Friday, October 07, 2005

Post Number 3

It has been EXTREMELY slow here at the store today. Of course I haven't found that ability to be constructive with my time so I have spent the majority of my time here at work, browsing around the blogging world that exists on the internet today. Has anybody ever taken a few moments to really look at what's out there? There are some FANTASTIC blogs!!!

About a month ago, Erin introduced me to this site: It's like a big blogging cult. For any avid bloggers out there that have yet to visit Michele, you are missing out on a world of interesting and sometimes fascinating writing!! I highly recommend going there, introducing yourself, and letting the blogging world in!

I'll admit I'm not a HUGE Michele follower. After all, I'm a bit intimidated by the fine literary posters that frequent her site, and as I've been reminded of time and time again, I suck at writing...or at least spelling for that matter, so I would never embarrass myself by trying to keep up to par with these people. But I find myself there from time to time, usually when it's slow here at work, browsing through blogs and leaving my trail of comments. Throughout my travels today I discovered some GREAT blogs!!!

The first one I came across is The Alchera Project, which I became a member of instantly! It offers monthly writing assignments to get your creative juices flowing!

Via The Alchera Project I then stumbled onto The Daily Meme. Daily questions and quizzes...what could be better!!! This is my kind of site!

There are so many creative blogs out there I couldn't believe it! I was thrilled to have stumbled upon so many that I know I'll definitley utilize in the days/months/years to come. Sometimes I get bored and I really just want to write, but when your life is uneventful, what are you to blog about? These sites offer hundreds of inspirational ideas and they are just a copy and a paste away!

So, to pass even more unconstrutive time, here are a few questions courtesy of

Q: What are four (4) of your favorite words?
Sippy Cup
Estacionamiento (spanish for parking's just fun to say)

Q: What are four (4) things you hope to do this weekend?
Carve pumpkins
Go to excited!
See Katie f'n Daniel
Go out dancing (this is just something I always want to do though)

Q: What are four (4) things you wish you could do right now?
Go home
Go out dancing
Receive notice about this flippin' Visual Merchandising position
Sell a wedding dress

Q: What are four (4) things that turn you on?
Really good conversation

Q: What are four (4) things you know you can't do?
Rattle my tongue
Say the word Vagina
Beat Tara at darts

Q: What are your four (4) favorite things to do?
Dance (has anyone caught on to this yet)
Watch movies
Plan "things"..parties, shows, etc.
Long talks over red wine

Okay, I think I'm going to be productive now. The store could use a good cleaning! =)


JustLinda said...

haha It seems kind of funny to say "Hello, Michele sent me!" on a post where you are blogging about Michele. Her blogroll is a great place to get a good peek at the blogosphere.

Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

Estacionamiento. I forgot about the word. LOVE IT!

I, too, love plethora. And, ok, poop is pretty funny. ;)

Christi said...

Esophagus is a pretty funny word too =)

Michele said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Thank you for your oh-so-kind words. YOU should never feel that you are not on par with my other blogfriend - you most cetainly are. The wonderful thing about my site is that I have been blessed with such a diverse group of regular visitors. More than diverse, witty, and yes, well-written, they are NICE. You fit in wonderfully, and my blog is a little nicer because of your visits.

Again, thank you for compliment. Have a glorious weekend and "see" you soon.