Friday, September 30, 2005

Temperature says cool, but it's STEAMY up in here.

Warning: Please excuse the occasional swear word. If you are easily offended by the use of such words, you may want to skip this post all together.

Time Warner Cable came last night. I was all excited to finally have cable in my apartment. But Jack (that's what I'll call him...short for JACKASS) came to my apartment all crabby and spoutin' attitude and was a little annoyed when I told him my landlord had special requests on where to drill. Jack snapped at me, I told him this is NOT my problem, and thus, called my landlord and had John (my landord) speak with Jack (the Jackass). After about a 30 second conversation John apparently swore at Jack, Jack hung up the phone, and one day later I still do not have cable. I was fuming about it last night but after being on hold for a half hour with Time Warner Cable after Jack decided he was unwilling to help me out, I hung up and figured I'd deal with it today when I calmed down. (After I post of course)

I just don't understand why my landlord is being such an ass about it. I've been hounding him for the past month, trying to get him into our apartment so he can decide where he wants Time Warner to drill (my landlords instructions) and he finally comes, gives them absure directions, and suddenly I have to take the grunt of it all. I'm not asking him to take down a frickin' wall. I'm asking him to drill for cable. It's not like his house is anything spectacular that a cable line is going to drop the value. Take your f'n overpriced rent and your new little Mercedes and back the fuck off a little bit. My god!

And Time Warner...TIME WARNER! Don't think you're getting away from my rath either! You send a lousy, attitude-stricken, helpless man over to my house to I'm sorry NOT do his job..and then expect me to pay $60 a month for YOUR services that he was unwilling to provide me with? Probably not. I'm sorry Jack. It's your fucking job to come into my house and drill. Don't act like your life is so tough and your job is so shitty. You don't like it quit, but don't take it out on me. I'm so sick of people acting like they deserve something else out of life, or that their life is so much worse than anyone elses. If you're not happy, change something then. Don't expect someone else to do it for you.


Okay, I feel better =)

It's a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I'm not going to let Time Warner's incompitence or my landlord's bs to ruin that. I have brides to make happy =)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting Ready for Fall

It's one of those rainy, cool, fall days. The type of day where you'd love to just crawl up with a book, next to the window, and relax. Unfortunatley, I'm at work but I'm still enjoying the weather. I love fall. I look forward to it every year. Especially October. I love Halloween, I love the autumn leaves, I love the crisp, cool air and the sound of the birds as they fly south for the winter. Yes, fall is a great season!

My mom and I are preparing the store for it's autumn changeover. We're getting rid of our summertime pastels and making way for the late year burnt oranges, chocolate browns (which is the new pink by the way), and deep greens; while decorating the store with corn stalks and pumpkins, all of which need to be carved in the next few weeks. Yes, my mom and I were busy girls today, as the store was rather slow. We strutted out in the rain, decked out in dress pants, and strolled through the local area pumpkin patch in search of a few pumpkins for our windows, and some corn stalks for display as well. Granted this was not a "balls-out" effort on our part. We prissily picked up each pumpkin, careful not to get mud on our nice work clothes, and held the corn stalks out in front of us as we walked them to the car. We laughed at the site we must be creating along the highway: two prissy girls, strutting around in the rain, looking for pumpkins, in their dress pants. Hey, it may not have been an "outdoorsy" event, but we got the job done and our windows will be ready for the weekly Thursday changeover!

In other news, the show that I've been planning has been cancelled which I'm both relieved and sad about. It was beginning to get to be an aweful lot of work, and my schedule just wasn't holding up! I now have more time to focus on the two fashion shows I'm planning which is great! I have a lot to do for the Lake Geneva show and I also just contacted Catholic Central High School today about producing a fashion show with them (they do one every year but we want to get in on the deal). I gave her my ideas which she loved so we're going to collaborate in a few weeks and see what we can come up with. I'm excited. I love this sort of thing. So I guess the extra time works out after all, although I'm just filling it up with MORE work. I can totally see myself as a workaholic someday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just a question

Why is it, that you can have ALL the free sex you want, as many times a day, with as many people, whenever you want? There is no crime in that. However, the SECOND you offer compensation of ANY kind, it becomes prostitution and is therefore illegal. What are we really saving anybody from?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sorry for the Delay Erin

As it is now a slow Monday here at the store, I am given the opportunity to relflect upon my weekend and collaborate some thoughts and feelings that arose throughout the two day period...

no such luck.

It was a typical Milwaukee weekend in the life of Christi Anderson. I worked Friday all day, went and saw a movie with my mom (Just Like Heaven...SO cute...go see it), then visited the gf in Oak Creek.

Saturday I worked again until 4. I was supposed to get out at 3 but Kaitlin Morall showed up at 3:00 and I felt bad just leaving my mom with her and her mother, so I stuck around and played dress up with her. She's the current reigning Miss Burlington and was looking for pagent-type outfits. While the whole pagenty thing sort of annoys me, it might be kind of nice to have a girl like Kaitlin on our side. Hell, if she chooses to wear one of our dresses and then just HAPPENS to get the crown of Miss Wisconsin, that means OUR dresses are in MISS AMERICA. Hello Donald Trump!

Hmm..okay that tangent aside, I finally got out of work at 4:00 and made my way back to Milwaukee where I picked up Tara and brought her downtown with me. I needed to change and get ready before we headed out for the night.

At 7:00 I picked up Greggor and we were off to The Pint for some pool, darts, and Erotic Photo Hunt =) Now lets talk about this.

I have been able to legally get into a bar for about 2 and a half years now. However, even before that time I was one of the many teenagers graced with a less than fabulous fake-ID, allowing me to frequent certain bars all while in my early years of college. So that's say, 5 years of bar time, give or take a few years. BUT THEN, even BEFORE the bar scene came into play, my childhood basement was the hangout of MANY weekend parties throughout high school involving many friends, and many games of pool and darts in the basement. Therefore, adding another 4 years to the equation and you have a grand total of about 9 years of play time. 9 YEARS. You'd think I'd be pretty good right?


I'm probably the worst pool player you'll ever meet. The cue ball constantly bounces right off the table, that is if I'm even able to hit in the first place (If pool were anything like golf I'd have about 4 or 5 strokes against me before the little triangle is even broke), and god forbid the balls ever go into one of those little pockets on the side of the table. Nope, the only one that tends to go in is that wretched white one. But I always play, and I always raise stakes and talk shit as if I know what's up. "Loser buys shots". Good call Christi. Rack up the credit card bill now!

We lost at darts, we lost at pool, and I finally gave up and sat my butt down in front of some erotic photo hunt which kept us four busy for a good long time. We beat TITI. Horray! But starting early at the bar usually means ending early at the bar, and by 12:00 we were KO'd and ready for bed.

Sunday was spent lazing around the apartment, watching movies and pigging out. LOVE lazy Sundays =) And that brings me to today, working until 7 then probably off to another movie with my mom. (We're big time movie buffs) Hmm, I wonder what we should see.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

An Interview With God

I'm not a very religious person, but there was just something about this that touched my heart. Whether you believe in God, or in something else all together, I think the message is something we can all believe in.

The Interview

Friday, September 23, 2005

An idea from Kross-Eyed Kitty

As I sit here at work on this fine Friday morning, I decided to participate in the weekend meet and greet that Michele puts on, and decided to surf through cyberspace in persuit of a few blogs to entertain me for a while. In the midst of my travels I came across Kross-Eyed Kitty's blog and a post that sparked interest. It was in regards to bookmarks of life, and how often times there are songs throughout our life that act as said bookmark, causing us to reminise and go back to that time and re-live it. Then after a text this morning from an ex reminding me of the song we broke up to, I realized this concept does in fact exist, and I began making a mental recolection of my own music lifemarks.

1.) High Enough - Damn Yankees: Jessica Berry (My long lost, now deceseased best friend as a child) were driving in the back of my parents car singing along to the song on the radio. I remember thinking "Why can't she just sing like I do, she doesn't even SOUND like them". Apparently I thought mightly highly of myself in those days. But that is my last running memory of Jessie being alive.

2.) Piece of Shit Car - Adam Sandler: It was playing in Dave's Dodge Neon the very first time I ever rode in his car. He picked me up while I was grounded the summer before my Freshman year of High School and took me out to Dairy Queen. Our first "Unofficial" date =) It took us about two months to actually kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend.

3.) Crossroads - Bone Thugs 'n Harmony: The first song Dave and I ever danced to.

4.) Dreams - The Cranberries: While in High School my three best friends and I (Katie Schiller, Kiersten Karlsen, and Katie Daniel) would drive into Milwaukee blaring Dreams in my Explorer and singing at the top of our lungs.

4.) Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson: We were driving in YoYo's Saturn home from The West in Green Bay. The song came on the radio and she looked at me and smiled. It was the moment I realized my life was about to change and my feelings for YoYo were more than just friendly.

5.) I Want To Come Over - Melissa Ethridge: Again driving, a few months later, with YoYo's roomate who played this song for me. We ended up dating a few days later.

6.) In the Club - 50 Cent: Dancing my heart at "Rain" in Las Vegas during my 21st birthday with Erin.

7.) In Public - Kelis: Acted as background music for a British commercial while I was in London. My flatmates and I spent those two months trying to figure out who sang the song and about a week before we left we found it and spent the next week playing it over and over in Addie's computer, dancing around the flat.

What songs act as bookmarks for your own life?

Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous

I had to go see my Dermatologist yesterday morning. Ever since I returned home from London, my skin has been acting exceptionally weird (flaking, itchy, bumpy). Assuming it was just dry skin I purchased numerous skin cremes, some of which made it temporarily better and some which made it much worse. As time went on though, it never did go away and finally at my last straw (and advice from the Clinique counter woman) I called the Dermatologist to get it checked out.

The verdict: ACNE!

WHAT?! At 23?! You have GOT to be kidding me. I was a little embarrased paying for my visit as I thought this part of my life was long gone by now however, thanks to the kind people at Dr. Armus's office, I still felt BEAUTIFUL. Let me explain.

I arrived at the office a little before 9:55 and filled out some forms since it had been since High School that I was in there. I was brought into the exam room by a very friendly nurse who continued to compliment me on how nice I looked, and how she wished she could dress like I do. I was very flattered and smiled as she left. Dr. Armus showed up a few minutes later and we chatted a bit about what I've been doing since the last time I was in, and he followed up with consistant comments about how great I look, and how much prettier I've gotten since the last time he saw me. Not weird, creepy comments, just very nice pleasant flatteries. Needless to say, even though I left knowing I had a gross rashy type THING on my face, I still felt beautiful.

I smiled as I realized this is probably Dr. Armus's business stance: "To make our patients feel beautiful". And it makes sense!!! Normally, you visit a Dermatologist because you have something funky and abnormal going on with your skin. Chances are, it's not making you feel too attractive. But after visiting Dr. Armus's office, you leave feeling like your STILL beautiful, even though you have this mole on your shoulder or in my case Acne on your face =) I give him props.

Thanks Dr. Armus!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday Timeline

5:30 am: Woke up early with Tara, had a few early morning cuddles, then moved cars with my drunk roomate who had JUST gotten home from the bar (and was still in her work clothes) so that Tara could leave for work.

6:00 am: Attempted to get back to sleep but ended up just laying in bed for two hours.

8:00 am: Showered

9:00 am: Jumped in the Cabby, and drove to work

10:00 am: Work begins

5:08 pm: Get a text from Erin telling me to come over for drinks.
Text her back saying "OKAY!"

6:30 pm: Close up the store, begin my drive to Milwaukee.

7:30 pm: Arrive home, change quickly.

7:45 pm: Bought flowers at Jewel for Erin

8:00 pm: Arrive at Erin's. We sat outside for about 3 1/2 hours talking about life and drinking wine. She's starting a book club which I'm SUPER excited about.

12:00 am: Leave Erin's

12:05 am: Arrive at home thrilled to see that, for the first time since we moved in together, Nicky was in bed BEFORE me!

12:10 am: Make some early morning food and crawl into bed excited to pass out and sleep.

2:30 am: The first of the obnoxious hour smoke breaks begins. Right outside my window. Two boys, one girl (mind you the girl was NOT Nicky), laughing and talking, and blowing their smoke into my bedroom window. Completely oblivious to the fact that a.) The person they were obviously there to see was NOT out there with them, yet they still took it upon their liberties to utilize our front porch for their social hour and b.) THAT THERE WAS SOMEONE SLEEPING IN THE BEDROOM RIGHT OFF OF THE FRONT PORCH!!!!!!!

3:00 am: .....smoking....

3:30 am: .... still smoking....

4:00 AM: ...STILL F'N SMOKING... At my last straw I got up to say something but as soon as I did they decided it was time to finally call it a night and go to bed (wherever that may be).

I'm not sure how much more I can deal with it. I'm a VERY easy going person, it really takes a lot to bring to my brink. Disrespect however, will DEFINITLEY do that. Sitting out on the porch, smoking, socializing, and drinking is fine at a reasonable hour. Even 1:00 in the morning I'm willing to overlook it. But to have the audacity, to be THAT loud, at THAT hour, when people are trying to SLEEP!!!!! It's beyond me that people can act like that...EVERY FUCKING NIGHT!!!

You want to stay up all night and drink that's fine, do what you do. But please respect the others in the house who's lives do NOT revolve around alcohol and who actually need to get a decent night's sleep to get up in the morning.

Needless to say I'm crabby again this morning because two out of the three nights that I have actually slept at my apartment, I have been kept up until absurd hours of the morning because my front porch has become "The Warren Street Pub". It's Nicky's house too though, and she has a right to do what she does, when she wants, and bring over whomever she chooses. I really don't mind.

I guess I just have to start sleeping with my window closed =(

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The 75 Best things about my Summer 2005

1.) I graduated college!
2.) It only took 5 years!
3.) Getting to see Rascal Flatts
4.) The B.A.N.A.N.A.S song by Gwen Stefani
5.) Chicago Pride!
6.) Char strutting the streets of Chicago in just her underwear
7.) The fried Mozzerella at some dive bar
8.) Saz's cheese sticks
9.) Fourth of July bottle rocket fight
10.) Exchanging outfits with my 15 year old cousin
11.) ...and then discussing tampons.
12.) Giving advice to 15 year old girls about drinking.
13.) Tara being denied by THREE straight girls.
14.) Heather kissing all three of the above mentioned.
15.) Don't Cha
16.) The grand opening of Christy's Bridal and Formal Wear
17.) Starry night talks on the porch with my parents
18.) Until 3 in the morning
19.) ...and getting really drunk.
20.) Paddling on the little pond in Milwaukee with Erin.
21.) Moving to Milwaukee
22.) Growing up and taking on "grown up" responsiblities
23.) Medical Insurance
24.) Renters Insurance
25.) NEW JOB!!! =)
26.) Holding Rosemary's baby boy
27.) A 15 minute drive to Tara's house
28.) 5 lesbians in a swimming pool
29.) Belly flops into said pool
30.) The return of the Beer Bong
31.) Watching the worst storm of the summer from atop the highest point in Burlington.
32.) Dancing my heart out to the Toys and the Sweetarts with Erin at the Wisconsin State Fair.
33.) Seeing my best friend in a wedding dress
34.) Being named Maid of Honor
35.) The feeling of a very first vendor sale
36.) Seeing Tartuffe at The American Players Theatre
37.) Playing Euchre for HOURS
38.) Rosy's Drunk Night Out
39.) Tara's dancing machine brother
40.) Having a beer with my brother at the local bar
41.) SHUFFLEBOARD at Champion's
42.) The camaradari of the world in regards to the hurricane relief efforts
44.) Getting rid of Live Journal
45.) Entering into Blogger!
46.) A make-out session with Karen's car and a truck
47.) Tara attacking Angie
48.) A very drunk political conversation
49.) My big beautiful front porch
50.) "The roof is caving in"
51.) An outside concert event
52.) ...and finally being able to spend some quality time with Monkey
53.) Noah's Ark
54.) Jennifer Karnitz's cheap ass
55.) An entire campsite of screaming girls
56.) ...we're scared of racoons.
57.) Corn on the Cob on the grill
58.) Endless softball tournaments
59.) Jumping on the bleachers, arm and arm with my parents, during the Sugar Ray concert.
60.) ...and seeing Mark McGrath up close.
61.) New roomate
62.) new DRUNK roomate ;)
63.) Getting my Chicago rent deposit check in the mail
64.) Then going on a mad shopping spree
65.) Buckle's new Blue2 Denim line
66.) Big honkin' necklaces.
67.)'s about time!
68.) Record high temperatures
69.) ..seriously I love them
70.) 21st row for the Kenney Chesney concert
71.) Seeing Tara's face when he came on stage
72.) Ryan Longwell hitting the lady next to us with his golf ball
73.) ...then being able to see him close up
74.) he's VERY cute
75.) and finally being close to my friends and family.

Get Your Own Stuff!

I wonder what it was like for the victims of hurricane Katrina to lose everything material in a matter of minutes. Suddenly your furniture, your books, your beauty products, your clothing, EVERYTHING is taken away from you. I can only imagine how lost they must feel, how deserted, how sadly alone it must feel to have nothing.

Yesterday morning, I got my car broken into. An hour before I was supposed to leave for my interview in Hoffman Estates, IL I noticed everything I needed for that morning was gone: my makeup, my straightening iron, my contacts and glasses, even my interview suit that I had just paid $200 for. I had no time to really think about it's effect on me. I only had an hour now to shower, and get to Mayfair to buy ANOTHER interview outfit, then book it the 2 hours to Illinois for a job I probably had no chance of getting now because of how flustered I was.

I drove to Mayfair pissed off at humanity, as I usually get when people take advantage of an easy out in life. I hated that there was someone out there laughing about how they just scored this awesome expensive suit that I'm sure they'll be taking back to Express (since I left the tags on) and getting something free and of worth to them, without having to pay a dime! Nevermind the fact that I actually WORKED to pay for it!! And while they're returning that they're probably dumping everything else in my bag in the trash because it contained nothing of worth to them. After all, what are they going to do with months old makeup, and some beauty products. No money? Trash it!

I stormed into Express and re-purchased the exact same outfit, silently cursing Express (as it was somehow their fault I was giving them MORE money), and changed in my tiny two door Cabrio. I wanted to cry but I was already pasty because I had no makeup to wear. I didn't want to add red and puffy to the mix as well.

With my new suit, I drove to Hoffman Estates, arriving at my interview surprisingly only 5 minutes late. I couldn't believe after that hellish morning I still managed to make it slightly on time.

The interview went well. I spoke with two different people, got a tour of the facility, and was given a package explaining all of the benefits to take home and look over. (WAY excited about the benefits by the way. Tuition reimbursement, 401K, life, medical, and dental insurance, stock options, bonuses...workout facilities!!! HELLO) I was happy that it all went well. I figured my morning was a sign of things to come, but I surprisingly was able to surpress everything that had just happened, and focus on the task at hand...scoring the job!

I should know how that went in a few weeks.

When I got home however, I realized how much simply not having my red bag of "stuff" was affecting everyday things I take for granted. I couldn't take out my contacts because I didn't have my contact container or solution, and even if I could take them out I wouldn't be able to function because I didn't have my glasses. My nightly moisturizer routine was disrupted as I realized even THAT was in my stolen bag, and come the morning I had to once again come to work, make-up free with my hair in a pony tail.

I never realized how much of a routine certain things are in my life, and how lost I felt last night when I couldn't do any of the things I normally do at night. I compared my measly situation to what was happening in New Orleans and my heart truly went out to them, as their loss was much more extreme than my own.

But then this morning, I went to Walgreens and realized, it could all be replaced. Sure I had grown accustomed to my cute little makeup bag, and those glasses were my favorite pair yet, but there will be others. The bag, the hair straightener, the can all be replaced. It's at that point you realize what truly matters. It's the things you CAN'T replace. Your family, your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, the love you have inside. The rest just doesn't matter.

But it still doesn't make me want to give those theives a hug ;)

Monday, September 19, 2005

My Father, My Mentor

My dad called me about 20 minutes ago, with an unexpected apology. He and my mom came over to my apartment last night and we cooked out on the grill, but he's pretty stressed out lately so wasn't exactly pleasant to be around. I of course ignored it, as he has plenty on his mind right now but he felt really bad about his behavior. When I told him I understood, he said he has no right to act as if he's the only one stressed out. "Who isn't?!"

He's the most put together man I know. No matter what is going on in his life, and how many tasks he adds up, he always manages to put life into perspective and leave the day with the mentality that all of that "stuff" is mundane. The office, the house, the new business the end of the day it doesn't matter. He feels blessed for his health, for his loving wife, and his two children. He says it's THAT he wakes up for every morning.

He's such a good man. I wish more people could think like him. There are so many people out there that have a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad breakup, or a bad wrought of food poisoning, whatever the case may be, and they're forever pissed off at the world for dealing them a bad hand. But we all have our bad days, our bad weeks, our bad breakups, and we all get sick. What gives one person the right to be angry at the world over another? And what gives some people the ability to hold their head high and say "I'm blessed" when things get rough, when others are not so capable?

My dad dealt with poverty, alcoholism, teenage parenthood, and many other blows throughout his lifetime. But he still manages to wake up every morning with a smile and know that things could always be worse and he's a pretty blessed man.

I respect him more than he'll ever know.

I Woke Up This Morning, and Put on my Cranky Pants

If there is a wrong side of my bed, I definitley woke up on it today. As is said in Office Space, I have a "case of the Monday's", and my only cure is sunlight and some more sleep.

I was awoken once every two hours last night, as late night smoke breaks trickled into my bedroom window, awakening me from my already restless nights sleep. It's not that I mind the talking outside of my window, I did after all choose to have the bedroom right off of our front porch, and to tell you the truth my windtunnel of a fan usually blocks out most noise around me. But last night as 1:00, 3:00, and even 6:00 rolled around and the smoke trickled into my bedroom, I began regretting my decision to take the big window over the private bathroom. I have no room to complain though, I could have easily asked them to not sit in front of my bedroom window, but I chose to just throw a pillow over my head and attempt some sort of sleep. Either way, it wasn't happening.

At 8:00 I awoke to rain. Great, one more thing to add to my already terrible mood. Under normal circumstances I would welcome the rain. There's something soothing to me about a muggy, rainy, cloud covered day. Today however, I could have really used the sunlight, and the lack of it alluded to a really long Monday to come.

I arrived at work about 15 minutes late, and continue to have a pile of "to-do's" waiting for me. On top of managing this store for my mom while she takes a holiday to pack up our house, I have to confirm about a million vendor attendees for my show at the Milk Pail January 10, prepare for this interview tomorrow (including preparing my resume), finalize the hair and makeup for my fashion show on January 22, and try to do it all with a smile. But, my usual positive self left me with the final cigarette butt last night, and remaining is a big ball of huffiness, and the desire to just be back in bed.

I'm not sure I can deal with the self indulgence the brides bring today. I definitley do NOT want to be here.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Cheers to Responsibilities

Laying in bed this morning, I had never yearned to be 13 as much as I did when the alarm rang at 6:00 am. Because when I was 13, I could have turned off my alarm, threw the covers up over my head, and begged my mom to let me stay home from school. After which we would then spend the day shopping and eating fast food until our stomaches ached with pain. My mom loved "sick days" from did we.

But I couldn't do that this morning. When the alarm went off I had to pull myself out of bed, because there was nobody to call me in to the principal. I had to get in the shower while it was still dark, and I had to make the hour and a half trip to Dundee, IL this morning because if I didn't go, arrangements for my show would not be made.

I've never hated responsibility more.

I'm just exhausted. The jump from college classes and part-time jobs to 9 hour days and full-time jobs is quite the adjustment! Not to mention outside of my busy work schedule I try to maintain some sort of social life, and attempt to maintain a relationship. It sure doesn't leave much room for free time. Come to think of it, I can't really remember the last time I just sat down and did absolutley nothing. I'm starting to actually forget what my adorable apartment in Milwaukee looks like!! I'm not complaining though, I'm really not. I love being busy. Being productive is one of the most positive things I can do for myself. Add a smile to the mix and I'm one pretty happy girl on a regular basis. I'm just tired and more ready for the weekend than I have ever been.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the cool weather!! It's about time Fall came =)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

"You have no right to set up standards and ideals for other people, and you have no right to expect in others a perfection that is lacking in yourself".
- Source unknown.

Visual Merchandiser...Me?

I got an interview!!!! =) 10:00 am next Tuesday with the Claire's Corporation. It's for a Visual Merchandising position which I'm VERY excited about. Lots of travel and lots of room for creativity. Sounds like my kind of gig!!

I have to go shopping now this weekend for interview clothes. Ick I just hate this part. I also have to seriously consider the money they're offering me and if it's going to be worth it considering I'll have to commute every day via Amtrak.

Lots to chat about!!

A Thursday Morning Mess

There was once a time in my life, when I could drink with the boys, dance with the girls, stay up all night, and then do it all over again the next day.

Such is not the case anymore.

I'm hung over, I'm tired, and I'm completely regreting my decision to accompany my roomate and her two friends on a Wednesday night excursion to Champion's.

The night started out nice and chill. I pulled into my driveway a little after 7:30 and was greeted by an already not surprisingly drunk Nikki and her friend Erika. I was all about joining them on the porch I love so much for a glass of a wine and a wind down session before heading off to bed.

But of course nothing can ever be chill when you have Nicole Knauer as your roomate =)

Soon after I arrived, Karen (pronounced K-ah-ren) showed up ready and willing to down a few 40's and Joey came by already drunk. Needless to say my one glass of wine turned into two and then the brilliant idea to go out arose and off we were.

You know the night is going to be rough when you're pretty much drunk before you even get to the bar, and before you even leave your house you are the sole instigator of a hit and run. Nikki and I rolled in laughter in the backseat as we witnessed Karen nudging the truck in front of her with her little car. "It was just a love tap guys" Karen laughed out, completely oblivious to the scratch she created on her door. "That was more than a love tap, that was a full blown make-out session"

Thankfully we made it to Champion's safely, and spent the remainder of the night playing Shuffleboard. Has anyone ever played bar shuffleboard? Pretty sure it's the most entertaining thing EVER!! It's my new obsession. Nikki and I got yelled at by the bartender though for being too loud. Apparently we were getting a little too excited, but I was WINNING. How can you not be excited about that? =)

We stayed for a while then Nikki and I decided we'd had enough and wanted to go home. We decided walking home would be a good idea, and started on our way...drinks still in hand. We didn't make it very far as boy upstairs had just arrived at the bar and Karen called summoning us back. Thus, we walked back, said hi to boy then decided we had definitley had enough and hitched a ride home with Laura.

Arriving finally at our beloved apartment, Nikki grabbed a box of Wheat Thins and we sprawled oursleves out on the kitchen floor, discussed life, and tried to work through Nikki and Ryan problems. We came to no drunken conclusions.

After our discussion I pulled myself up, drunk called Tara, then did my typical vomit after a night of drinking these days. Ugh, what happened to the girl that could hold her alcohol. She DEFINITLEY does not exist anymore =(

So after one adventurous Wednesday evening, I'm paying the consequences on this Thursday morning. I dont' want to be at work, I want to be home in my bed, cuddling up to a movie, and falling asleep.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FINALLY a phone call.

After graduation I was finding my job search to be very unsatisfying. Everywhere I applied wanted experience, not schooling. Sure the BA degree that I had was my first ticket in, but apparently the career training I had was not good enough. This is sort of why I ended up back in Wisconsin. But I kept my head high, and applied with hundreds of different companies, hoping just one would take a chance on me. I had no such luck.

But then today, at 4:23, I get a phone call.

Claire's Boutiques, headquartered in the Chicagoland area, had finally called me back and want to set up an interview with me. That only took what, 6 months? While my initial application there was refused almost immidatley, they must have kept my resume on file because a position has opened and they want to talk to me about it. ME!

I'm very excited.

No Kill Woes

My parents recently sold their house. Yes their big, beautiful piece of real estate will no longer belong to The Andersons, and will instead be entitled to The Fitzpatricks, as of October 3, 2005. I was sad about the recent sale, after all it is a gorgeous house, but it never really was my home so the sentimental value of the house never really existed with me. The sadness came, when I realized I'd have to get rid of my two dogs, and two cats, which my parents had been taking care of for me until I was able to find an apartment that allowed for me to have a shelter in my living quarters.

As my parents were forced to move out of their house, they were also forced to find temporary living, until they could re-build or move permanently. After a few weeks of looking, they were finally able to find a place, with the only problem being it did not allow pets, of ANY kind.

We instantly found homes for my two pugs, Cooper and Farley, as apparently everyone in the town of Burlington, and the surrounding 47 states wants a pug. I cried as I said goodbye to them but knew they were going to a good home. We had a bit more trouble finding homes for our two cats however, and as we are now down to the wire on finding a home for them, we decided to call a No Kill animal shelter, to see if they would be willing to find a home for them.

I researched a few today, and found one in Kenosha that sounded like a friendly, caring home to put our cats. I called St. Francis and was immidiatley greeted by a very unfriendly woman. I ignored it however, as she may have just been having a bad day. I kindley asked her for more information about their shelter, because I had two cats that I wanted to bring to them. She stopped me mid-sentence and snapped out a "why?" to which I responded that the apartment we were moving into did not allow pets. Her response made me cry and hang up the phone:

"NO. You just didn't care enough about these animals to find a home for them. You went ahead and found an apartment not thinking about the cats that you decided to just toss them out on the road that a bunch of garbage that you...."
I hung up and cried. How DARE she pass such judgment on me. She knows NOTHING about me, or my stance on animal care and cruelty. I'm a HUGE animal lover. I won't even willingly step on an ant!! That whole saying "wouldn't hurt a fly", seriously..I wouldn't! And what's worse, is it's her JOB to work at a place where unfortunatley people unresponsibly drop of their unwanted animals simply because they don't want the hassle anymore. If she believes so strongly about it, she should NOT be working there. It's unprofessional and cruel. Why would you work someplace you disagree with?
Completely bothered by the entire situation, I decided to write an email. It was satisfying, even though I know they'll probably just delete it right away. But I feel better knowing that it's out there.
I have NEVER in my life been treated the way I was treated by a member of your staff when I called about 5 minutes ago. How DARE you judge me and say such cruel things without knowing my situation or where I come from.

I am a HUGE animal lover. I recently moved up here from Chicago and while living down there for four years I donated time and money, 10 hours a week to the local no-kill animal shelter. They were respectful individuals, worthy of my time and efforts.
(I exaggerated here just a little)

When the choice came to find a loving home for my cats, and the emergency needed to vacate my current establishment came, I tried every option to find them a home. I was successful with my two dogs, but had little success with my cats. However, knowing how compassionate and caring the shelter in Chicago was, I figured my last option would be to hand them over to a shelter that would care for them, until a home could be found. Therefore, I called your establishement and have never been more horrified with humanity.

I fear that with such hatred in your employees, these animals are not being cared for the way they deserve to be cared for. Your company does not deserve to hold the name "St. Francis".

You can hold your cruel judgements, it's your right as an American. But in a place of business those judgements are disrespectful and unprofessional.

I was hoping to frequent your socity and donate my time and money in exchange for your help with my two cats for a few months while I found a permanent place. Unfortunatley I cannot subject myself to such a place.

I hope you reconsider your approach to individuals that are looking for a home for their animals. Because the next person that calls isn't going to just keep trying, like I will. They'll just let their animals free in the world. And they'll have you to blame for their ultimate death.

Welcome Christi

I am by no means am a novice blogger. I've gone through my "online journal" phases first through, then, and now graduating to a more mature looking setup:

I don't have some cute theme to go by such as : "blonde moments" or "tales from a fishbowl", all I have is my life. But hopefully it'll be enough to spark some conversation or maybe even strike some controversey once in a while.

So without further adue, an introduction.

I am 23 years old currently residing on the East Side of Milwaukee. I'm a recent graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago campus, where I majored in Merchandising Management with a concentration in Fashion and show production. I always had career aspirations of moving away from this lovely state of Wisconsin and becoming bigger and better in a larger, more trendy city. But upon graduation I found my hopes of moving to New York City stalled a bit, and I wound up living in Milwaukee.

I can't complain though. I have two great jobs that keep me really busy. I am currently working full time for my mom at Christy's Bridal in Burlington, Wisconsin (yes, named after me) where I was hired on as her merchandise and marketing manager. So what do I do on a daily basis...I sell dresses. Welcome to retail. But when I'm not selling dresses I'm creating new marketing techniques for the store to get our name out there, and the customers coming in. I'm also in charge of all the advertising that the store does, including research and implementation of such campaigns, as well as visual displays, employee management, and product purchase. It's a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I don't hate my job. I actually rather enjoy it.

On slow days at the salon I am able to focus on preparations for my OTHER job with Innovative Events out of Rockford, Illinois. Caroline, the owner, hired me on as a freelance event coordinator to concentrate on corporate events and fashion accounts. In the mean time though, she is giving me experience by allowing me to produce a number of fashion shows for her bridal expos she puts on. She has also entrusted me with an entire show being held in West Dundee, IL on January 10, 2006. My first "baby" if you will. What does it entail? Selling vendor booths (20 to break even, 50 to make a substantial profit), researching charities for possible donations, getting sponsors, advertising campaigns, fashion show coordination, meetings, phone's a lot of work, but I'm loving every second of it.

I'm pretty busy with work, but I manage to make time for fun. I love to dance. That sweat on your lower back, panting with excitement type of dancing. I love just going out and letting loose. I don't go out to rub up against some boy, in hopes of producing a small child on the dance floor. I go out to unwind, to let go, to dance my ass off.

I'm loving being close to family, my friends, my girlfriend, and people that know my name.

Welcome to my life.