Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The 75 Best things about my Summer 2005

1.) I graduated college!
2.) It only took 5 years!
3.) Getting to see Rascal Flatts
4.) The B.A.N.A.N.A.S song by Gwen Stefani
5.) Chicago Pride!
6.) Char strutting the streets of Chicago in just her underwear
7.) The fried Mozzerella at some dive bar
8.) Saz's cheese sticks
9.) Fourth of July bottle rocket fight
10.) Exchanging outfits with my 15 year old cousin
11.) ...and then discussing tampons.
12.) Giving advice to 15 year old girls about drinking.
13.) Tara being denied by THREE straight girls.
14.) Heather kissing all three of the above mentioned.
15.) Don't Cha
16.) The grand opening of Christy's Bridal and Formal Wear
17.) Starry night talks on the porch with my parents
18.) Until 3 in the morning
19.) ...and getting really drunk.
20.) Paddling on the little pond in Milwaukee with Erin.
21.) Moving to Milwaukee
22.) Growing up and taking on "grown up" responsiblities
23.) Medical Insurance
24.) Renters Insurance
25.) NEW JOB!!! =)
26.) Holding Rosemary's baby boy
27.) A 15 minute drive to Tara's house
28.) 5 lesbians in a swimming pool
29.) Belly flops into said pool
30.) The return of the Beer Bong
31.) Watching the worst storm of the summer from atop the highest point in Burlington.
32.) Dancing my heart out to the Toys and the Sweetarts with Erin at the Wisconsin State Fair.
33.) Seeing my best friend in a wedding dress
34.) Being named Maid of Honor
35.) The feeling of a very first vendor sale
36.) Seeing Tartuffe at The American Players Theatre
37.) Playing Euchre for HOURS
38.) Rosy's Drunk Night Out
39.) Tara's dancing machine brother
40.) Having a beer with my brother at the local bar
41.) SHUFFLEBOARD at Champion's
42.) The camaradari of the world in regards to the hurricane relief efforts
44.) Getting rid of Live Journal
45.) Entering into Blogger!
46.) A make-out session with Karen's car and a truck
47.) Tara attacking Angie
48.) A very drunk political conversation
49.) My big beautiful front porch
50.) "The roof is caving in"
51.) An outside concert event
52.) ...and finally being able to spend some quality time with Monkey
53.) Noah's Ark
54.) Jennifer Karnitz's cheap ass
55.) An entire campsite of screaming girls
56.) ...we're scared of racoons.
57.) Corn on the Cob on the grill
58.) Endless softball tournaments
59.) Jumping on the bleachers, arm and arm with my parents, during the Sugar Ray concert.
60.) ...and seeing Mark McGrath up close.
61.) New roomate
62.) new DRUNK roomate ;)
63.) Getting my Chicago rent deposit check in the mail
64.) Then going on a mad shopping spree
65.) Buckle's new Blue2 Denim line
66.) Big honkin' necklaces.
67.)'s about time!
68.) Record high temperatures
69.) ..seriously I love them
70.) 21st row for the Kenney Chesney concert
71.) Seeing Tara's face when he came on stage
72.) Ryan Longwell hitting the lady next to us with his golf ball
73.) ...then being able to see him close up
74.) he's VERY cute
75.) and finally being close to my friends and family.


Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello...

What a wonderful list. You certainly had a glorious summer.

Agreed: a dive bar is often the best place to get fried mozzerella.

Erin said...

Wow. THE Michele came by to say hi. I don't know if she's ever stopped by MY blog to just say hi, and I've been going to her way longer than you! I brought you to her! Ew. =)

I like your list! I want to make one! I'm glad you had a good summer - and I'm glad I was on your list a few times!

See you tonight, I hope!

Indigo said...

Congrats on graduating from college!!! Hello, Michele sent me, and I'm right around the corner in West Allis. :-)