Friday, October 07, 2005

Beautiful Things

Courtesy of The Alchera Project

Beautiful Sounds:

Wind blowing through the trees
Ocean waves
Traffic outside my window
Tara singing in the shower

Beautiful Smells:

Fresh flowers
Plastic innertubes
Morning breakfast cooking
Lavender/Vanilla fragrances

Beautiful Places I Have Visited:

Turtle Island in the Carribean
Hampstead Heath, England
Oahu, Hawaii
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
My mom's bridal salon

Beautiful personalities:

My dad: strong, dedicated, selfless
Erin: positive, brash, obnoxious
Tara: sensitive, shy, funny
My mom: independant, self-sufficient, caring
Gary: hard working, generous, flamboyant

Beautiful Moments:

Finishing the Chicago Marathon
Falling together
My first kiss
The first crisp, sunny, autumn day
A park bench, the Milwaukee night sky, and the feeling of being secure


ribbiticus said...

great list! thanks for sharing. here via michele today. :)

utenzi said...

Michele sent me your way, Christi.

A nice list, Christi. I really like the places that you've visited. I'm envious. I agree with 4 out of 5 of your odors--but I really wonder about your fondness for plastic innertubes.

Christi said...

haha, it's just one of those weird quirky smells of mine. I have a fondness for plastic innertubes and textbook pages...seriously!