Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Those who can't Wed...plan!

I was going to wait until I had a few pictures to post about my weekend, but I suppose I can just post away without you needing to see another posed picture of myself right? =)

This weekend I spent in Minneapolis, Minnesota visiting Amanda, a friend of mine from High School (and also another one of Erin's bridesmaids). Erin and I drove up there Friday night for a girly weekend involving wine, gossip, and shopping...any girl's slice of heaven.

The drive up was a bit long but I found myself amused with many of the cows along the way =) We even saw two humping...ew!!! I love road trips and was eager to take in every site and opportunity for relaxation, at least until the dark came. We arrived at Amanda's around 8:30 and spent the remainder of the night catching up on life and drinking a little too much wine.

We woke up early Saturday morning, showered, and were out the door for our 10:00 appointment. The first place we went to was pretty upscale but decided to look around just for amusement anyways. Wouldn't you know it, we found a dress we all absolutley loved (who wouldn't?!). Vera Wang's been doing this for many, many years. It's only natural she'd have some fabulous dresses =)

We wanted to keep our options open though so we looked around at a few more places, but of course nothing compared to our Vera. We stayed amused by laughing at incompetent sales associates (that was THREE bridesmaids right girls?) and pondering life (what exactly IS the opposite of burn?). Finally, we reached our last salon and were litterally jumping up and down with excitement when we saw they had our Vera for us to re-try on. It was still fabulous so Amanda and I threw our credit cards down...like it was no $260 thang =) After all, it's only once your best friend gets married, hopefully.

We celebrated our fabulous find with some cosmos (wine for Amanda) and dinner and went home only to pass out in front of the TV at 10:30. We're some crazy party girls let me tell you ;).

We got up early Sunday morning, went out to breakfast, and were on the road by about 10:30. The drive went much quicker than the way up there that's for sure, which is strange because usually the ride home is always the long one. We listened to a book on tape which definitley helped to pass the time, and were able to take in ALL of the beautiful autumn sites as the sun never left. I love road trips!! Have I mentioned that yet?

It was back to work on Monday and the store was slow as usual. Yes it's true, I never get a break from bridal =) I did get offered an opportunity to work with a running Miss USA on a fashion event in Madison so I'm VERY excited about that. We've been corresponding for the past two days getting details underway so the extra time here at the store has been very worthwhile!

Today, I got a facial at my dad's spa. They just hired an aesthician (sp?...I'm too lazy to look it up) and they needed a guinea pig. DONE! It was fabulous. I love facials, they're the best! And now, I'm on a search to find Tara and I a Halloween costume for our party Friday, and get a hold of all my models for my fashion show and coordinate hair and dress nonsense. Planning, planning, planning. The life of Christi.


monkey said...

wine, gossip, and shopping... any girl's slice of heaven.

um... yeah... no. not any girl's. you shouldn't stereotype. wine... gross. gossip... nothing but trouble. shopping... hate it.

but that's just me being me in your journal again. have a nice day.

Christi said...

sorry for the generalization

Anonymous said...

Monkey sounds like a pessimistic person. I think your weekend sounds delightful!

monkey said...

monkey is a pessimistic person. monkey also has a different kind of humor. maybe if you knew monkey, you'd know that she's just being the typical ass she is, and that it's nothing bad.

Dave said...

Pictures are nice, just as long as they're not cows humping.

Erin said...

I'm getting married one year from today. =)