Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FINALLY a phone call.

After graduation I was finding my job search to be very unsatisfying. Everywhere I applied wanted experience, not schooling. Sure the BA degree that I had was my first ticket in, but apparently the career training I had was not good enough. This is sort of why I ended up back in Wisconsin. But I kept my head high, and applied with hundreds of different companies, hoping just one would take a chance on me. I had no such luck.

But then today, at 4:23, I get a phone call.

Claire's Boutiques, headquartered in the Chicagoland area, had finally called me back and want to set up an interview with me. That only took what, 6 months? While my initial application there was refused almost immidatley, they must have kept my resume on file because a position has opened and they want to talk to me about it. ME!

I'm very excited.


Erin said...


So are you going on the interview? When is it and what's the position? Girl, you already have two jobs!

I'm glad you have a blog we can communicate on now. =) Not that we don't communicate via email and phone and in person but this is a BONUS.

Christi said...

haha I know I already have two jobs but if for some reason this Claire's thing works out, I probablyl wouldn't stay here at the Bridal salon, only help during buying season and what not. We'll see though.

She called me last night and left me a message to which I responded and left her a message as well. We're playing a bit of phone tag. I guess we'll see where it ends up