Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Las Vegas, Round 5

In a city such as Vegas, it’s no wonder that it becomes a highly frequented city, considering all that there is to do there. In the five times that I have stayed in Las Vegas, I have managed to leave with a very different experience each and every time, and each time I find myself loving it more and more. I have had trips dedicated solely to drinking and partying in which I was given a thorough look at some of the fabulous nightlife that Vegas has to offer, while other trips were dedicated to the sole purpose of relaxing by the fabulous pool, to which I must say Mandalay Bay remains one of my favorites. I have seen shows, and eaten at amazing restaurants. I have shopped at one-of-a-kind stores, gambled in a number of different casinos, and walked down the strip with a beer in my hand. I’ve seen live music, I’ve ridden a number of rides, and I’ve spent countless hours relaxing in a number of different spas. Yes, Vegas is probably my most frequented vacation spot, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had more fun than I have when I go there.

This weekend I went back, this time in celebration of my brother’s 21st birthday and like every other time, it failed to disappoint me. We stayed at the Mirage (a first for me), where we spent a combined total of about 10 hours sleeping and about 60 hours partying and gambling. We partied like rock stars that’s for sure (my parents included), taking stretch limos to clubs, renting out VIP rooms, and drinking Grey Goose by the bottle. Who cares if we couldn’t technically afford it…we were in VEGAS! Some of us partied a little too hard. In fact, I ended up leaving early and carrying one of my brother’s friends home from RAIN one night because he was puking in our VIP room and was too intoxicated to walk on his own. I have to say that it was my first time ever being escorted out of a club by security guards.

When we weren’t clubbing, we were gambling, and the majority of us were winning! Hundred dollar Blackjack hands could be seen throughout our group of 13 and that came with both very big wins, as well as very big losses. My winnings were spent in the Forum Shops of Caesars palace where I treated myself to my first Kate Spade purse (and matching wallet/clutch) and a fabulous pair of Betsey Johnson stiletto shoes. Yes, I am a designer whore. I love buying myself something I couldn’t normally afford when I win money I wouldn’t have normally had.

Although we did party hard, the trip didn’t consist of a total drunken stupor. We managed to have a number of really good meals and I squeezed in a few naps as well as some down time at the hotel hot tub (it was too cold to go swimming). Overall I think it was a great trip, and I think my brother had a really great time! I wish the trip had been a bit more relaxing than it was considering I leave for Daytona on Wednesday for two weeks, but I suppose you can’t really expect that when heading to Las Vegas.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I didn't go to Grammar School

In doing research today for a few work projects, I came across a number of articles written on the subject of grammar, and our declining English language. Some of them made me laugh at how annoyed people get when people don’t properly use their words, and some made me want to grab my Webster and study up immediately. They all got me thinking though, and they sparked the need inside of me to explain a few things about us non-English majored members of the English speaking world. Although I speak for nobody else but myself.

I have terrible grammar, and probably even worse spelling (which doesn’t say too much). I’m sure that anyone who has every read this blog knows that little fact about me, and I am grateful that regardless of my occasional misuse of the English language, many of you continue to frequent my ramblings; even though you may cringe inside when I throw in a few too many run on sentences, or make a word plural that isn’t exactly supposed to be. (speaking of…was that last sentence a run-on?)

However, the great thing about the Weblog world is that I don’t HAVE to be a great speller or have fantastic English to do what some people had to go through many years of schooling to do, and that is to write. Sure I don’t get paid to update people on my life, and my words aren’t as pretty to read as some, but it’s an opportunity for me to do something that up until recently, was only reserved for personal diaries. People actually READ what I write, and some actually enjoy it!

But Christi, you speak English, you live in the United States, you SHOULD know how to speak proper English, or at least spell correctly! I couldn’t agree more. However, aside from my poor spelling (which I attribute to my reliance on spell check), my only knowledge of proper grammar use is what I learned in Grade School. GRADE SCHOOL. Outside of my 6th grade English I have never once had to learn anything even remotely close to grammar “right and wrongs”. So blame the educational system, not me =)

I guess the excuse I’m trying to make is aside from the simple “their, they’re, and there” we learned in our earlier years, my knowledge base of the matter simply isn’t there. And since I don’t do this professionally, why delve into it so deeply? Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe it’s important to remain educated on the English language, after all, we use it every single day! But to think of all the possible mistakes that are out there to make when using all of these fabulous words of ours is exhausting! I’ll let the professionals deal with all of them.

To sum it up: I didn’t go to school to learn every grammatical error that is possible to make, so I’m going to make mistakes sometimes. I’ll continue to try to grow as a literary human being, but in the mean time, you may just have to tough out some “pet-peevy” type mistakes. I apologize to those that this bothers. But know, that while I’m aggravating you with my words, I’m having a great time sharing my thoughts with all of you =)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Too many thoughts to combine into an actual post

My end of week thoughts:

Is it that far fetched of an idea to think that we as humans have had a drastically devastating effect on the earth and the environment? And why does this have to be such a political debate. Shouldn’t we all want to do something good, to keep the place we live clean and healthy?

I could never, in a million years, work in a warehouse for 40 hours a week. Mad props to those that can!

Friendships need nurturing, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So do relationships for that matter. ALL relationships I guess.

Am I supposed to feel MORE sad about Anna Nicole Smith dying than I am say of the small child that was recently killed in my hometown, simply because she’s well recognized?

Getting paid for 25 hours of overtime that you spent in Orlando, Florida isn’t that bad of a deal.

I think it should be mandatory that every human being partake in some sort of Yoga exercise or meditation in the morning before they head to work. People on their morning commutes are entirely too stressed out to be driving…and sometimes they’re just mean. It hurts my feelings.

GWEN STEFANI is coming to the Bradley Center!! Who’s coming with me?!

And for that matter…what ever happened to that Justin Timberlake concert Jayne?

I spend way too much money, on too many unnecessary things.

I miss living next door to Jimmy Johns.

It’s funny how 12 degrees can feel so warm when you compare it to 15 below. Ah, the wonder of relative comparisons.

I love cinnamon, especially in the morning.

I enjoy getting up at 6:00 in the morning. I just wish my body felt the same way.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Dealer Meeting 2007

After a week of traveling, I have finally had the opportunity to sit down at my computer, and spit out an update into the life of a jet-set working girl =) I must admit that after a week away from home, my life is feeling a bit disorderly, and chaotic and I have a feeling it's going to take me a few days to re-enter some sort of routine and organization. But alas, chaos of life aside, I am long over-due for a blog update (as is usually the case) so I have set aside a few minutes here to stop unpacking, sit down on the chair, and hammer away on my little keyboard.

My trip to Orlando, FL this past week was both exciting and exhausting, with a range of emotions thrown somewhere in between that spectrum. As I departed General Mitchel International Airport early Friday morning, destined for my first event far away from home, I had much anticipation for what lay ahead of me in those coming 6 days and I hoped that at the end of it all, I would be able to leave with a reaffirmation that I was truly destined to be in the events industry.

It was tough at first to grasp what I was supposed to be doing with myself, but I think most of that stemmed from my insecurity of wandering around a strange city by myself, representing a company I had only been employed by for three weeks. But the independent girl in me took over eventually and after getting my bags, finding the hotel shuttle, and checking into the hotel I was ready to begin my assignment.

I arrived to a convention hall bustling with union workers and a few of my fellow employees who had arrived earlier in the day, working hard to get the events center ready for the coming show. I found my boss, and after a quick chat, I was put right to work. The rest of the marketing employees trickled in throughout the rest of the day and at 6:00 we all decided to call it a night, and I hit up the closest seafood/sushi bar with a few of my female co-workers to put a cap on the hard day of setup.

The remaining couple of days went pretty much the same way, minus the air travel of course. Get up, grab coffee, set-up, go home. By the time Monday came I was so exhausted from the 10 hour work days, that I found myself happily in bed by 8:00 each night.

Monday was the first day of the show and from what I hear it went really well. I spent the first day doing mindless tasks like handing out promotional t-shirts and assisting my boss with seminars. The next few days of the show I wandered around the show floor feeling pretty useless. It's hard to find your place occasionally in such a large company, especially when you're so new and your skill sets haven't exactly been determined yet. My boss tried to keep me as busy as possible, but for the most part I just stood around and smiled, trying to make myself look busy =)

The show wrapped up on Wednesday, and a few of us celebrated with an outing to Downtown Disney for some yummy Cuban food, plenty of Mojitos, and some dancing at the local Irish pub. It was the perfect end to a long hard week.

And with that, my week ended. I boarded my flight back home early Thursday morning and I was back to work today. As I look back at the week I have to say that it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned it to be, but I can't say that I'm dissapointed either. I think for my first show it went as well as it could have. I learned a lot, met a lot of great people, and familiarized myself with yet another gorgeous US city =)

In getting back to my previous inquiry: Am I cut out for the events industry? I think it's still too soon to say, but I'm optimistic for what lies ahead. My next stop is Daytona Beach, FL at the end of this month. It'll be one more event closer to figuring out my true professional calling in life, or if nothing else a fabulous excuse to hang out away from the bitter cold of Wisconsin for two weeks.