ride home with Laura.

Arriving finally at our beloved apartment, Nikki grabbed a box of Wheat Thins and we sprawled oursleves out on the kitchen floor, discussed life, and tried to work through Nikki and Ryan problems. We came to no drunken conclusions.

After our discussion I pulled myself up, drunk called Tara, then did my typical vomit after a night of drinking these days. Ugh, what happened to the girl that could hold her alcohol. She DEFINITLEY does not exist anymore =(

So after one adventurous Wednesday evening, I'm paying the consequences on this Thursday morning. I dont' want to be at work, I want to be home in my bed, cuddling up to a movie, and falling asleep.

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trusty getto said...

Bummer. Hangovers suck.

Michele sent me. If you've got to get drunk, I must say Champions looks like a great place to do it :^)