Friday, September 23, 2005

An idea from Kross-Eyed Kitty

As I sit here at work on this fine Friday morning, I decided to participate in the weekend meet and greet that Michele puts on, and decided to surf through cyberspace in persuit of a few blogs to entertain me for a while. In the midst of my travels I came across Kross-Eyed Kitty's blog and a post that sparked interest. It was in regards to bookmarks of life, and how often times there are songs throughout our life that act as said bookmark, causing us to reminise and go back to that time and re-live it. Then after a text this morning from an ex reminding me of the song we broke up to, I realized this concept does in fact exist, and I began making a mental recolection of my own music lifemarks.

1.) High Enough - Damn Yankees: Jessica Berry (My long lost, now deceseased best friend as a child) were driving in the back of my parents car singing along to the song on the radio. I remember thinking "Why can't she just sing like I do, she doesn't even SOUND like them". Apparently I thought mightly highly of myself in those days. But that is my last running memory of Jessie being alive.

2.) Piece of Shit Car - Adam Sandler: It was playing in Dave's Dodge Neon the very first time I ever rode in his car. He picked me up while I was grounded the summer before my Freshman year of High School and took me out to Dairy Queen. Our first "Unofficial" date =) It took us about two months to actually kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend.

3.) Crossroads - Bone Thugs 'n Harmony: The first song Dave and I ever danced to.

4.) Dreams - The Cranberries: While in High School my three best friends and I (Katie Schiller, Kiersten Karlsen, and Katie Daniel) would drive into Milwaukee blaring Dreams in my Explorer and singing at the top of our lungs.

4.) Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson: We were driving in YoYo's Saturn home from The West in Green Bay. The song came on the radio and she looked at me and smiled. It was the moment I realized my life was about to change and my feelings for YoYo were more than just friendly.

5.) I Want To Come Over - Melissa Ethridge: Again driving, a few months later, with YoYo's roomate who played this song for me. We ended up dating a few days later.

6.) In the Club - 50 Cent: Dancing my heart at "Rain" in Las Vegas during my 21st birthday with Erin.

7.) In Public - Kelis: Acted as background music for a British commercial while I was in London. My flatmates and I spent those two months trying to figure out who sang the song and about a week before we left we found it and spent the next week playing it over and over in Addie's computer, dancing around the flat.

What songs act as bookmarks for your own life?


Ramona said...

Glad I could provide some inspiration!
Have a great weekend!

Oreo said...

I don't know that any one song could sum it up but Michael W. Smith has a huge influence on a LOT of moments in my life. Here from Michele's.

honestyrain said...

i always find it so remarkable that people can make lists like this. whenever i try i either think of not one song or thousands and can't narrow it down. i had fun reading yours and will now be wondering why it is i can't make such a list of my own ;)

terrilynn said...

Hi there, Michele sent me.

It would take a looooooong post to answer this question; there are hundreds if not thousands of songs on my life's soundtrack. I may have to steal this idea at my own place.

(The breakup song for my previous marriage was Springsteen's "Brilliant Disguise")

Mark said...

First off, I love your lead off paragraph... as for the idea that songs bookmark points in life? It makes such perfect sense.. I've often thought it but to read it and think about it.. amazing really.

One song I know bookmarked a moment in my life is "Wading in the Velvet Sea" by Phish.. sitting there on the couch with my best friend at the time, Richelle, wondering about the future.


And thanks x 2 for sending me to Michele's. :)

TC said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't think I can narrow down my list of songs. Great post!

panthergirl said...

i love the bookmark concept. Since I'm so OLD (ar ar), I have so many bookmark songs that I'd hog up your whole comment section!

I do remember "Satisfaction" by the Stones being the theme song for my first "romance" (I was 10, he was 13... ;) )

Here via michele today!

monkey said...

this concept... it's so common, or so obvious, but rarely talked about and written down. it's interesting to see it that way.

i'd like to steal your idea. i'll be a lemming, as you once used to say. =) but, there are so many songs that bookmark my life, i'd either a.) never finish the list or b.) be working on it for far too longer than i should and probably end up hitting the unemployment line. i mean, it's crazy really, that my playlist on random can pop up a bookmark every three songs or so. and there is 2100 songs on there! and i don't even have some (like the previously mentioned break up song, for example) on my list... which means there are many more out there.

okay, i'm shutting up now.
have a good day.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Here are a few songs that mean something to me. I am old, so bear with me.

Eagles - Take it Easy. A kid in high school played this on his guitar at an assembly, and the entire student body refused to go back to class. The principal pretended like it was OK, just to avoid a mutiny.

Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger. Uh, yeah, like, we woke up to it playing some very appropriate lyrics during my first time. No, the "stranger" part wasn't it. This was no stranger.

Isaac Hayes - Don't Let Go. Gotta love the disco. A good bar song at a bad bar. A different kind of a bar. In downtown Springfield, MO.

David Allen Coe - You Never Even Call Me By My Name. My husband's favorite song before he was my husband.

Beth Nielson Chapman - Sand and Water. I heard it on an ER episode, but it was comforting to me right after my dad died.