Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bee Bop Shoo Wopp

I spent my time last night, immersed in the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, while people watching amidst my favorite generation of people…senior citizens.

Last night, I accompanied Erin to a performance of Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee. The show consisted of four guys, in dinner jackets (surprising right?), who bee bopped to the catchy tunes that made the 50’s and 60’s so famous. While the harmonies were awesome, and the singing itself very entertaining, I found myself lost in many of the “50’s humor” jokes and a bit annoyed at the overly done jokes and randomness of the show. But I suppose that just has something to say about the generation gap that exists between then and now, because as I looked around the room at all the men and women laughing and clapping and singing along, I realized that this was probably a huge treat for them! To be transported back to the days of their youth, and to hear the songs they all loved as teenagers! I know I’d be exstatic to hear “Like a Virgin” from Madonna 50 years from now =) I found myself smiling endlessly as I focused on the room and saw so many of them having such a great time, and watching them wiggle in their seats as the guys on stage harmonized to “Love Potion Number Nine” and “Runaround Sue”. As I’m sure many of you know, old people just warm my heart, and to be in an entire room of them was a slight taste of heaven to me.

I’m not sure if I would go see the show again, but I’d DEFINITLEY recommend it to my grandmother and her friends! The men were highly talented and truly entertaining to watch. It’s just hard to get into something fully, that you don’t really understand.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Religious Balance

Questions about religion enter my mind almost on a daily basis. Growing up Catholic there are certain things I was brought up to believe in: An almighty God, a miraculous virgin birth, an arc to save the world, a single man and woman who produced human life, a heaven and a hell. As I’ve grown up, I’ve struggled with my faith as I developed a more in depth understanding of mythology and its origins, as well as science and research. As a result, I’ve sort of left behind my Catholic roots, and embarked on a different path of spirituality.

Coinciding with my upbringing and struggle with religion, I’ve always been a firm believer in the balance of the universe…in the Yin and Yang of the world if you will. For every bad there is good, for every negatively charged situation is a positive one waiting right around the corner, and for every dying life form is a new life developing somewhere else.

Utilizing these two concepts I found myself thinking today, on my drive to work, about the existence of what religion and mythology will deem as a heaven and a hell…the ultimate universal balance. The optimist in me wants to believe that only a heaven exists and there is no such thing as a devil or a hell. The agnostic in me wants to believe that neither heaven nor hell exist in the manner in which I was taught to believe, and it is more so a metaphor for our spirits…of how they will continue to be remembered through generations to come. And then there’s the Catholic in me that wants to believe that there is in fact both a heaven and a hell, and it is up to us to live our lives fully so that on judgment day we are accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven and not deemed to an eternity of flames and torture.

In thinking about the balance of the world, it seems only necessary that if a good place exists, a bad must exist as well. But I have a hard time believing that there is truly an inherently evil place, and that some humans are destined to spend eternity there.

Thus, without starting a religious debate, I was just curious how the rest of the world feels about this Heaven and Hell concept. If you believe in a Heaven, do you believe in a hell? If not, why not?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Just some weekend stuff

I am making it known to the entire blogging community, that on Friday of last week, I went on an interview with the Kohl’s corporation and, as I cross my fingers, it went really well. Of course there is the chance that I’m delusional in my thinking, and the interview went horribly, in which case I just admitted failure to many, many people, but I’m optimistic for the time being. I originally interviewed for a Sample Specialist position which is an entry level position feeding into the entire company. But as the interview process continued, I was introduced to even more people, in a few more departments, for a few more open positions in the company. At the end of all of it, I was taken to the buying offices and introduced to a few people there as well. The recruiter is also in the process of passing over my resume directly to them. At the end of three hours I had met with 5 different people, and interviewed for three different positions. Hopefully SOMETHING will turn up =)

I was so thrilled with how well the interview went that I was definitely in the mood for some celebrating. Tara and I thus, met up with Katie and Mary for some drinks at The Harp and headed over to Out and About a little later for some drinking and dancing with some more friends. I’m not a big bar fly, but I definitely enjoy the occasional drunk night out =)

I awoke on Saturday with a bit of a hangover, but had to quickly nurse it away as I had to work all day Saturday. The day went by quickly, thankfully, and at 6:00 Erin, Dave, and Tara showed up at my parent’s apartment, ready to head to Heather and Eric’s. They were having a small get together of close friends, celebrating their new house…and of course their new life together. Their house is ADORABLE: two bedrooms, one bath, cute little backyard, and a cute little dog to compliment it. They’re your typical storybook couple: high school sweethearts get married right out of college, buy a cute little house and a dog =) I love them. We spent the night playing games and chatting around the fire pit.

Sunday I spent lazing around trying to get my stomach into some sort of normal routine again. Feeling full I decided to jump on the scale to see how “full” I actually was and I realized that for the past month I have been consistently gaining weight. For the first time in my entire life I am above 124. While I by no means need to go on a diet, I think this was my first indication that I should probably start watching what I eat a little bit better. My metabolism seems to be slowing a bit more. I think it’s time to incorporate some fruit into this diet of mine =)

Monday, June 19, 2006


Ever since I had heard that Wicked had come to Chicago, I have been dying to see it. I have heard nothing but unbelievable things about the musical and I myself wanted so badly to enjoy it.

For a few months after I moved back to Milwaukee (still not having seen Wicked), I joined a book club and through that club I was given the opportunity to read the book, to which sparked my curiosity even further. As countless people around me headed down to the Windy City to enjoy the much talked about theatrical presentation, I sat back and pouted knowing I may never get to see it on Broadway, as its end is drawing closer and closer.

Suddenly, an extension of the musical was announced and I hurried to purchase a few tickets, only to find that they were well in the upper hundreds, a price way outside of my budget.

And then Fathers Day 2006 came upon me and when asking my dad what he wanted to do on his special day he responded with “I want to go see Wicked again”. I screamed, literally, and hurried to the computer to purchase our tickets. 6th row center in the orchestra section was where we ended up. I couldn’t wait!

My family and I arrived in Chicago around 12:00 yesterday afternoon, and stopped for lunch before arriving at the Oriental Theatre. As we took our seats I sat in awe at the artwork surrounding the theatre. It’s a true joy to experience something as I was about to experience in such an old and decorated building. Modern buildings just don’t seem to have the same charm.

At 2:00 the orchestra began to play, the curtain drew up, and for the next three hours I was engulfed in a wave of emotion. Throughout the entire production I sat with a beating heart, tingles through my body, and tears in my eyes. I was so moved by the singing, and the dancing, and the overall story. Words cannot describe what I saw yesterday afternoon and for all of you that have been fortunate enough to have seen Wicked, you know exactly what I am talking.

I have never before seen a live production that I have enjoyed half as much as I enjoyed Wicked. I would go back and see it in a heartbeat.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The joys of being a woman

For the first time in a very long time, my alarm went off this morning, and I didn’t want to slam the sounds of Wes, Ronnie, and Alley from KISSFM into the wall. I instead, laid in my bed for a few more minutes, allowing my body to adjust to the morning, and hearing out Wes’s story about golfing.

I was FLOORED with what I heard.

For the first time in my entire life I was listening to another man speak of how lame other men can be.

Let me explain.

Apparently KISSFM hosted a golf outing yesterday in which the entire morning show cast was in attendance. Apparently throughout the outing, Wes spent some time riding around on the beverage cart with the girls working it. He continued to tell a story of the repulsion he felt for men as with each and every hole she stopped at, she had to endure ongoing remarks and comments from the men at each of the holes. FINALLY for the first time, a man was seeing this situation from our eyes.

He laughed as he made fun of some of the comments, and he sincerely apologized on-air for the way that men act towards women sometimes. It was a refreshing thought to wake up to. I turned off the alarm with a smile =)

Now unfortunately, I am not as tolerant as apparently this beverage cart girl was for she responded to Wes saying “It doesn’t really bother me, I’ve gotten used to it”. This little lady on the other hand, has had to endure these situations my entire life and I am not so willing to just brush it off with a little giggle. I just sometimes wonder why it is that men feel the need to hoot and holler and spit their game at every walking pair of breasts they see. Is there really a point? Do they get more "booty" that way? Do women truly respond positively towards these situations?

But then I have to wonder where us women stand in all of this. After all, we are the ones giggling for tips and oogling our goodies for men to stare at. Maybe we're bringing this all on ourselves. Or at least we should take some credit for it.

Either way it's no excuse for a man to make a woman feel completely uncomfortable in her surroundings, and the cat calls are really unecessary, regardless of your chosen profession. I hope that a number of these men were listening to the KISS morning show this morning and heard how stupid they actually sound. Who knows ladies, maybe there’s hope for them, and our social lives after all.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lazy Summer Days

As summer is approaching faster than I anticipated, I'm finding that my schedule is filling faster and faster with festivals, concerts, weddings, trips, and other occasions of the summer. Thus, when a weekend such as this past one arises, I welcome the opportunity to spend a few days relaxing and gearing up for the coming weeks that lie before me.

I had the entire weekend off of work which I utilized to my full advantage to take care of a few things I've been meaning to take care of for a number of weeks. I get a lot of running in, a lot of reading, and a lot of errands done. It was great! By Sunday, I was ready for some socializing so Tara and I packed up the Cabrio and headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo to meet up with some friends for a leisurly day at the Zoo.

Before arriving, I was telling Tara how I remember the days when I was little, of going to the zoo and spending the entire day there!! We would walk, and eat lunch, and shop, and just make an entire day out of it. As time grew on however, the full days seemed to end and now I'm lucky if my trips to the zoo last more than an hour.

And then I realized what it was like to be there with small children.

We met up with my friend Rosy, her husband Ben, and their son Sean, as well as Kiersten's sister Stephanie, her husband Andy, and their son Braden. Them, along with Tara and I and Kiers and Angie, wandered the park taking in all of the sights as well as the gorgeous weather we encountered. We stopped for lunch, chatted over a few beers, and laughed at the children's reactions to certain animals going about their daily "zoo-ish" business. Suddenly 4:00 rolled around and I realized we had been at the zoo for over 4 hours!! We had spent the entire day there!

Walking out to the car I had a big smile on my face knowing that I had just spent a "family day" just as I used to only this time, we were the adults! It was a little strange at first, but I quickly warmed up to the idea. I love this getting older stuff =)