Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

I was a little nervous about this past weekend. As my week dragged on, I could not rid myself of my pounding headache and achey stomach, and was worried I may have to cancell Halloween this year. As Wednesday approached, I was able to pry myself away from my aromatherapy eye mask for a few hours and attend Erin's wedding tasting with her, although I wasn't much help in the "tasting" department as I was unable to eat much. By the time Thursday came, I was literally incapacitated (is that the right word?) with pain and had to cancel my first book club meeting, opting for my bed, a hot bath, and more advil. I was so excited for the weekend and was dissapointed that I may not be able to dress up after all. I absolutley love Halloween and for me not to participate was a very depressing thought. However, I awoke Friday morning feeling GREAT and drove to work excited about the upcoming weekend.

As with most things in my life, I procrastinated the Halloween costume purchasing, and resorted to driving around Waukesha at 3:00 that afternoon, in search of some cheap duds (I decided to be a farmer and attempted to make Tara be my cow). Goodwill had nothing, Kohls had nothing, nor did Target. I was feeling defeated. As I was about to drive home Tara called me and mentioned Fleet Farm (DUH!!) and I met her there 25 minutes later, where I found myself some adorably too big overalls and a flannel shirt. I felt a bit oompa loompa'ish but hell, it's Halloween!! I had bought Tara a cow costume on a quick costume run with my brother on Thursday evening, but the costume didn't end up fitting (one size fits all my ass!) so the whole "farmer and cow" idea went down the tube. Oh well, I tried!

The drive to Green Bay went fast as my book on tape kept us very entertained and before we knew it, we arrived at our destination. The party was fun. Low key, with card playing is always a plus in my book. Karnitz busted out the beer bong and as the evening progressed she had somehow convinced me that whop in the beer bong is the way to go, something I regreted in the morning. Around 2:30 the party started to wind down. We threw in a pizza, mowed, then Katie, Tara and I retreated to the basement to pass out.

Saturday we spent the day eating and drinking, which is a cure for any hangover. Nic cooked breakfast then convinced us all that a trip to the bar for bloody mary's was in order (a diet coke for me). Katie kept us entertained with her frequent trips to the tattoo machine, purchasing carefully selected artwork for each of our bodies (an arm band for Tara, a pretty heart for my lower back, and a vivid design for her forearm), and of course the random things that come out of her drunk mouth: "I don't know, but if she dies I get all the shit in her storage bin!"(Katie on her dealing with the ex).

After a nap we were ready for a second go at the bar scene and decided to grab lunch and a beer (again diet coke for me) at a local pub. We played some darts, had some greasy, yummy burgers, then retreated home for a lounge out session in front of the TV. It was after all Halloween and I had yet to watch a scary movie.

By 9:30 we were itching to leave, and made our way to Sass for the Halloween show and costume contest. After a fantastic rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", a very naked man singing to "Rocky Horror Picture Show", and five girls dressed up as a big hand the music began and so did the dancing! Horray!

Yesterday we finally drove back to Milwaukee, and nursed our weekend hangover with three movies, some greasy pizza, and Kettle Korn. The perfect solution.

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Pieces of Me said...

Hey! I am here from Michele's!! Sounds like y'all had a freaking blast!! I am feeling icky today! of course...I hope you have a great halloween sorry the cow thing didnt work would have been cute! TTYL