Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous

I had to go see my Dermatologist yesterday morning. Ever since I returned home from London, my skin has been acting exceptionally weird (flaking, itchy, bumpy). Assuming it was just dry skin I purchased numerous skin cremes, some of which made it temporarily better and some which made it much worse. As time went on though, it never did go away and finally at my last straw (and advice from the Clinique counter woman) I called the Dermatologist to get it checked out.

The verdict: ACNE!

WHAT?! At 23?! You have GOT to be kidding me. I was a little embarrased paying for my visit as I thought this part of my life was long gone by now however, thanks to the kind people at Dr. Armus's office, I still felt BEAUTIFUL. Let me explain.

I arrived at the office a little before 9:55 and filled out some forms since it had been since High School that I was in there. I was brought into the exam room by a very friendly nurse who continued to compliment me on how nice I looked, and how she wished she could dress like I do. I was very flattered and smiled as she left. Dr. Armus showed up a few minutes later and we chatted a bit about what I've been doing since the last time I was in, and he followed up with consistant comments about how great I look, and how much prettier I've gotten since the last time he saw me. Not weird, creepy comments, just very nice pleasant flatteries. Needless to say, even though I left knowing I had a gross rashy type THING on my face, I still felt beautiful.

I smiled as I realized this is probably Dr. Armus's business stance: "To make our patients feel beautiful". And it makes sense!!! Normally, you visit a Dermatologist because you have something funky and abnormal going on with your skin. Chances are, it's not making you feel too attractive. But after visiting Dr. Armus's office, you leave feeling like your STILL beautiful, even though you have this mole on your shoulder or in my case Acne on your face =) I give him props.

Thanks Dr. Armus!


EDawg said...

You ARE beautiful. =)

And hey, Michele has one L. Get it right.


panthergirl said...

I think it must be weird to get acne at 23, but I do know that lots of women start having skin problems during MENOPAUSE which is even weirder!!

Here via michele!

Ramona said...

Isn't it nice when people give you genuine comments to make you feel great?! Maybe I should go visit your doctor!
Here via MIchele's

Anonymous said...

Proactiv.... buy it... it was the only thing that worked for my ache and now my face has pretty much cleared up...... Kasey

Anonymous said...

Okay, I go to Dr. Armus too, and for the record I think he is thoroughly creepy. ;-) ~Mentle