Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Welcome Christi

I am by no means am a novice blogger. I've gone through my "online journal" phases first through, then, and now graduating to a more mature looking setup:

I don't have some cute theme to go by such as : "blonde moments" or "tales from a fishbowl", all I have is my life. But hopefully it'll be enough to spark some conversation or maybe even strike some controversey once in a while.

So without further adue, an introduction.

I am 23 years old currently residing on the East Side of Milwaukee. I'm a recent graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago campus, where I majored in Merchandising Management with a concentration in Fashion and show production. I always had career aspirations of moving away from this lovely state of Wisconsin and becoming bigger and better in a larger, more trendy city. But upon graduation I found my hopes of moving to New York City stalled a bit, and I wound up living in Milwaukee.

I can't complain though. I have two great jobs that keep me really busy. I am currently working full time for my mom at Christy's Bridal in Burlington, Wisconsin (yes, named after me) where I was hired on as her merchandise and marketing manager. So what do I do on a daily basis...I sell dresses. Welcome to retail. But when I'm not selling dresses I'm creating new marketing techniques for the store to get our name out there, and the customers coming in. I'm also in charge of all the advertising that the store does, including research and implementation of such campaigns, as well as visual displays, employee management, and product purchase. It's a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I don't hate my job. I actually rather enjoy it.

On slow days at the salon I am able to focus on preparations for my OTHER job with Innovative Events out of Rockford, Illinois. Caroline, the owner, hired me on as a freelance event coordinator to concentrate on corporate events and fashion accounts. In the mean time though, she is giving me experience by allowing me to produce a number of fashion shows for her bridal expos she puts on. She has also entrusted me with an entire show being held in West Dundee, IL on January 10, 2006. My first "baby" if you will. What does it entail? Selling vendor booths (20 to break even, 50 to make a substantial profit), researching charities for possible donations, getting sponsors, advertising campaigns, fashion show coordination, meetings, phone's a lot of work, but I'm loving every second of it.

I'm pretty busy with work, but I manage to make time for fun. I love to dance. That sweat on your lower back, panting with excitement type of dancing. I love just going out and letting loose. I don't go out to rub up against some boy, in hopes of producing a small child on the dance floor. I go out to unwind, to let go, to dance my ass off.

I'm loving being close to family, my friends, my girlfriend, and people that know my name.

Welcome to my life.

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