Monday, September 19, 2005

I Woke Up This Morning, and Put on my Cranky Pants

If there is a wrong side of my bed, I definitley woke up on it today. As is said in Office Space, I have a "case of the Monday's", and my only cure is sunlight and some more sleep.

I was awoken once every two hours last night, as late night smoke breaks trickled into my bedroom window, awakening me from my already restless nights sleep. It's not that I mind the talking outside of my window, I did after all choose to have the bedroom right off of our front porch, and to tell you the truth my windtunnel of a fan usually blocks out most noise around me. But last night as 1:00, 3:00, and even 6:00 rolled around and the smoke trickled into my bedroom, I began regretting my decision to take the big window over the private bathroom. I have no room to complain though, I could have easily asked them to not sit in front of my bedroom window, but I chose to just throw a pillow over my head and attempt some sort of sleep. Either way, it wasn't happening.

At 8:00 I awoke to rain. Great, one more thing to add to my already terrible mood. Under normal circumstances I would welcome the rain. There's something soothing to me about a muggy, rainy, cloud covered day. Today however, I could have really used the sunlight, and the lack of it alluded to a really long Monday to come.

I arrived at work about 15 minutes late, and continue to have a pile of "to-do's" waiting for me. On top of managing this store for my mom while she takes a holiday to pack up our house, I have to confirm about a million vendor attendees for my show at the Milk Pail January 10, prepare for this interview tomorrow (including preparing my resume), finalize the hair and makeup for my fashion show on January 22, and try to do it all with a smile. But, my usual positive self left me with the final cigarette butt last night, and remaining is a big ball of huffiness, and the desire to just be back in bed.

I'm not sure I can deal with the self indulgence the brides bring today. I definitley do NOT want to be here.


Erin said...

Hey Christi, sorry you didn't get enough sleep last night. I hope your day is going ok. I want to meet for a drink one of these nights. We're both so damn busy all the time! I miss you! hehe Even though I DID just see you last weekend. But hey, we're in the same town now. We can see each other more. I like that. =)

Christi said...

I know..I do too =) Yeah you'll have to let me know what days are good for you to meet up. You give me a few good nights, and I'll tell you which of those works best for me.

See you soon love!!!