Monday, September 26, 2005

Sorry for the Delay Erin

As it is now a slow Monday here at the store, I am given the opportunity to relflect upon my weekend and collaborate some thoughts and feelings that arose throughout the two day period...

no such luck.

It was a typical Milwaukee weekend in the life of Christi Anderson. I worked Friday all day, went and saw a movie with my mom (Just Like Heaven...SO cute...go see it), then visited the gf in Oak Creek.

Saturday I worked again until 4. I was supposed to get out at 3 but Kaitlin Morall showed up at 3:00 and I felt bad just leaving my mom with her and her mother, so I stuck around and played dress up with her. She's the current reigning Miss Burlington and was looking for pagent-type outfits. While the whole pagenty thing sort of annoys me, it might be kind of nice to have a girl like Kaitlin on our side. Hell, if she chooses to wear one of our dresses and then just HAPPENS to get the crown of Miss Wisconsin, that means OUR dresses are in MISS AMERICA. Hello Donald Trump!

Hmm..okay that tangent aside, I finally got out of work at 4:00 and made my way back to Milwaukee where I picked up Tara and brought her downtown with me. I needed to change and get ready before we headed out for the night.

At 7:00 I picked up Greggor and we were off to The Pint for some pool, darts, and Erotic Photo Hunt =) Now lets talk about this.

I have been able to legally get into a bar for about 2 and a half years now. However, even before that time I was one of the many teenagers graced with a less than fabulous fake-ID, allowing me to frequent certain bars all while in my early years of college. So that's say, 5 years of bar time, give or take a few years. BUT THEN, even BEFORE the bar scene came into play, my childhood basement was the hangout of MANY weekend parties throughout high school involving many friends, and many games of pool and darts in the basement. Therefore, adding another 4 years to the equation and you have a grand total of about 9 years of play time. 9 YEARS. You'd think I'd be pretty good right?


I'm probably the worst pool player you'll ever meet. The cue ball constantly bounces right off the table, that is if I'm even able to hit in the first place (If pool were anything like golf I'd have about 4 or 5 strokes against me before the little triangle is even broke), and god forbid the balls ever go into one of those little pockets on the side of the table. Nope, the only one that tends to go in is that wretched white one. But I always play, and I always raise stakes and talk shit as if I know what's up. "Loser buys shots". Good call Christi. Rack up the credit card bill now!

We lost at darts, we lost at pool, and I finally gave up and sat my butt down in front of some erotic photo hunt which kept us four busy for a good long time. We beat TITI. Horray! But starting early at the bar usually means ending early at the bar, and by 12:00 we were KO'd and ready for bed.

Sunday was spent lazing around the apartment, watching movies and pigging out. LOVE lazy Sundays =) And that brings me to today, working until 7 then probably off to another movie with my mom. (We're big time movie buffs) Hmm, I wonder what we should see.

Any suggestions?

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