Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

Last night, Tara and I carved our pumpkins. Okay, actually we carved Christys Bridal's pumpkins, but it was still bonding time none-the-less. At the salon, being the visual manager ;), I change out the store windows weekly usually setting some story or theme. This month, in light of the autumn weather has quite rightly been our "autumn windows" in which we have adorned the windows with corn stalks, pumpkins, and champagne and ivory dresses. As halloween is approaching though, I wanted to add a bit of a kick and decided to carve out our decorative pumpkins to display in the evenings.

I'm pretty bad at carving pumpkins.

The goo inside was gross, my lines were crooked, and for some reason I could NOT push out the letters I was trying to carve (C.H.R.I.S.T.Y.S)!!! Tara laughed at my incompetence (I didn't think it was too funny) and decided to take over my mess for me, carving out PERFECTLY the rest of the letters (B.R.I.D.A.L). While she did that, I started on pumpkin number two and found the jack-o-lantern face to be much easier to carve and was pleased with the outcome. "Good job Christi".

We finished with three pumpkins, and a big mess on the floor but it was fun to be children again. Although, I remember the whole pumpkin carving thing being MUCH more fun when I was younger =)

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