Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Kill Woes

My parents recently sold their house. Yes their big, beautiful piece of real estate will no longer belong to The Andersons, and will instead be entitled to The Fitzpatricks, as of October 3, 2005. I was sad about the recent sale, after all it is a gorgeous house, but it never really was my home so the sentimental value of the house never really existed with me. The sadness came, when I realized I'd have to get rid of my two dogs, and two cats, which my parents had been taking care of for me until I was able to find an apartment that allowed for me to have a shelter in my living quarters.

As my parents were forced to move out of their house, they were also forced to find temporary living, until they could re-build or move permanently. After a few weeks of looking, they were finally able to find a place, with the only problem being it did not allow pets, of ANY kind.

We instantly found homes for my two pugs, Cooper and Farley, as apparently everyone in the town of Burlington, and the surrounding 47 states wants a pug. I cried as I said goodbye to them but knew they were going to a good home. We had a bit more trouble finding homes for our two cats however, and as we are now down to the wire on finding a home for them, we decided to call a No Kill animal shelter, to see if they would be willing to find a home for them.

I researched a few today, and found one in Kenosha that sounded like a friendly, caring home to put our cats. I called St. Francis and was immidiatley greeted by a very unfriendly woman. I ignored it however, as she may have just been having a bad day. I kindley asked her for more information about their shelter, because I had two cats that I wanted to bring to them. She stopped me mid-sentence and snapped out a "why?" to which I responded that the apartment we were moving into did not allow pets. Her response made me cry and hang up the phone:

"NO. You just didn't care enough about these animals to find a home for them. You went ahead and found an apartment not thinking about the cats that you decided to just toss them out on the road that a bunch of garbage that you...."
I hung up and cried. How DARE she pass such judgment on me. She knows NOTHING about me, or my stance on animal care and cruelty. I'm a HUGE animal lover. I won't even willingly step on an ant!! That whole saying "wouldn't hurt a fly", seriously..I wouldn't! And what's worse, is it's her JOB to work at a place where unfortunatley people unresponsibly drop of their unwanted animals simply because they don't want the hassle anymore. If she believes so strongly about it, she should NOT be working there. It's unprofessional and cruel. Why would you work someplace you disagree with?
Completely bothered by the entire situation, I decided to write an email. It was satisfying, even though I know they'll probably just delete it right away. But I feel better knowing that it's out there.
I have NEVER in my life been treated the way I was treated by a member of your staff when I called about 5 minutes ago. How DARE you judge me and say such cruel things without knowing my situation or where I come from.

I am a HUGE animal lover. I recently moved up here from Chicago and while living down there for four years I donated time and money, 10 hours a week to the local no-kill animal shelter. They were respectful individuals, worthy of my time and efforts.
(I exaggerated here just a little)

When the choice came to find a loving home for my cats, and the emergency needed to vacate my current establishment came, I tried every option to find them a home. I was successful with my two dogs, but had little success with my cats. However, knowing how compassionate and caring the shelter in Chicago was, I figured my last option would be to hand them over to a shelter that would care for them, until a home could be found. Therefore, I called your establishement and have never been more horrified with humanity.

I fear that with such hatred in your employees, these animals are not being cared for the way they deserve to be cared for. Your company does not deserve to hold the name "St. Francis".

You can hold your cruel judgements, it's your right as an American. But in a place of business those judgements are disrespectful and unprofessional.

I was hoping to frequent your socity and donate my time and money in exchange for your help with my two cats for a few months while I found a permanent place. Unfortunatley I cannot subject myself to such a place.

I hope you reconsider your approach to individuals that are looking for a home for their animals. Because the next person that calls isn't going to just keep trying, like I will. They'll just let their animals free in the world. And they'll have you to blame for their ultimate death.


Linda Johnson said...
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Erin said...

Damn, girl! That sucks! What a meanie! Good for you for writing an email, even if it was a tiny bit dramatic. ;) Sorry to hear about that experience.

And yay that I'm your first comment! And that you actually allow comments now!

Oh, and P.S. now that you have a blog on blogger (and not on lame livejournal) you should visit the Michele site where I get hits from a lot. It's really fun to play her games every day, and participate in the meet-n-greet every weekend, which gets people to your site and lets you visit others' sites, too.

Alright bye for real! *muah*

Christi said...

Okay for the record I was NOT dramatic. You should have heard the tone she took with me. It made me cry and got me REALLY upset.

P.S. LOVED that michelle site. It's a lot of fun. Bloggers are so funny =)

MP said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hang in there.

P.S. Michele sent me.