Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Little Bit of Positivity Goes a Long Way

A few weeks ago, if you would have asked me how I was doing, I would have instinctively responded with “I’m fine”, as seems to be the common and accepted response these days to that question. But in all truth and honesty, I was sad and depressed. I was feeling really down and sorry for myself that I was living back at home and had no future job prospects in the making. Plus, to top it all off, the Christmas season was upon me and I couldn’t have wished for anything to pass over more quickly in my life. I was broke, and it was warm, and I was leaving for Christmas anyways to spend it in Utah, yes still with my family but, away from my beloved holiday tradition. I was just crabby about the situation in general. I hated feeling self indulgent but sometimes when the negative feelings come, it’s hard to replace them with something positive. It’s easier to just let them snowball sometimes.

That is, until something positive actually does come along! Today, two weeks later I am a happier person. I got the job I had been hoping for; we got a massive dumping of snow catapulting me into full blown Christmas mode, and to top it all off, WE’RE STICKING AROUND FOR CHRISTMAS! I couldn’t be more ecstatic with how things have worked out, and it feels so good to be happy about life again. Granted I’m still broke, and there’s no more snow left on the ground, oh...and I’m still living at home, but I’m okay with all of that =) I have the personal satisfaction of knowing I am spreading my wings and challenging life on my own, and I have the anticipation of a fantastic holiday season ahead of me. I have my fantastic friends, my loving family, a warm home, lots of love, and many other blessed things in my life. When you break it all down, and take a look at it all, I really am a very lucky girl. I only wish I could have seen that two weeks ago.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Two interviews later

...and I got the job...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Christmas Carol

If anyone is bored this holiday season and is looking for something to do, go see A Christmas Carol at the Milwaukee Rep/Pabst Theatre. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now, I must admit that when the first mention of seeing the play in Milwaukee was brought up, I didn’t have the highest expectations. I’ve seen a number of plays/musicals in Milwaukee and they have failed to wow me in the past. I assumed this one wouldn’t be any different, but I welcomed the idea of a night out at the theatre anyways…even if it was in Milwaukee.

I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

Tara and I arrived just as the lights began to blink in the lobby indicating it was time for us to take our seats. We were escorted to the third row and sat amidst a sold out crowd, dressed to the nines in their business suits, tuxedos, and occasional evening gowns. I took a minute to take in the well dressed crowd, and the gorgeous scenery around me that the Pabst theatre so proudly boasts. Within a matter of moments the music began to play and I was transported back to the late 1800’s, enjoying the classic Christmas tale that Charles Dickens created so many years ago.

The costuming was gorgeous, the set was really quite stunning, and I found myself both laughing and crying throughout most of the production! To top it all off, Jonathan Smoots (whom I’ve seen many times at the American Players Theatre) took the role as the Ghost of Christmas Past and I was thrilled to see a familiar face up there on the stage in Milwaukee!

I left the show with a HUGE smile on my face and an affirmation that Milwaukee can produce some fabulous live theatre. They just need to be given a fair chance.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Spontaneous Ski Trip

I am not a winter type of girl. In fact, I’m quite the baby once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, and I just can’t seem to ever quite get warm enough. I spend many winter nights plopped on top of heating vents, perched in front of fireplaces, or just simply incapacitated under a blanket on my couch. I truly feel that my body is just not genetically engineered to handle the cold. But alas, amidst my extreme discomfort around subzero temperatures (read: slightly cold), I have a love of snow and all things associated with it, so I’m often able to fight through the deep chill that runs through my body 5 months out of the year, and get out there and enjoy winter!

Last night, my dad and I took a spontaneous trip to Alpine Valley Ski Resort in East Troy, WI to hit a couple of the hills and enjoy the first great snowfall of the season. I suited up in my brother’s old snowboard gear (I haven’t purchased any new skiing equipment for myself in a number of years) and headed to the hills with my dad. We rented some equipment (for such a spontaneous trip it was too much work to haul all of our own personal equipment to the resort) and plopped ourselves on the chair lifts.

It was BITTER cold out there, and the blowing snow that engulfed the ski hill was almost intolerable. I made it down about 8 times and finally after an hour had to call it a night as I was completely frozen solid. It was so great to get out there though. The fresh air and the speed of a Black Diamond slope is something I wouldn’t be able to pass up no matter how cold or uncomfortable I was. Even it was just for an hour

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Party 2006

A whirlwind of a weekend is behind me and luckily the hangover that resided after Saturday night’s escapade has subsided and life has resumed on this cold Monday.

The store is put back to normal as the Christy’s Bridal/Anderson/Webley Chiropractic annual Christmas party has come and gone. Every dress is put back on it’s shelf, every ounce of spilled wine and beer is cleaned up, and the quiet little shop I have grown to love is just that today…quiet.

While I don’t think we’ll be hosting such a grand event at the little salon any time soon again, I do have to say that the night came together really nicely and that little shop can accommodate some five star decorations and make you feel as though you’re paying $100 for your plate of dinner at a cozy restaurant down town Chicago…even though you’re really partying in a bridal salon in Burlington, WI =)

But the event didn’t come without its stress. After closing the salon on Friday to prep for the weekend’s festivities, Melinda, my mom and I spent all day (and well into the evening) on Friday, cleaning up and moving out everything being held on the first floor of our tiny shop. Dresses were crammed into fitting rooms, decorations were put into closets, and 5 round tables covered in rich linens now filled the room that once held hundreds of dresses and racks. Decorating came next and by Saturday at 5:00 the room was full of Christmas cheer and the caterers had arrived…as well as the guests.

Louise’s out of Milwaukee did a fabulous job with the catering and I enjoyed my food immensely! After dinner we played a few Christmas party games, did a few too many shots, and I called it a night around 12:30. The party itself wrapped up around 3:30, with the last of the party animals stumbling their way home, and by Sunday the Christmas Party was over and what was left was a disastrous store and a day full of cleaning ahead of us.

I was pretty hung over on Sunday, and I wasn’t much help in the cleaning department, but I did what I could under the circumstances. As we swept, mopped, and dragged dresses back to the salon we laughed at how much work was put into a 6 hour event. Never again we said…never again.

But it was sure fun while it lasted.

View the pictures here

Friday, December 01, 2006

Walking in a Winter Wonderland


A huge dumping, white covered, doesn’t show any signs of stopping kind of snowfall. It’s the kind of snow that silences the world around you with its thick blanket and dense fall. It’s the beautiful white powder that looms over streets and housetops before the salt trucks have a chance to muck it all up and turn it brown and unpleasant. It’s the same kind of morning that I used to wish for really hard every winter in Grade School because I knew that the next morning school would be cancelled…and today it has been. Best of all, it’s the type of weather that I needed to put me back into the Christmas mood I’ve been missing this season.

I LOVE snow. Hate winter, love snow. As much as I say I want to, I would never be able to leave this in search of warmer weather. Sure I complain about it come February and March, but I would never want to miss the opportunity to miss the first great snowfall of the season. Days like today are priceless to me. No ocean could ever replace a Wisconsin Blizzard.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It Has Arrived

It's here! It's finally here!

That time of year when The Mix plays it's non-stop holiday music and when every store is bursting with twinkling lights and the smells of pine trees. It's the time of year when snow reminds you of innocence and days off of school and when the thought of Santa kept you awake at night. It's a time for decorated store windows and endless shopping lists. It's holiday cheer, warm egg nog, and falling in love around a fire place. Yet finally, who could forget the one thing that I look forward to most each and every year....


Each page is filled with gorgeous exotic lingerie, fabulous gift sets, and of course...adorable holiday attire (including a pink rhinestone Santa hat). Sure I can never afford the 6,000,000 bra that tends to show up, but it's fun to pretend none-the-less.

Now, I have vowed not to turn on The Mix to indulge in the holiday music until AFTER I get through Thanksgiving, and I'm certainly not ready to start putting up my Christmas Tree just yet. But there's something about the VS Holiday Catalogue that tells's okay to start a little early this year. What girl couldn't use a sexy new nighty ;)

The credit card is patiently waiting in my wallet.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Melrose Nights....Revisited

Does anyone remember Melrose Place? That swanky drama about a bunch of 20-somethings trying to live in Los Angeles while sleeping with each other in the process!!! Who WOULDN’T miss that!

The DVD box set of Season One came out on Tuesday and for the past three days I have been engulfed in the dramas of my past. I’m reminded of Wednesday evenings in High School when my two best friends would drive over to my house and we would lounge around in front of the TV eagerly awaiting our Melrose Place nights. We’d pull out my big stuffed dog, fight for who got to lay on the fluffiest part of him, and chat while watching our favorite characters make out, break up, and then date their best friend.

Our Wednesday night get togethers were sure missed once Melrose Place was cancelled.

Through my years I had all but forgotten about Melrose Place, except for the random mentions of it during Pop Culture shows on VH1 or MTV, but then suddenly in a random trip through Target, I catch a glimpse of what used to be and I couldn’t help myself from putting down the $60 and popping it into my DVD player.

It’s a bit more lame than I remember it being when I was 16 but it’s fun to go back none-the-less. Now if only they’d bring Rainbow Bright back. My blast from the past may be very well complete.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back to School?

I never envisioned this whole “finding myself” process to be so stressful. As I watch my peers around me grow up and move into their “grown up” professional and personal lives, I’ve found myself taking a look at my own life and wondering…”Where the H am I going with it?!” As my year of resume padding at Christy’s Bridal has come to a close, the stress of job hunting has come upon me...again and yet, as I continue to browse through my options in the fashion industry (or lack there of in this area) I can’t help but realize that I’m no longer as passionate about it all as I once was.

Sure I love great clothes and over priced designer labels, but what I’ve found I love even more than that is the consumer behavior behind all of it. WHAT makes us buy what we do, HOW do we get them to continue to do it?! In my time at Christy’s I’ve found myself focusing more and more on the advertising and marketing portions of my job description, and less and less with the fashion portion of my job. I LOVE writing (although I’m not very good at it), I LOVE brainstorming with groups of people to regurgitate out some new great marketing idea, and I LOVE implementing all of that into one fabulous special event to promote the hell out of something!! Suddenly the dresses and the merchandising have taken a backseat to everything else I once thought was my “calling”.

I know that you hear all the time how many people transfer jobs like 30 times before they find something they love, and some people have two, three, even FOUR bachelors degrees on their resume because they just can’t seem to find that exact fit. I realize that in an age of limitless options it’s only natural that we’d take full advantage of all of it, but I never envisioned myself needing to. I always thought I was made for the fashion industry.

But as I do my own growing up, and my own personal career exploration I’m finding that what once was true just isn’t so much anymore. Dear lord the story of my life! So I’m contemplating heading back to school and switching focus a little bit; maybe something along the Advertising or Journalism lines. I have many creative friends already in the industries so I’ll have plenty of help along the way if need be, and plenty of advice to go off of this time around.

We’ll see though. Tomorrow is another day, with a whole different set of emotions to go along with it. =)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shout Out Number 4

I realize that I normally do my “shout outs” on Friday, but in wake of this weekend’s festivities, I won’t be around tomorrow to blog about anything, and this particular shout out is much too important to go un-noticed. In fact, it’s so important, that it merits its own entire entry.

So, for this week, I’d like to send a single, simple, one-and only shout out.

TO ERIN AND DAVE’S WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a year and a half we have been planning, and emailing, and partying, and shopping, and chatting all things wedding…just waiting for this day to arrive. And now, in just two short days my best friend on the planet will be walking down the isle to say “I Do” to the man of her dreams. It sure makes you all ooey and gooey inside over love doesn’t it?

The wedding festivities kick off tomorrow with a girly day of lunch and manis/pedis then rehearsal, dinner and then Saturday we awake to October 28….the wedding.

I can’t wait. I’m just beaming from the inside out.

I’ll be back on Monday everyone (with tons of pictures I’m sure).

*cheers to love*

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shoutouts Number 3

With nothing else to are my weekly shoutouts:

To Superstition! Without it, days like today (Friday the 13) would be meaningless and I wouldn't have an excuse to sit around all night and watch scary movies or secretly fear the ladder leaning up against my garage door at the moment.

To Erin! HAPPY BACHELORETTE PARTY WEEK!!! The DAYS are counting down until the big day. I absolutley can't wait!

To The Blushing Bride! Thanks for all the extra business ;)

To Winter! I HATE YOU. Ooohh I just cringed saying that. That sounded so evil. Okay I digress. I'm angry at your early arrival.

To Chicago! For always being such a happening, busy, welcoming metropolis. You make me miss you more and more every time I visit.

To Finding Old CD's! I've loved my drives to and from Milwaukee, jamming to the sounds of my past. =)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bridal Stuff

I don’t think my mom and I ever envisioned the bridal industry to be so exhausting when the idea was first thrown around to open up a shop here in Burlington. As nieve entrepreneurs I really think we were expecting a relaxed, yet excitable, atmosphere where everyone is happy and absolutely positively in love. Who wouldn’t be while planning a wedding?!

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

For the past year we have delt with screaming brides, over controlling mothers, cancelled weddings, restraining orders, pagent moms, and most recently: bankruptcy. It has all contributed to fabulous stories, which my mom and I like to re-tell sometimes when we’re really bored (and secretly wishing for a bit of drama in our store), but it also makes weeks like this past one…a bit hard to handle.

My mom took a much needed vacation away from the store this week, which meant I was in charge. Things were going really well until the Blushing Bride suddenly declared bankruptcy and our store found itself in the midst of interviews, panicked brides, and concerned citizens. We dealt with what we could, and helped who we were able to, all the while trying not to ignore our own brides and appointments that were coming into the store all week. Between the daily 100 + phone calls and the influx of brides into our store (both ours and the Blushing Brides) I was crazy busy that’s for sure…and I quickly began to stress out.

By Friday morning I was in work overload. I had a list of people to contact waiting for me on my desk, a voice mail box full of brides awaiting help, and on top of it, 5 weddings to ensure got off timely and properly. Lets not also forget the number of vendors trying to get a hold of me to come visit their booth at Chicago Market week (we’ll get to that later in the post). The tip of the ice burg came when one of our brides called complaining that her dress re-wrinkled on her way to the church, and she wanted me to come there and re-steam it for her.

I lost it.

I called up my mom and cried to her about how I’m all by myself and there’s nobody to help me with all of this and that I’m just not cut out for this! (I work well under pressure to a point…then I crack). I’m expected to be here helping out these brides, and I’m expected to be there helping out another bride. Where am I supposed to be?! I got angry with her for a minute for leaving me there but I quickly calmed down and realized this wasn’t all that bad. I could definitely handle it all. And I did. Friday came and went, Saturday came and went, and then Sunday finally came and I was able to leave the salon for a few days and head to Chicago for the National Bridal Market which takes place twice a year at the Merchandise Mart downtown.

Melinda and I took the early train down Sunday morning and spent all day Sunday at various fashion shows checking out the new Spring 2007 collections. It was a blast and we saw a lot of really great stuff!! I found myself a bit star struck as we went to each of the shows and were able to talk to the designers of the lines. They’re just such amazingly talented people and I was meeting them face to face! I loved it. Compare it to meeting your favorite movie star or musician…only I have no interest in musicians or actors…I love designers.

Melinda and grabbed the 5:00 train home but it was back to Market on Monday when my mom came back. I introduced her to a few new lines that I was hoping to introduce into our store, and we made our purchases for the season. We’re really excited about the lines this year!

After market, my mom and I made our way to our hotel room that we got for the night to get ready for the Debi Awards, being held at the Field Museum. We were invited to attend the black-tie affair by Essense of Australia, one of our bridal designers, and we happily obliged an evening to get dressed up and eat and drink with a group of designers =) My mom and I had never attended a Debi awards ceremony, so we weren’t entirely sure what to wear. I kept it low key with an a-line ball gown skirt and a tank top with a capelet, while my mom wore her St. John black suit. We didn’t want to over-do it. I should have known however, that a black-tie event in the fashion industry is never low-key.

We arrived to the Field Museum, walked up the grand staircase, and entered to what I believe is my version of heaven. Elegantly decorated tables, candlight everywhere and the most beautifully dressed people I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I found myself stopping and staring as so many gorgeous women walked past me in their thousand dollar beaded gowns. I compared it to what the Oscars might feel like and I got a little jealous at the movie stars for a slight second.

My mom and I walked around with our glasses of wine and took in everything until an announcement was made that dinner was about to begin. We walked back down the grand staircase into the main lobby and found our table already occupied by the Essense design team.

The girls were amazing and the food was to die for as well. As desert was brought out, the fashion show began (hosted by John O’Hurly) and the excitement inside of me just couldn’t be contained. Watching a Vera Wang gown strut down the runway literally brought a tear to my eye and just knowing that the designer for Monique Lhullier was sitting a few tables down from me made me feel as star struck as a little girl meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. I was sad to have to say goodbye but mom and I needed to get home. I loved every second of my time at the Debi awards, and I absolutely can’t WAIT to do it again next year.

Tuesday came, and life resumed as usual. I filled my mom in on everything that had been happening in the week and we prepared our store for our incoming new stock as well as our 50% off sale this coming weekend. I’m glad to have her back to help buffer some of the stress of the salon. But I must say, the more I do this…the more I absolutely love my job.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The up side of things

When I heard about the Blushing Bride fiasco I was stunned that a store owner could do something like that to her customers. In an industry revolving around brides and their special day, it hurt me to see so many at a loss…and in tears…as their wedding dates crept up on them. Hundreds of brides left without a dress, hundreds of dollars poorer…and no hope in sight. Luckily, they were wrong.

Since the story broke on Tuesday evening, I have been hearing nothing but horror stories turned miraculous as bride after bride is being offered a second chance to turn this whole situation around into a positive one. Salon owners have been donating dresses and taking on responsibilities of shipments so that these brides can receive their dresses. Previously competition, these stores are working together and putting profits aside to make sure these women get the day they have always envisioned having.

But it’s not only salon owners that are getting involved.

Previous brides are donating dresses left and right so they have something to wear on their special day and other companies are offering monetary donations to these brides to be used as a down payment on a new dress. Finally, tears of sorrow are turning to tears of joy as these brides receive the help they deserve.

I must admit, these past few weeks have really made me question the world…and humanity. With the abundance of school shootings and pedophilia in the news lately, I’ve found myself questioning literally: “What is happening to the world?!”. At night, I’ll just sit and stare at the TV, amazed that this is really the world I’m living in sometimes. What is happening to us? Do we have no regard for human suffering anymore? Are we that self involved that we only see our own personal motives?

After weeks of thinking we were doomed as a society, another unfortunate circumstance has managed to turn it all around and prove to me that through all the bad, the good will still flourish…and humans will still continue to do good things for others.

Thank you humanity.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life List

...because I feel it's important to take a look at your life and get focused on all that you hope to do with it.

(In no particular order)

With my life, I hope to:

Swim with the dolphins
Learn How to Play Guitar
Visit the rainforest
Eat more Vegetables
Drink more water
Learn How to Play the Bongos
Visit every continent…yes…even Antarctica
Become fluent in a foreign language
Watch a wale swim wildly in the ocean
Take an African Safari
Open my own business
Raise a family
Scuba Dive
Sky Dive!
Do more things that scare me
See the Grand Canyon
Take a cross country road trip
Live in New York City
Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
Bike through Ireland
Lick a frog
Study Buddhism under a Buddhist monk
Learn to cook
Volunteer more
Become a mentor

Friday, September 15, 2006

Another Weekly Shoutout

I think I may just make this a regular post =)

* Katie K. HAPPY 30TH!!!

* Flashback Fridays on 94.5 WKTI. I love singing along to them on my drive to work in the morning.

* The flying V! Although it signifies the coming of colder weather, I can't help but stare in amazement as I watch the birds flying high overhead, in that all too familiar manner. And in my amazement, I can't help but wonder: WHAT the H makes them do it, WHERE do they go, and HOW do they decide what birds get to go and which ones have to wait for a different V.


Monday, September 11, 2006


In a world where entertainment power houses profit on a nation’s suffering, and “remembering” has been reduced to magnetic ribbons on our cars, I’ve found it hard to figure out my own personal way of paying tribute to so many loss of lives during this 5 year anniversary of 9/11. As luck would have it, I randomly came across a blog which had dedicated itself not only to remembering the victims of 9/11 as a whole, but to remembering each individual, by name…all 2, 996 of them.

2,996 bloggers were assigned a different person and were asked to post a tribute to their specific victim. I was thrilled to receive my name in my email inbox and I spent numerous days researching his name and his life, trying to get the best sense I could as to who this man was in his years before the terrible tragedy of 9/11. With each article I read and each picture I saw, his presence began to feel more real and I found myself crying for his loss, many times. For the first time since the attacks, I somehow felt personally connected to an individual and I knew that the other 2,995 people felt the exact same way.

Today, I remember Herman Sandler who according to his obituary was a loving husband, a devoted father to three, a role model and mentor to hundreds of young people. He was a generous and caring man, devoting much of his time and money to Sting’s Rain Forest Foundation and in smaller projects such as the Tibetan Peace Garden in London. His memory is not forgotten, and the kind words of remembrance can be found all across the World Wide Web. As I close my tribute to Herman Sandler on this five year anniversary, I’d like to leave with words from his closest friends and family. Today, Herman is not just another number…he is remembered.

“I will miss his company; I will miss trying to amuse him just to hear his infectious laughter. He imbued New York with his vital life force, and it’s a smaller apple without him. We will always remember him.” Trudie Styler and Sting

“To our best friend who filled us with a passion for living and the inspiration to carry on. We will always remember and love you.” Melvin, Helen and Jack Heller

“We will miss you, your knowledge, enthusiasm, generosity, humor, and most of all your friendship. Our deepest sympathies to Suki and the family.” Jackie and Mort Ackerman

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Herman Sandler, 57

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Own 100

I never really envisioned myself making a big deal out of my "100th" post in fact, I didn't even know I was nearing my 100th until I randomly checked my profile the other day and realized I had just posted number "99". What are the chances!

As I purused other blogs I realized that the trendy blog-thing to do is to post a "100 Things About Me" post, and I happily obliged.

So here it is, my very own 100th post...100 list.

1. I was born on May 18, 1982 in Burlington, Wisconsin

2. I was born to two teenage parents who fought all odds and have developed a successful, healthy family life.

3. They were married when I was two, and have been together ever since!

4. I have one younger brother, his name is Mikey. Hes one of my favorite people on the planet!

5. When I was younger I used to plan out our marriage to each other. I was seriously under the assumption that every family had one boy and one girl so that they could be married some day. I was shocked to later find out that kind of thinking is a crime! (And that some of my friends had more than one sibling!!)

6. There are 8 children on my dads side and six children on my moms side. Our Christmass are always quite big!

7. I used to memorize books on tape when I was three and then read to my parents.

8. I cried on my first day of Kindergarden because I got on the wrong bus, and I didnt learn how to actually read!

9. I grew up idolizing Madonna and Cindy Lauper. I used to run around my school singing "Like a Virgin" when I was 4.

10. I miss the way the world looked behind the handle bars of my tricycle, but now I love the way the world looks under the drop top of my Cabrio.

11. Ive always been ridiculously independent. In first grade my parents would have to leave early for work so I would have to get to and from school by myself. I always knew it was time to leave when Captain Kangaroo was over =) Ive done things on my own pretty much ever since!

12. In 3rd grade I used to force my friends to skip their recess because we had to practice our dance for the talent showthe following year!

13. I once cried for a week straight when I found out my parents butchered the pig I thought they were bringing home to be my pet.

14. Ive ALWAYS been a girly girl

15. I loved barbies, dresses, and makeup when I was younger.

16. I started myself on a strict skin care routine at the age of 10.

17. Ive been following it ever since!

18. My mom and I make yearly trips together to the Spa to get facials.

19. My parents always wanted me to be a jock so they enrolled me in a number of sports.

20. With each sport I was always more interested in the flowers on the field or the food in the stadium.

21. I once tried to pee in a Depends to see just how much those could really hold.

22. I went to a Catholic grade school and a public high school. I never bought the Catholic beliefs. I was a born skeptic of everything I was taught. Ive had a hard time going to church since I left.

23. We had two cliques in Grade School: The Snob Squad and The Nerd Herd. I was of course part of the latter =)

24. I drank my first beer the summer leaving St. Marys at Tony Belmores going away party. It was the first time The Snob Squad and The Nerd Herd hung out together. Ill remember it always =)

25. I once saved $500 for a horse but ended up going out and shopping with it instead.

26. My first kiss was in my Freshman year of High School.

27. We ended up dating for 4 years but never officially broke up. I wonder if that means all this time Ive been cheating on him =)

28. I LOVE to eat Gushers

29. I like to pop out the juice from them first, suck it out then eat the squishy part last.

30. I peel ALL the cheese off of my pizza and just eat the crust.

31. I also refuse to eat the last bite of any of my food, or drink the last drink of any of my drinks.

32. *knock on wood* Ive never broken a single bone in my body.

33. But I did sprain my tail bone REALLY bad at Karen Smileys birthday party in fourth grade. I never told anyone!

34. I have pride issues.

35. I get my hair done every two months and every time I go in, I change it.

36. I think I have ADD

37. Im fascinated by how people act when they think nobody is watching

38. I was once in a damaging earthquake while studying in Mexico.

39. It was the strangest feeling Ive had to date.

40. I think Im addicted to Myspace

41. Im a TERRIBLE speller.

42. Its more so just laziness.

43. I could dance every day of my life

44. I was on the dance team for two years in High School and I absolutely loved it!

45. It wasnt until many years later that my best friend Erin and I were watching old tapes of our routines and we realized we were actually quite bad! (We thought we were pretty good at the time)

46. I was on Prom Court in High School. I was seriously convinced for the longest time that it was a joke. (was it?)

47. I had a hard time saying goodbye to High School. It was a great four years!

48. My best friend and I planned a three week tour of Europe for the summer we left High School. The day we went to buy our tickets, she bailed on me and I think Ive held a grudge against her for it ever since.

49. I went to three different colleges after high school, in three different states and I finally graduated with a BA in Fashion Merchandising from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago, IL.

50. Im still trying to tap into the fashion industry.

51. I went through a huge experimentation phase in college.

52. Its important for my character that I try everything once. Im a firm believer in the dont knock it until you try it cliché.

53. If I could choose to be addicted to one drug I would definitely choose Exstacy

54. I truly feel everyone should try it at least once (please dont fight me on this he he)

55. I got my first and only tattoo when I was living in Minneapolis. My roommates and I were very bored one day and so we decided to get tattoos to pass some time.

56. Its a butterfly on my lower right hip.

57. It means absolutely nothing

58. Politics bore me

59. Im not an over opinionated person

60. I just like things to go my way =)

61. I love to travel, but I have a fear of flying! I literally have panic attacks on every plane ride.

62. My first plane ride was when I was 11. My entire family went down to Florida.

63. Ive been to four different countries (other than the US) and 24 of the 50 US states.

64. I have a slight (read: immense!) fear of terrorists and death. Enter my fear of flying.

65. My first concert was when I was 15. It was Alanis Morrisette. Since then Ive seen well over 100 different concerts in my lifetime.

66. Ive always been relatively quiet and well mannered. Every year my parents would always hear from my teachers I wish all my students were like Christi

67. I lost my grandma in 2003 and Ive thought of her every day since then

68. I ran and finished the Chicago Marathon in October 2004. It has been the greatest achievement of my life thus far.

69. I recently lost a family member to suicide. I found myself angry at the situation and I still to this day cannot understand depression.

70. Im a true optimist, but rather cynical with my own personal life.

71. I over analyze most tough (read: all) decisions

72. Jealousy annoys me

73. I am in love with a wonderful woman. Weve been together for two years.

74. Shes the first person Ive fully let into my life.

75. I refuse to label myself as a lesbian, or as bisexual. I believe labels are too confining.

76. Ive only had my heart truly and fully broken once. It was the hardest year of my life!

77. I LOATHE the malls. I love shopping in an intimate boutique setting as opposed to a cattle-like shopping arena.

78. I have a slight obsession with couture denim. Ill usually spend between $200 and $250 on my jeans.

79. I love to reminisce. I miss a lot about my past.

80. I could watch old home videos for hours!

81. I get bored easily

82. Ive always loved planning things. Even as a kid I would plan little events for me and my friends to do.

83. Music is in my blood. Its the one thing I turn to when Im having a rough day.

84. Drives in the Cabby with the top down and fabulous music blaring is one of the things I look forward to most in my life.

85. I love simple pleasures and playing with my inner child.

86. People will argue with me, but I am absolutely NOT high maintenance

87. My first job was as a hostess at Houlihans in Lake GenevaI HATED it!

88. Soon after, I went to work at Geneva National Golf Club and it is still to date the best job I ever had!

89. I currently work in the bridal industry but am desperately trying to get out of itat least the retail end of it

90. Im not an over doting person.

91. Romance and sweet talk makes me laugh.

92. Im a huge mood killer

93. When I am tired, I play with my hair. Its very soothing.

94. I am not engineered for the cold. When the temperature drops below 70 my sweaters come out and the extra down comforter goes on.

95. Im very passive

96. My biggest pet peeve is when people slow down traffic to stare at whatever is going on off to the side of the road.

97. Im a big flirt, sometimes unknowingly

98. The words poop and sippy cup ALWAYS without fail put a smile on my face. Im smiling as I type this.

99. If I could own an entire farm of Pugs I would!

100. I love these self indulgent blog moments

Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekly Shoutouts

  • TARA RAE! She FINALLY came out!!! HORRAY!! It has been a long overdue occurance and I am so excited for her to finally share in this part of her life with her family.

  • Autumn. It is well on its way and I have to admit I'm ready for it. As I drove to work this morning I was honestly thrilled to see the leaves begin their yearly change to orange and red. I am sad to see the Summer end, but I know that in 7 VERY long months, I'll get to go through the re-growth process all over again, and that makes me really happy!

  • Harley Davidson for giving me an interview on September 13. Here's hoping!

  • My Aunt Jackie, for sending me a card that made me bawl my eyes out. I am truly blessed to have a close-knit, ever accepting family.

  • Nicky...I'll miss you roomie =(

Monday, August 21, 2006

In Death We Find Strength

"You guys are the Andersons. You'll get through all of this by using your music!" ~ Katie D.

In a time, when a family cannot possibly comprehend a death, they are somehow able to come together, and smile through their tears, through the very music that has always held them together as a family. I sat in awe this weekend as I watched my family heal before my very eyes as they played their hearts to the sounds of Black Sabbath, Pat Bennetar, and Lynard Skynard.

They may never truly heal from what has happened, and they may never be able to truly understand any of it...but the Andersons will forever have music to guide them. It's the cornerstone of our entire family.

...our late dear Annie would have agreed.

So *cheers* to music, and that it does for the world every day. Some people pop pills, some down alcohol, us Andersons....we sing, we dance, we jam our little hearts out. It is definitley something to smile about.

Rest in Peace Aunt Annie

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vegas 2006

I’ve been trying for the past couple of days to find the right way to describe my trip to Las Vegas this weekend and I’m finding myself at a loss of words. What I have been able to pull from my four days there is this:

- I took lots of drunken PICTURES.

- It was HOT. 110, can’t stay out in the sun for more than 10 minutes at a time HOT! I loved it!!!!

- I still can’t believe I had to fly on the day when the alleged terrorist plot was stopped and travel was in return delayed and a bit chaotic. Way to add to my already tremendous fear of flying!!

- Bally's was the best place for us to stay. Innexpensive, and right on the strip

- Front of the Line passes are the way to go if you plan on going to the hot clubs. Even if you paid to be on it, it’s still fun to walk to the front of the massive line and say “I’m on the list”.

- Everyone in their lifetime needs to experience Ghostbar. Even if you only stay long enough for a few martinis and to learn a new phrase: “Silly Hot”.

- Looking hot and being brought up to the VIP room at RAIN nightclub is reason enough to have a big ego for the evening…especially when it’s accompanied by free vodka drinks!

- Vegas boasts some of the most fabulous clubs, and fabulously nice people! Apparently everyone that visits either comes from California…or Oshkosh, WI.

- I still have dreams about the gorgeous Go-Go dancers at Studio 54.

- I HATED Coyotee Ugly and hated Harrah’s even more!

- Travel the strip by city bus. It’s cheaper, and much more entertaining!

- Nickel slots suck. Can anyone even win anything on those?

- Three nights out and two full hot days is enough to make you crave your own bed and the cooler weather of Wisconsin. I had a blast, but was ready to come home.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Congratulations Jessica and Scott

Last Saturday, July 22, I laid witness to the beautiful exchanging of vows between Jessica McKeen and Scott Bailey. It was a beautiful ceremony, my first time at an outside wedding, and it was a wonderful and intimate experience.

Some of my favorite parts of their wedding:

The gorgeous ceremony site!
Gary's beautiful flower arrangements
Watching Jessica walk up the stairs and standing at the foot of the isle with her dad
Seeing Scott cry as he watches Jessica walk the isle
Lets face dress.
The wind in the hair of the bridesmaids standing at the front of the pavillion

SUPER strong Bacardi/Cranberries at Crossroads bar in Elkhorn

The full mugs of beer in the wedding party's hands as they exited their massive limo
Crawling under Jessica's dress to help her with the bustle
The cookie favors on our tables
Tippy Cup and drinking games during the reception

Falling over while taking a picture with Jess
Watching my dad get hit on
Dancing the night away

Taco Bell

Monday, July 24, 2006

American Players Theatre

Every year, for the past 5 or 6 years, my parents have driven up to Spring Green, Wisconsin to attend the performances at the American Players Theatre. For the first time last year, my brother and I were able to attend one of the plays with them, Tartuffe, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

The venue consists of a cozy outdoor theatre setup with about 1100 auditorium style seats horseshoed around the stage. The theatre sits on top of a hill, in which you have to hike up a wooded path to get to, and surrounding the path to the theatre are little picnic areas in which you can utilize prior to the shows. Last year we brought our picnic basket and some wine and sat and enjoyed the nature before heading up the path to the theatre. This year however, we were crunched for time and arrived to Spring Green just in time to hear the music playing at the top of the hill, signaling the patrons to take their seats.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This year, I saw Romeo and Juliet (my first time seeing a live performance of it) and I must say I’ve never seen Romeo and Juliet portrayed better! While the actor playing Romeo was a bit weak, the rest of the company did a fantastic job portraying the intensity and the crazed feelings these young lovers had and the stage direction of the play was just phenomenal! I loved it so much more than any movie creation of the story.

It’s always a bit intimidating walking into the theatre due to all the scholars, professors, and literary types that frequent the shows, but luckily the popularity of the Romeo and Juliet story drew quite a younger crowd, so I was able to relax a bit more than I was able to while seeing Tartuffe. =)

I’d love to make it up one more time this summer to see another show, but time is crunched the way it is so I may have to settle for an early show next season.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do I stay or Do I Go?

Today, I was offered a position representing Essense of Australia, in Southern California. I would be the Southwestern representative for the line, traveling between southern Cali, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. I would be training staff and store owners, selling the line, and representing the Australian company at the US bridal markets in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. On top of that I'd be working out of their Paloma (sp?) beach office which is yes...right on the beach. I'd finally be living by my beloved ocean.

But I'm happy here in Milwaukee. I have my family, and my friends...and my love. what am I supposed to do? In a time, where I feel completely content with my life in opportunity like this comes along causing me to jump into "adult world" and make a huge decision regarding my career path.

A decision has to be I stay, or do I go? And I haven't the slightest clue what to do.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Awww, Summerfest is officially over. I’m always a bit saddened at the end of it all, because I feel that my summer has an official lull in it. I never made it to the final night, but I went out with a bang on Saturday, seeing Pink for all of 4 songs and pigging out on the final combination platter at Saz’s for the year.

Tara and I started out our Saturday festivities with martini’s at the Hi-Hat near my apartment and by the time Erin arrived at my apartment around 6:30 that evening, we were half in the bag already. *cheers to summer*. We polished off a bottle of champagne with Erin at my apartment, chatted about wedding stuff (sorry Tara), then headed back to the Hi-Hat to get one last drink, and a free ride to Summerfest.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The bus took a bit longer than we had anticipated, and we didn’t end up getting to the grounds until close to 9:30 which put a damper in our evenings plans but we weren’t willing to sacrifice any portion of the evening: Saz’s, booze, and Pink. We would just have to hurry along this way.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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We hurried over to the Saz’s stand, waited in an obnoxiously long line (which is pretty common for the famous restaurant) and pigged out on our combination platters on our way to the Briggs and Stratton stage on the South end of the grounds. We quickly grabbed a drink (a beer for me, mixed drinks for Tara and Erin) and headed to the stage, disappointed to find that actually seeing Pink was going to be a pretty hard feat to accomplish.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Annoyed at some of the Summerfest patrons, and sick of hearing Erin complain about not being able to see Pink, I decided to lead the group up the front of the stage, in hopes of getting a better glimpse of pink. I was sadly mistaken as I realized the further up we went, the more condensed the bleachers became and the harder it was to see above the screaming heads. We got a few quick glimpses, enough to say we actually “saw” Pink that day, and hurried back out the way we came.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ready to leave, we decided to foot it the rest of the way home (my brilliant idea) and I think about 45 minutes later we finally made it to my apartment…ready for bed.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was a great end, to a terrific 11 days of fun. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fourth of July

Today, a week’s worth of festivities has finally caught up with me. My throat hurts, my body aches, and I really could just sleep. But alas, it’s summer and it’s summerfest, and rest is not on the radar until early next week. Yes, I am a Summerfest junkie. There is no better time to me than a cold beer, great friends, and a night of fabulous food and music. I feel so lucky to live in a place that for 10 days out of every year, I can pay my $15 and access hundreds of different bands. Not many other places can boast something so marvelous. Not to mention, for anyone who loves people watching, what better place than in Wisconsin! Summerfest has some of the best people watching EVER. In just a few hours you'll see a great mixture of many different types of people. Thanks to the likes of Nine Inch Nails playing on the same night as Dirks Bentley, you're bound to see a wide aray of people. It's great!

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I’ve been there three days so far, and have three more lined up. Thursday’s outing was by far the most intense but Sunday’s trip was equally as entertaining. Katie, her sister Julie, and Julie’s friend showed up to my apartment around 6:00 and we headed down to the grounds, Cabby top down, boppin’ away to the sounds of Brittney and Rihanna. Parking is always absurd around Summerfest, but luckily we found a lot close enough spot for only $7 (a steal of a deal).

We started off the night with…Saz’s of course…and made our way to the Harley Davidson Stage to watch Pat McCurdy perform (One of Katie’s favorites). He was AWESOME. He had this unique gift of being able to get the crowd jumping and singing to anything he decided to spit out of his mouth. I laughed hysterically as I watched the crowd turn from hick to hip hop in a matter of seconds and they laughed along the entire time. He had quite the following and not to mention the Dirks Bently concert had begun to draw quite the crowd at the stage as well, so by 8:30 we were pretty much trapped on our bleacher seats. I guess we were staying for the concert =)

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At 9:00 A CMT producer came on stage and informed us all that this specific concert was going to be televised on July 16 and we laughed at how random it all seemed. Here we were, stuck on these bleachers, and were about to be televised on national television. I love Summerfest. =)

The concert was awesome. I had never heard of Dirks Bently prior to the concert, but I left a full fledged fan. I even went out and bought his newest CD the next day. He was personable, and fun, and super cute. Minus the drunken morons that frequent Summerfest, we girls managed to have a fantastic time.

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My third trip to Summerfest came a bit spontaneously. Tara and I woke up early Tuesday morning and decided we wanted to go see Kenney Chesney that night. 10 minutes later, we had 15th row seats…I was pumped. Before the concert however, we had plans to meet up with Katie and Mary at Miller Park for the brewer’s game that afternoon. We met them in the Petit National Ice Center parking lot at 10:00 and made our way to the stadium.

Only in Wisconsin can you enter a place at 10:00 in the morning, and find the parking lot full of people with grills, lawn chairs, and plastic footballs. If there’s one thing us ‘sconies are known for, it’s our ability to drink. *cheers to us* ha ha.

Anyways, we grilled out and drank in the parking lot until well after the 4th inning and finally made our way inside the stadium. It was Bobble Head Day and we were WAY excited about leaving with our free little toy. However, we soon realized that you cannot expect stock to remain well into the 5th inning and so we left instead with a blue “rain check” for our bobble heads. We were a bit disappointed.

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We left the stadium at the top of the 9th inning, still bitching about not receiving our Bobble Heads. We decided to wait out the crowd and play a few games of cards outside our car and we ended up meeting a group of really great people who were waiting out the crowd as well. A nearby Chicago girl had heard us all bitching about how we never received our Bobble Heads, so she came over and dropped hers off at our table…she was never going to use it again. We were like kids in a candy store. I have never seen four grown women more excited about a Bobble Head in my life! We took pictures, and named it, and talked to it…it was a little ridiculous. But I suppose that’s what alcohol will do to you sometimes =)

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After the game, Tara and I made our way to Summerfest and soon after to the Kenney Chesney concert at the Marcus Amphitheatre. We had fantastic seats (as we usually do when it comes to Kenney) but I was a bit disappointed in the concert itself. The entire show just seemed awfully random to me. Generally when I go to a concert, the headliner lets you know that he’s going to be starting…in some way. The lights go off, the music plays, there’s a moment of anticipation. But for whatever reason, there wasn’t any of that. Suddenly I just hear “Summertime” playing, and I look behind me and he’s standing on some bleacher singing in the middle of the theatre. What?! Um...okay there’s Kenney. As the rest of the concert went on, random people came out and sang with him. Sugarland. Why? Uncle Cracker...from where?! I just found myself trying to stay focused and enjoy what was going on, but was being way over stimulated =)

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Regardless of the randomness of the concert, I enjoyed myself immensely. It was the best Fourth of July I’ve had in a long time. I love summer! I’m so happy that it’s finally here.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summerfest 2006...Day 1

Every year, Summerfest roars into Milwaukee and every year I anxiously await its arrival. The festival kicked off on Thursday with a full day of music, food, and beer and I was bound and determined to be there for it!

After work on Thursday, Katie D and her two friends showed up at my apartment, ready to party it up, the way Milwaukeeans do. We mixed a few Rum and Cokes, girlified ourselves, and headed out the doors at 8:30 destined for the Milwaukee lakefront. We had a bit of trouble figuring out transportation but luckily we met a very nice woman, and a very helpful bus driver, and we were able to get ourselves to the lakefront with very little hassle. I’m really bad at telling stories, so I won’t go into detail about the bus ride and events leading up to it. But luckily, we made it =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We started off the night with a Miller Light and an REO Speedwagon concert. We only caught the last couple of songs, but were there long enough to hear “Roll with the Changes”, “Keep on Loving you” and “Ridin’ the Storm Out”. I was sad to have missed “Can’t Fight This Feeling” but what can you do right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After REO was finished, we made our way to Jo-Jo’s Martini lounge, sipped on a few Cosmopolitans, and awaited the Big Bang fireworks. The fireworks were amazing, a little long, but still amazing. They really are the best fireworks display all year…in the state of Wisconsin I think! Not that I’ve seen that many to compare it too, but I’m sure it’s up there!

For the remaining couple hours we spent some time at the Harley Davidson stage watching Common and then headed to the Miller Light Oasis to watch the Bodeins. At 12:30 the grounds closed and we made our way back to my apartment for some Pizza Shuttle, sobering talk, and a pass out session =)

I’m hoping to make it to Summerfest a few more times before it all ends. I’ll definitely be there on Sunday with Katie again for the Love Monkeys and then on Monday for Phil Vassar and Keith Anderson with Tara. Thursday is The Frey and Saturday Pink is playing and I’m going to try really hard to make it to that as well. Luckily I have a free ticket in my wallet to utilize. Summerfest is getting quite expensive! But it’s totally worth it. $15 gets you inside the grounds, and access to a ton of bands….FOR FREE! It’s the greatest festival ever! For anyone not from Milwaukee…get your ass up this way. You’re missing out on a fantastic time.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bee Bop Shoo Wopp

I spent my time last night, immersed in the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, while people watching amidst my favorite generation of people…senior citizens.

Last night, I accompanied Erin to a performance of Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee. The show consisted of four guys, in dinner jackets (surprising right?), who bee bopped to the catchy tunes that made the 50’s and 60’s so famous. While the harmonies were awesome, and the singing itself very entertaining, I found myself lost in many of the “50’s humor” jokes and a bit annoyed at the overly done jokes and randomness of the show. But I suppose that just has something to say about the generation gap that exists between then and now, because as I looked around the room at all the men and women laughing and clapping and singing along, I realized that this was probably a huge treat for them! To be transported back to the days of their youth, and to hear the songs they all loved as teenagers! I know I’d be exstatic to hear “Like a Virgin” from Madonna 50 years from now =) I found myself smiling endlessly as I focused on the room and saw so many of them having such a great time, and watching them wiggle in their seats as the guys on stage harmonized to “Love Potion Number Nine” and “Runaround Sue”. As I’m sure many of you know, old people just warm my heart, and to be in an entire room of them was a slight taste of heaven to me.

I’m not sure if I would go see the show again, but I’d DEFINITLEY recommend it to my grandmother and her friends! The men were highly talented and truly entertaining to watch. It’s just hard to get into something fully, that you don’t really understand.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Religious Balance

Questions about religion enter my mind almost on a daily basis. Growing up Catholic there are certain things I was brought up to believe in: An almighty God, a miraculous virgin birth, an arc to save the world, a single man and woman who produced human life, a heaven and a hell. As I’ve grown up, I’ve struggled with my faith as I developed a more in depth understanding of mythology and its origins, as well as science and research. As a result, I’ve sort of left behind my Catholic roots, and embarked on a different path of spirituality.

Coinciding with my upbringing and struggle with religion, I’ve always been a firm believer in the balance of the universe…in the Yin and Yang of the world if you will. For every bad there is good, for every negatively charged situation is a positive one waiting right around the corner, and for every dying life form is a new life developing somewhere else.

Utilizing these two concepts I found myself thinking today, on my drive to work, about the existence of what religion and mythology will deem as a heaven and a hell…the ultimate universal balance. The optimist in me wants to believe that only a heaven exists and there is no such thing as a devil or a hell. The agnostic in me wants to believe that neither heaven nor hell exist in the manner in which I was taught to believe, and it is more so a metaphor for our spirits…of how they will continue to be remembered through generations to come. And then there’s the Catholic in me that wants to believe that there is in fact both a heaven and a hell, and it is up to us to live our lives fully so that on judgment day we are accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven and not deemed to an eternity of flames and torture.

In thinking about the balance of the world, it seems only necessary that if a good place exists, a bad must exist as well. But I have a hard time believing that there is truly an inherently evil place, and that some humans are destined to spend eternity there.

Thus, without starting a religious debate, I was just curious how the rest of the world feels about this Heaven and Hell concept. If you believe in a Heaven, do you believe in a hell? If not, why not?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Just some weekend stuff

I am making it known to the entire blogging community, that on Friday of last week, I went on an interview with the Kohl’s corporation and, as I cross my fingers, it went really well. Of course there is the chance that I’m delusional in my thinking, and the interview went horribly, in which case I just admitted failure to many, many people, but I’m optimistic for the time being. I originally interviewed for a Sample Specialist position which is an entry level position feeding into the entire company. But as the interview process continued, I was introduced to even more people, in a few more departments, for a few more open positions in the company. At the end of all of it, I was taken to the buying offices and introduced to a few people there as well. The recruiter is also in the process of passing over my resume directly to them. At the end of three hours I had met with 5 different people, and interviewed for three different positions. Hopefully SOMETHING will turn up =)

I was so thrilled with how well the interview went that I was definitely in the mood for some celebrating. Tara and I thus, met up with Katie and Mary for some drinks at The Harp and headed over to Out and About a little later for some drinking and dancing with some more friends. I’m not a big bar fly, but I definitely enjoy the occasional drunk night out =)

I awoke on Saturday with a bit of a hangover, but had to quickly nurse it away as I had to work all day Saturday. The day went by quickly, thankfully, and at 6:00 Erin, Dave, and Tara showed up at my parent’s apartment, ready to head to Heather and Eric’s. They were having a small get together of close friends, celebrating their new house…and of course their new life together. Their house is ADORABLE: two bedrooms, one bath, cute little backyard, and a cute little dog to compliment it. They’re your typical storybook couple: high school sweethearts get married right out of college, buy a cute little house and a dog =) I love them. We spent the night playing games and chatting around the fire pit.

Sunday I spent lazing around trying to get my stomach into some sort of normal routine again. Feeling full I decided to jump on the scale to see how “full” I actually was and I realized that for the past month I have been consistently gaining weight. For the first time in my entire life I am above 124. While I by no means need to go on a diet, I think this was my first indication that I should probably start watching what I eat a little bit better. My metabolism seems to be slowing a bit more. I think it’s time to incorporate some fruit into this diet of mine =)

Monday, June 19, 2006


Ever since I had heard that Wicked had come to Chicago, I have been dying to see it. I have heard nothing but unbelievable things about the musical and I myself wanted so badly to enjoy it.

For a few months after I moved back to Milwaukee (still not having seen Wicked), I joined a book club and through that club I was given the opportunity to read the book, to which sparked my curiosity even further. As countless people around me headed down to the Windy City to enjoy the much talked about theatrical presentation, I sat back and pouted knowing I may never get to see it on Broadway, as its end is drawing closer and closer.

Suddenly, an extension of the musical was announced and I hurried to purchase a few tickets, only to find that they were well in the upper hundreds, a price way outside of my budget.

And then Fathers Day 2006 came upon me and when asking my dad what he wanted to do on his special day he responded with “I want to go see Wicked again”. I screamed, literally, and hurried to the computer to purchase our tickets. 6th row center in the orchestra section was where we ended up. I couldn’t wait!

My family and I arrived in Chicago around 12:00 yesterday afternoon, and stopped for lunch before arriving at the Oriental Theatre. As we took our seats I sat in awe at the artwork surrounding the theatre. It’s a true joy to experience something as I was about to experience in such an old and decorated building. Modern buildings just don’t seem to have the same charm.

At 2:00 the orchestra began to play, the curtain drew up, and for the next three hours I was engulfed in a wave of emotion. Throughout the entire production I sat with a beating heart, tingles through my body, and tears in my eyes. I was so moved by the singing, and the dancing, and the overall story. Words cannot describe what I saw yesterday afternoon and for all of you that have been fortunate enough to have seen Wicked, you know exactly what I am talking.

I have never before seen a live production that I have enjoyed half as much as I enjoyed Wicked. I would go back and see it in a heartbeat.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The joys of being a woman

For the first time in a very long time, my alarm went off this morning, and I didn’t want to slam the sounds of Wes, Ronnie, and Alley from KISSFM into the wall. I instead, laid in my bed for a few more minutes, allowing my body to adjust to the morning, and hearing out Wes’s story about golfing.

I was FLOORED with what I heard.

For the first time in my entire life I was listening to another man speak of how lame other men can be.

Let me explain.

Apparently KISSFM hosted a golf outing yesterday in which the entire morning show cast was in attendance. Apparently throughout the outing, Wes spent some time riding around on the beverage cart with the girls working it. He continued to tell a story of the repulsion he felt for men as with each and every hole she stopped at, she had to endure ongoing remarks and comments from the men at each of the holes. FINALLY for the first time, a man was seeing this situation from our eyes.

He laughed as he made fun of some of the comments, and he sincerely apologized on-air for the way that men act towards women sometimes. It was a refreshing thought to wake up to. I turned off the alarm with a smile =)

Now unfortunately, I am not as tolerant as apparently this beverage cart girl was for she responded to Wes saying “It doesn’t really bother me, I’ve gotten used to it”. This little lady on the other hand, has had to endure these situations my entire life and I am not so willing to just brush it off with a little giggle. I just sometimes wonder why it is that men feel the need to hoot and holler and spit their game at every walking pair of breasts they see. Is there really a point? Do they get more "booty" that way? Do women truly respond positively towards these situations?

But then I have to wonder where us women stand in all of this. After all, we are the ones giggling for tips and oogling our goodies for men to stare at. Maybe we're bringing this all on ourselves. Or at least we should take some credit for it.

Either way it's no excuse for a man to make a woman feel completely uncomfortable in her surroundings, and the cat calls are really unecessary, regardless of your chosen profession. I hope that a number of these men were listening to the KISS morning show this morning and heard how stupid they actually sound. Who knows ladies, maybe there’s hope for them, and our social lives after all.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lazy Summer Days

As summer is approaching faster than I anticipated, I'm finding that my schedule is filling faster and faster with festivals, concerts, weddings, trips, and other occasions of the summer. Thus, when a weekend such as this past one arises, I welcome the opportunity to spend a few days relaxing and gearing up for the coming weeks that lie before me.

I had the entire weekend off of work which I utilized to my full advantage to take care of a few things I've been meaning to take care of for a number of weeks. I get a lot of running in, a lot of reading, and a lot of errands done. It was great! By Sunday, I was ready for some socializing so Tara and I packed up the Cabrio and headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo to meet up with some friends for a leisurly day at the Zoo.

Before arriving, I was telling Tara how I remember the days when I was little, of going to the zoo and spending the entire day there!! We would walk, and eat lunch, and shop, and just make an entire day out of it. As time grew on however, the full days seemed to end and now I'm lucky if my trips to the zoo last more than an hour.

And then I realized what it was like to be there with small children.

We met up with my friend Rosy, her husband Ben, and their son Sean, as well as Kiersten's sister Stephanie, her husband Andy, and their son Braden. Them, along with Tara and I and Kiers and Angie, wandered the park taking in all of the sights as well as the gorgeous weather we encountered. We stopped for lunch, chatted over a few beers, and laughed at the children's reactions to certain animals going about their daily "zoo-ish" business. Suddenly 4:00 rolled around and I realized we had been at the zoo for over 4 hours!! We had spent the entire day there!

Walking out to the car I had a big smile on my face knowing that I had just spent a "family day" just as I used to only this time, we were the adults! It was a little strange at first, but I quickly warmed up to the idea. I love this getting older stuff =)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend '06

Beneath the sunburn, behind the exhaustion and the full belly that remains from a weekend full of eating, lies a three day Memorial Weekend packed with memories. It was a weekend filled with great friends, great food, and plenty of sunshine to top an already amazingly good time.

The weekend kicked off on Friday as I hurried home from work to meet up with Tara, her roomate Dobry (Jeni) and Ashley for a night of grilled food and beer. We (read: them) cooked up hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, corn on the cobb and some baked beans and hurried upstairs to enjoy a fresh grilled meal.

Fast forward a half hour.

With full bellies we assessed the beer situation and decided we had plenty to keep us going all night. Thus, with beers in hand we busted out the board favorite part of friendly get togethers. We started off with Yahtzee, as Ashley insisted she wasn't drunk enough yet for a game of Cranium and she proceeded to kick our asses in the coming rolls of the dice. Saddened at my defeat, I pulled out Cranium, ready for a game I KNEW I could win.

Drunken Cranium is probably on my list of top 5 things to do at a get together. I never laugh harder than I do while watching someone try to draw "Rock, Paper, Scissors" without looking at the paper, while their partner continuously yells "Square, Apple, Scissors", all the while thinking her guess is perfectly accurate given the picture being drawn. We never ended up finishing the game, but Tara and I were way ahead by the time we called it quits to play Circle of Death (more commonly called in B-Town, Kings Cup) =) We again failed to finish the game as Dobry left to vomit and Ashley and I engaged in an argument about whether feemer and leaner rhymed (which I must digress and admit I was wrong). It was then, we decided to call it a night.

I awoke early Saturday for work, which ended up being slower than usual, making it for a touch day to sit and stare, and wish you weren't hung over. At least I had the evening to look forward to, as Katie and I made plans for a late night out at our favorite B-Town bar: John's Main Event.

We arrived at 11:00 to a semi-crowded bar, but still managed to secure ourselves a seat at the bar, and a few rounds of shots courtesy of our favorite bartender. Seeing as how our money was obviously no good there, we decided to plug the juke-box with dollars and fill the bar with the sounds of Katie/Christi music. Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On me" always gets me into the partying mood, so we opted for a few more shots, a few more drinks, and plenty of friendly run ins with old friends. But alas, at 2:00 a fight had broken out, dampening the mood of the night so we left the bar, destined for some late night eats at White Fox Den. Bed time didn't come until around 5:00 and I dragged myself out of bed three hours later to get to work.

I spent two hours at the salon on Sunday then quickly closed up and drove home to meet Tara at my apartment. I threw on a tank top, grabbed my flip-flops, and we were out the door, ready for a day by the lake.

We strolled to Altera, wandered through the Kite Festival and spent a lot of time lounging around on picnic tables, talking and people watching. It was the perfect way to spend a 90 degree day in Milwaukee. As dusk fell, we opted for an easy night in, rented a few movies, and by 9:30 I was sleeping on the couch.

Finally, memorial day came and the sun was shining as beautifully as it had the day before. I jumped out of bed, threw my swimsuit on, and we headed, with the Cabby's drop top down, to the beach to spend a few hours lounging in the sun. A few hours quickly turned into a half hour and we realized we had less time to spend there than we had originally hoped. It was a wonderful half hour though.

Tara and I reloaded up the Cabby and drove to the Metro Market to pick up BBQ essentials for our cookout with Erin and Dave. We loaded up on fresh fruit, buns, and of course Metro Market's famous free samples! The Metro Market rocks!

We arrived at Erin and Dave's exactly on time and we chatted for a while (us girls) while Dave manned the gril. Ah yes, the fine display of gender roles =) KIDDING! After dinner we played a few games, Dave kicked our asses in Trivial Pursuit, and so we moved to Taboo where Erin and I dominated the round.

And with that, my weekend ended and I sit her now recapping it and nursing my sunburnt shoulders. As the last weekend in May bring about the first week in June, it also brought with a hint of summer that still remains in the memories of the weekend. But as a cool air blows from the open door in front of me, and the signs of rain linger in the air, I am reminded that this summer is indeed still around the corner. I just can't wait for it to fully arrive!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hints of Summer...everywhere!

As I sit here at work, eating my lunch, I can look over to my right and see the M&I Bank’s time/temperature gauge blinking 75 degrees. If I look further past the bank I can see a mother walking her dog while pushing her young son in a stroller. Behind me, the faint chipper of baby birds can be heard as the mother Robin, who has declared our tree right outside our store door her home, feeds her young who have only hatched days ago. Through the store a warm breeze blows, and it occasionally carries with it the scent of lilacs from the bush just outside our doors. Cars with carriers strapped to their hoods prepare for a weekend getaway in the great outdoors and next door men and women are coming in by the dozens, picking up last minute flower arrangements for their Memorial Day Weekend get-togethers. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. The kick-off to summer has begun!

I, unlike my fellow peers, will be spending the majority of my weekend here at the store, but I am anxiously looking forward to Monday where a barbeque with my two best girls awaits. There is nothing like 3 of my favorite people in the world, a grill, and plenty of sunshine to kick off the summer. I cannot WAIT for the season to arrive!!

90 degree days
Cabby top down
Summer drinks at outside cafes
Lake Michigan
80 degree nights
Warm thunderstorms
Las Vegas
Camping and campfires
Rides on my dad's Harley
Wine on our front porch
Flip Flops
The Ice Cream Man!
Bustling Milwaukee streets

...and I'm sure there's many more.

So today, as I sit here with my diet coke, I put up a toast to the M&I Bank's 75 degree declaration today. *Cheers* to everything that is summer. I definitley can't wait.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hollywood Superhumans?

On my day off yesterday, I decided to relax on my couch and browse through a few pages of my roomate's "Us Weekly" magazine...a magazine that I rarely pick up on my own these days. I had heard through the grapevine that Britney was in deed pregnant again, and the radio has been buzzing about something regarding Richie Sambora and Denise Richards, so I decided I should probably catch up on my celebrity gossip, for conversation purposes of course.

I was floored when I read THIS!

Is it really newsworthy that Jennifer Lopez is gray? Is it really that hard to comprehend that Hollywood royalty really is human after all?

I did a Google search just to see how much of an impact this topic is having on the world and I came up with over 87,000 sites related to Jennifer Lopez, and her graying hair. 87,000 different people care enough to discuss this topic. In fact, it has even stirred up so much commotion that Jennifer Lopez's rep had to comment saying "Jennifer is not gray". As if a public statement regarding her human nature was even necessary.

Jennifer, I salute you for showing your human roots. I commend you for giving your hair a break from it's consistent dye jobs (as if I should talk). Maybe you should embrace your humanity! The rest of the world will learn to accept it. I promise.

To the rest of the world, stricken with grief over this terrifying news, it's time to bust out your boxed dye and get rid of those roots! If Jennifer Lopez can't get away with it, there's no way in hell the rest of us commoners can get away with it. I just wonder if they'd be as interested to know that my mom has been mostly gray since before I can remember. Hell I'll put out a public statement for her too!!

Kudos to UsWeekly and Jennifer Lopez's rep for promoting such positive values to the world.

I now remembered why I don't read those magazines =)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bridal Question

As a member of the bridal industry I have a very important question that I would like answered by anybody that can give me a straight forward answer:

"What is it about David's Bridal that makes people want to keep shopping there?"

On an average basis, I see about 4 to 5 brides a day and each day at least one of them sits and complains about the David's Bridal experience. The $700 in alterations they wanted her to pay, the rudeness, the hidden fees, the lack of personal attention, the sizing problems, the chaotic atomosphere.....It's enough to make you wonder why anyone would continue to refer people there? And it's aggravating to me as a bridal salon owner (okay daughter of), when it's up to me to fix the numerous mistakes and get the bride back on her happy trail to the altar, simply because David's Bridal refused to offer her any additional service once her dress was purchased and gone!

I'd like to state that I am in no way knocking their product, because I have heard from a few people that their selection is quite great and I've seen friends get married in David's Bridal attire and the dresses are very pretty! But you can get pretty dress anywhere, why do people continue to go to David's Bridal if the service and the experience is so shitty?

Is it the fact that you can take your dress home with you right away that brides are willing to compromise service over convenience? Is it the fact that it's a large chain? Is it their prices?

Just a question. I'd truly like to know.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Birthday Thought

At 1:01PM yesterday afternoon, I officially turned 24…24! As I do every year, I took a few minutes to reflect back at the time I’ve spent here on Earth and I can honestly say with all certainty that my life truly does just keep getting better and better as each year passes, and better and better as one more candle is blown out. I’m not sad that in turning 24 my youth is behind me, because I have my adult life to look forward to! I have professional accomplishments to achieve, houses to build, families to make, and a lifetime of experiences to learn from. How can one not be excited about what lies ahead!

For a moment yesterday I thought “Omg I’m 24!” But it was only for a moment because in looking back at my life, I can’t think of a single place I’d rather be, than where I am right now and where I am going in the future. I’m another year older, and another year wiser, and it’s only going to get better from here.

I spent my day celebrating yesterday with friends and family; a spa day with my mom, dinner with my family and Tara, drinks with Erin and Dave, and many phone calls and text messages from those around me that remembered my birthday. It was a low-key day, but a wonderful day. At 24 I didn’t need a big “All About Me” birthday party, I didn’t need a million presents, and I didn’t need a restaurant full of people singing Happy Birthday to me. All I needed was my amazing family, my wonderful girlfriend, my dear best friends, and the meaningful phone calls to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. And yesterday I really did.

So cheers to another year older! Bring it on 24!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Heather and Eric's Wedding

I work in the bridal industry and for a living, I immerse myself in weddings. Between the gowns, and the cakes, and the bridezillas and the momzillas and the’s a never ending process. Day after day the girls come in and day after day the girls leave each with their own unique story and each with their own unique set of demands. It can be tedious, god knows this industry is not all butterflies and sunshine as one would think, and it leaves me bitter many days towards the entire concept. As I lock up the doors night after night I find myself breathing a sigh of relief as I finished out another day without strangling one of the over demanding mothers that came into the store. It leaves me wondering if I’m just a bitter girl with no real romance left.

But then suddenly, you’re at a wedding. Not helping a bride choose her dress, not dealing with the bridesmaids size issues, but instead are sitting in the pew, listening to the sound of the piano up ahead and taking in the soft murmur of the other voices in the chapel. Suddenly the music changes, “The Wedding March” is playing and everyone is turning over their shoulders. Within a matter of moments familiar faces are smiling at you, holding a beautiful bouquet of daisies wrapped with yellow ribbon. You smile back politely and anxiously await the music to change yet again. And then you see her, your dear friend from High School. She looks AMAZING; more beautiful than you’ve ever seen her look in her entire life! She begins to walk down the isle and it is then that you see the look, the smile. It’s only for a moment but it brings an instant tear to your eye. It’s that look that only a bride can give to her awaiting groom. The look of excitement, of nervousness, of “Are we really doing this?!” It’s the look of love in its purest form and when I saw it, I melted from the inside out. As Heather took her place alongside her life long love, I smiled and sat down. I wasn’t heartless after all. It just all doesn’t mean anything to me unless it’s someone that I love.

The ceremony was gorgeous. It was untraditional, and heart felt, and just absolutely beautiful. Heather sang, Carrie cried during her reading, and I sat through it all in awe at the love these two still share after 8 years together. As they walked out of the chapel together, hand in hand, I caught a smile from both of them. They were finally Mr. and Mrs. Whitten. It was time to celebrate!

The reception was held at Hawks View Golf Club in Lake Geneva, WI. Tara and I grabbed a table with the rest of my friends and we spent the next few hours chatting over martinis, beer, and yummy buffet food. Soon the music was blaring, and the girls were on the dance floor dancing the night away. The end of the evening came really fast and before I knew it, I was hugging the bride and groom goodbye and we were on our way back to Milwaukee.

I had just watched my two dear friends promise their love to each other. I was ready to head back to work =)

For more pictures from the wedding, Click Here

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life Update

I have nothing of substance to post about today. I just figured I was well past due for an update.


Besides seamstress issues, things have been great here at the store! We're anxiously preparing for the Fall 2006 season (I know it seems way too soon doesn't it?) and I've been up to my ears in preparations for our summer/fall store promotions. You won't hear any complaints from me though...I love it! My only complaints arise when our seamstress can't seem to do her job right, and our brides get pissed at us as a result. I sometimes wish I had the authority here to just hire and fire as I saw fit. This seamstress would be OUT OF HERE in no time! But alas, I must hold my tongue and hope my mom does what she knows is best for the store. She knows what she has to do.


I hate how it takes death to make you appreciate life sometimes. A close friend recently lost her very quick battle with breast cancer, and has left us all feeling just a bit sickened, a bit frightened, and a whole lot more grateful for our own personal health. It is such a mind-numbing experience to know that one day you can be at work, chatting away with co-workers as if nothing in the world mattered, and the next day you are being told you have 6 months to live...and you only get to see two of those. It just goes to show how important regular examinations are.


Oh yeah, I'm broke. Sing it with me all. Maxed out Credit Cards, bills due, no pay date in sight. It's a joyous time to be alive =)


Heather and Eric are getting married on Friday!!!!! HOLY HELL!! I just got my dress back from my seamstress. She altered it for me so that it wasn't a long dress, but instead a tea length.

(Side Note: Can I just gripe about etiquette for a sec.? Who the HELL made up the "rules" for weddings? MOH does this, MOB can wear this, MOB can't wear that, attendees can't wear this....WHY? Since when does a party have so many damn rules?!)

I was obviously told by a few sources that it is seen as improper to wear a long dress to a spring/summer wedding because then you'll blend in with the bridesmaids (god forbid). So, whatever, I'm not going to start unecessary drama at my good friend's wedding. So I sucked up the extra costs and hacked it all off. So Heather, you'll be happy to know I will not be blending in with any of your bridesmaids (although now we're both wearing tea length so you tell me the logic here) =) I'm obviously being quite sarcastic and a bit mello-dramatic. But hey, I'm way excited about my new Michael Kors sandals to go with it! A long dress would just cover those up!!


Without any success, I have been trying repeatedly to acquire my mom's Laryngitis. There is just something slightly sexy to me about having a rhaspy voice for a few days. But, no such luck. I'm stuck here with a healthy voice.

Aside from that, my numerous doctors appointments have gone perfectly! OBGYN-Check, Dentist-Check! Okay, so the dentist didn't go AS well. I ended up having to have a root canal a few days ago but other than that, I'm a healthy girl. Horray! Now if only I could get my shoulder to stop acting up!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Heather and Eric's Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Yes! I am the first of my blogging friends to jump on the documentation of our fabulous weekend in which we partook in the sacred tradition, of seeing our friends off on their last days as single beings. Saturday, was Heather and Erics bachelor/bachelorette party, something many of us (including the couple) have been waiting for 8 years!

I had never been to a joint stag party before and I was curious to find out just how something like that would come together. But take out the clich strippers, take out the cheesy party games, and your left with a group friends just out to have a good time, and celebrate true love. It was a great evening!

We started off with dinner at Houlihans in Lake Geneva. I was a little sad that our entire wasnt able to sit together, but we made it work none-the-less with our two tables. We all sat side by side our couples (minus oneMINE) and chatted amongst ourselves over martinis, beer, and a tequila shot for Eric. Oh, and two BIG ASS Sunset Martinis for Eric and I, and Greta and Wendell. At around 10:00 we were all full and ready to begin the evening. Our first stopChamps.

The couple of honor wanted to go out dancing, but at 10:00 there wasnt going to be too much happening, so Champs seemed the perfect place to get our drink on for a bit, while waiting for the crowd at Hogs and Kisses to arrive. We had a few more drinks, and laughed as Amanda told off a very rude man for staring at my ass. You can always count on her to speak up thats for sure! Greta met a nice fella who proceeded to buy the entire party drinks and after a round of free drinks, we were ready for some dancing at Hogs.

Hogs was packed, as it usually is on a Saturday night, but we had no problems squeezing our way through the people and on to the dance floor. The music was a bit old school and I was disappointed that the DJ didnt know many of the songs we were requesting, but with good company you can dance the night away to pretty much anything. So it all worked out.

Our last stop in our bachelor/bachelorette tour of Lake Geneva was Carvettis and overly packed bar already at capacity by the time we arrived. It took some convincing on our part but we finally convinced the bouncer to let us in, with the stipulation that we went right to the outside patio. He heard no complaints from me. We pushed our way through the crowd of people, and planted ourselves at a table outside. Ahhh, a chance to relax and talk. It was probably a good thing that we never ended up making our way back out to the dance floor because after sitting for a bit and talking, the majority of us realized just how tired we were and so within an hour, we had all gone our respective ways and the fun of the bachelor/bachlorette party was a growing memory.

But the fun is not over, and its truly just beginning. In two weeks we will all reconvene, this time to celebrate the official union of these two high school sweethearts. On May 5th, Heather Cawley and Eric Whitten will become Mr. and Mrs. Whitten and well all be there to witness and celebrate it. I cant wait.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but Blogger has been giving me nothing but grief all day long. For whatever reason, it won't let me post!!! So, if you want to see the pictures from the evening...