Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Smiles

1.) Feeling sexy in the morning because of the way she looked at me
2.) The smell of fall
3.) A clear blue sky, and a gorgeous drive to Burlington
4.) Watching a husband and wife taking a morning walk with their two Golden Retrievers
5.) A morning chat with Monkey
6.) A good hair day
7.) Being able to make a certain bride's day by having THE dress here for her, and seeing the tears accompany that excitement.
8.) The anticipation of Great America tomorrow...yay!
9.) The smell of the flower shop next door
10.) Fruit and Creme Starbursts in my belly...mmmm.
11.) Bobby Darin on the CD player
12.) An email from Heather, and invitation to a chill night with two great people.
13.) Watching people outside stop and stare at our store windows, and the new fall display I created.
14.) Hearing "You're so nice! We don't want to go anywhere else!"
15.) Faxing Tara's new job acceptance..CONGRATULATIONS T-BEAR!!! ha ha

Yes, it's a gorgeous Saturday and by 12:00 I've already had a very happy morning. I wish I didn't have to spend it at work, but oh well.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!!



Oreo said...

Meow...thanks for coming to see me!

Erin said...

My favorite month, too! Happy October! I'm very jealous about Great America tomorrow ... have fun!

See you this week, I hope.

Crazy MomCat said...

I love October too--I just wish it would SEEM like October and not mid-August where I live! HA! Thanks for the smiles--sounds like you're someone who likes to do that a lot.

Here via Michele tonight!