Monday, October 03, 2005

At Least I Have Great America

It's my first free Monday in a long time! I was excited to sleep in this morning, head to Burlington to help my parents move for a few hours, and then head up to Oshkosh to play "Barbie's" with Monkey before heading back home to bed, ready to start my work week. However, upon arriving at the store/my parents new apartment (yes, they're moving above the store for a few years) I realized my "free day" was not going to happen. Sondra apparently called in to work, only she left the message on the store voice mail, and we had no idea she had done so until we arrived at the apartment around 11:30 (we open at 10:00). My mom was fuming, and stressing out and I told her to just chill out, go help the movers, and I would take care of things here at the store. So here I am, Manager Christi, answering the phones, taking care of appointments, and getting order back to the store. *sigh*

At least my Sunday was good =)

Okay, it started out rough as I left feeling aweful about things between Tara and I, but fighting never gets us anywhere and a day apart was probably much needed. So, at 10:30 Nikki, Katie, Joey, and I piled into the Sunfire and were on our way to Great America.

It was a PERFECT day. Nikki's mom's boyfriend's company had rented out the park for the day so we pretty much had full run of everything there! The longest we waited for any ride was probably a half hour, allowing for ample time to ride each of the rollercoasters. We rode them all, some of them twice, and were pretty much exhausted by the end of the day. I'm not as young as I used to be. A full day of excitement is entirely too exciting for me these days =)

I was really glad that I had went. Our group was great! I was thrilled to be around such laid back, chill people. I had a great time with everyone! THANKS FOR THE INVITE NIKKI!!!

But not I'm back, and stuck at work. The irresponsibility of some people just really gets to me.


Erin said...

I'm glad you had fun at Great America! I can't BELIEVE that someone would just not show up to work, knowing that they're the only one to open the store! I think she should be fired!

Sorry you're at work today. =(

monkey said...

i think it's a sign that we're destined to never see each other again.

how depressing.

Erin said...

How come you changed your layout? This looks nice, too ... but I liked the other one better. Anyyyyway, hope you're having a nice day. Maybe I should stop over tomorrow night - or are ya busy? What nights are you free? Hmmmm, I could just call you. K bye!

Christi said...

I was futzing around with it last night trying to put a different background on it but couldn't figure it out so I just stopped, frustrated and didn't feel like changing it back to the original =)

I'll put it back. I liked that one better too.


Erin said...

Yeah, it looks better like this. And thank you! I'm so excited!!!