Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's no US Weekly cover, but it's a start!

Move over Jessica Simpson, step aside Jennifer Aniston, because there's a new girl making headlines in the media and her story has nothing to do with a recent breakup! This story is all about positivity, rejuvination, relaxation, and self-reflection. It's a story about a better you. Who is this girl causing a stir in Tinsletown Burlington?

Me of course!!

Today I became a moviestar was an anonymous body in my dad's national local cable television commerical for Euphoria Day Spa, his 100th new spa business venture. Fox WinTV arrived at the spa at 2:00 and during the grueling relaxing 6 month one hour filming my face back was prominently displayed for everyone the few select local B-Towners that actually watch the cable network, to see. It was a lot of fun. Getting free massages and mud rubs, what star girl could resist that! Plus with all the exposure I'm getting now, the autograph requests will be sure to be rolling in! I'll probably just be asked back a million times by my dad, since I'll obviously do it for free! So, to all the world local B-Towners keep your eye out for my shining face skinny back. I'll be the girl laying on the table.

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Erin said...

LOL this is a cute post. Congrats on your debut! Spa treatments for free ... you REALLY can't beat that!