Friday, December 30, 2005

Congratulations Mrs. Haggerty =)

I just finished my first complete wedding, and I left with a tear in my eye. There is something so absolutely unforgettable about seeing a bride, hours before she walks down the isle to say "I do". The glow in her face, the love in her eyes, and the excitement running throughout her body is a moment I am thankful I am able to share in. Regardless of what happens in the coming years, for that moment she is completely in love. I get to share in that moment. It's beautiful.

Kasey was one of our first brides here in the store. In fact, she came in weeks before we officially opened the doors, purchasing her dress long before we had any sort of inventory system established. But she found "the one", and we were thrilled for her!

As the months went on, we saw Kasey more and more as she purchased her bridesmaids dresses from us, and finally her tuxedos. From the fittings to the phone calls I was able to share in one of the most important times in her life. Throught these 8 months I was able to watch her grow into a wife. From seeing her moments after her engagment as a frazzled college kid, to seeing her moments before she walked down the isle as a mature, sophisticated woman. I was able to share in it all.

As I arrived at St. Charles church today at 2:00 pm I opened the door to see Kasey standing before me, in the veil she purchased from my shop, smiling so brilliantly. We hugged instantly, did a little "I'm getting married" dance, then proceeded into the back room to get her dressed. After 15 minutes, her dress was laced, the bridesmaids were dressed, and the tuxedos were delievered. My part in her wedding was over.

We hugged goodbye one last time and I said "Goodbye Mrs. Haggerty" to which she began to tear up saying "Thank you for everything you've done. You've made it all absolutely wonderful". I wished I could stay, as we were invited to the wedding/reception, but I had to get back to work.

I left the church, shared a tear myself, and drove back to the store. She looked so beautiful, and she was so in love.

My first wedding is complete. I can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas '05 Recap

I cannot believe that it's over. Christmas came and went faster than any year in the past and I fear that it's only going to gain momentum as the years progress. I cherish this season so much, and it's over faster than I know how to handle.

It was an eventful couple of days that's for sure. Erin and I started off the season with our traditional "Christmas Eve, Eve" in which we have a few drinks, exchange presents (she got me some really yummy smelling candles and a Starbucks gift card) and drive the streets of Candy Cane Lane. I look forward to it every year (although this was only our second year doing it). After our little Christmas tradition, we swooped by her apartment and picked up Dave, and headed out to Mantra for some drinks with the Bistro kids. It was a fun night, the music was lame, but I was entertained anyway. Dave, Erin, and I left around 1:30 to grab some late night/early morning breakfast and then I headed back to my apartment...only to be awoken at around 4:00 by a very drunk Nicky wanting to exchange Christmas gifts =)

Christmas Eve was spent at my Aunt Linda's house. It's my favorite night of the entire year. My mom and I showed up wearing our Santa Baby Christmas outfits, which were the hit of the evening that's for sure! The days festivities included pictures with my cousin's new baby, toe nail painting in my Aunt's heated floored bathroom, a tearful dinner, a cozy movie session to Charlie Christmas Christmas, a fabulous gift opening (my Uncle got me a Best Buy gift card and a slinky he he), and a loud obnoxious game of Scattegories.

Christmas Day we woke up to Santa's presents which included: new curtains for my apartment, bath stuff (a TON of it), a ton of gift certificates, a new digital camera, an I-Dog, Pajamas, a few DVD's, a book, a bunch of stuff from Sephora (my favorite store EVER), and a kick-ass bracelet/necklace thing. Oh and who could forget my ring from Tara!! After present opening we headed to my Aunt Miki's house for my Dad's side of the family Christmas.

It was a truly joyous holiday and I'm sad to see it go =( This week at the store will now be spent tearing down the Christmas decorations and prepping the store windows for New Years. *sigh* 362 days to go until next year!!!!

Happy Holidays All!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

So THIS is Christmas Season in the Bridal Industry

I always know that I've been slacking on my blog updates when I receive a little message in my email inbox saying "Time for an update", signed always with love by my dear friend Erin. It's nice to know someone's always around to keep you in line =)

Things have been extremely slow here at the store. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the last thing on most bride's minds is not a wedding dress purchase. Unfortunatley for us, this means no business! In this period of customer drought, I have managed however, to keep myself busy as I have three shows to prepare for in January as well as a Fashion Team to keep motivated!

Our first Fashion Team agenda was to shoot a commercial to be aired at the Plaza Theatre here in Burlington, WI. I enlisted the help of Hair Works Salon here in Burlington to do the hair for our shoot and I was thrilled that they were willing to provide a free service, in exchange for a mention in our commercial. Thus at 3:00 on Thursday, 20 of my girls headed to the Salon for their Prom updos, and I met them at the WinTV Media station at 5:30 to go over wardrobe assignments.

The shoot went better than I could have expected! The girls were so excited to be helping out and the energy really was portrayed in the shots we got. I turned on some music to help keep the mood light and fresh and instructed the girls to just "have fun". The shots Jim got were great, and I'm excited to head back this week to oversee the editing process with him.

Oh! I just realized many of you may not know what my Fashion Team is! I sought after 25 girls from the local area high schools, to help me in a number of promotional activities for Christy's Bridal and our Prom lines. Activities they'll be helping me out with include advertisement, distribution, mailing lists, and of course...modeling. We meet about twice a month and discuss different marketing techniques as well as go over their required assignments for the month. So far it's been working out really well. The girls are great!

The rest of my weekend was pretty low key. Saturday Tara and I celebrated Christmas together by having dinner at Benihanas, and then a few drinks at The Pint in Milwaukee. It was a bust, as it most always is, so we opted for an evening back at my apartment.

And the work week returns but I'm already anxiously awaiting my three day weekend. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm a freak!

"Tara, we need to leave right now". That was how I responded last night to a few gun shot sounding noises in the distance, some flickering lights in the air, and the sound of planes flying overhead. Without a question asked, she obliged to my cry of distress and followed behind as I pulled her out of the apartment, still trying to put on her shoes.

Let me start at the beginning.

I am a chronic worrier. Most anybody that has followed my blog writings, or that knows me pretty well knows this sad fact. It's never really affected my day to day activities, aside from the occasional breakdown (please refer to my New York Post for an example of said breakdown), and has thankfully remained an inner struggle. Occasionally though, the inner struggle manifests itself in the form of irrationality, and those around me are just forced to go along with it. Such is the case, last night.

The night started out very chill and relaxed. After watching a bit of "Titanic" we decided to put the DVD on pause, and spend an hour or so catching up on our reading (I needed to finish reading "Wicked" and she had some class assignments to read). In the quiet and stillness of her apartment, I began to focus my attention on a strange sort of banging noise, coming from the woods behind her apartment. Knowing that the railroad tracks run right behind her apartment complex, I assumed the noise was from the train yard and ignored the interuption. As the banging continued however, I became increasingly curious as to what was making such a ruckus, and decided to investigate the situation further.

I opened the door to listen a bit closer, and was surprised to find that the noises were not coming from the train tracks, but from the distance and sounded more like gun fires, not train yard happenings. I called for Tara to come listen who simply told me to "Shut the door, you're letting all the heat out!", indicating my cue to stop being ridiculous, that there were no gun shots outside her apartment. I humored her for the time being, shut the door, and resumed my spot on the couch.

Worry, began to set in. I knew right away where this was going, and it was nowhere pleasant.

As the sounds outside her apartment rang in my ear, I found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything other than the gun shots (read: noises probably attributed to fireworks or something similar and very unthreating). I quickly threw my shoes back on, and headed for the porch only this time finding that the gun shots were accompanied by sounds of planes in the distance (note: she lives next to Midway Airport) and bright blinking lights across the horizon. My heart began to pound as I assured myself that we were in fact being attacked, and we needed to get out of there NOW!

I ran into the apartment, grabbed Tara, and we piled into the Cabby. Tara wondered where exactly I had planned for us to go, if in fact we were being attacked, but I figured anywhere was better than being in her apartment just waiting for them to blow up her building and kill us! I drove around Oak Creek for a few minutes to assess the situation and hopefully catch a glimpse of these enemy aircrafts that were trying to take over the city/THE UNITED STATES!!! (I wasn't lying when I said I am a chronic worrier). When it hit me that I had just freaked (like usual) over nothing, I looked over at Tara, smiled, and apologized for being such a freak. There was obviously NOTHING going on, and the city was safe.

She laughed and said "It's okay honey. Someday you'll probably save our lives because of it". She was such a trooper. Just following along behind me, being as supportive as she could be to a completely irrational woman. I bought her ice cream to apologize and she just quietly ate it, without ever making me feel stupid or making me feel as though I had inconvenienced her with my worries.

We arrived back at the apartment once I was sure that Oak Creek was not in fact under attack, and laughed a bit more about the entire situation. I'm a freak. I know this. At least people love me because of it =)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Looking back on 2005

1. What did you do in 2005 that you'd never done before? Graduated college, flew to New York by myself, moved to Milwaukee, and joined a book club

2. Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Last year my resolutions were as follows: be honest with myself...YES!, Eat better...ABSOLUTLEY NOT, Drink More Water...NO!, Spend less time worrying about things I have no control over...HA HA HA NO! Okay so I didn't do too well last year. For next year I really want to focus on both my mental and physical health. I'm a true believer in the mind's power over the body. Healthy mind. Healthy body. This is what I'm going to strive for =)

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Rosy had a baby boy and my step cousin Angela had a baby girl!

4. Did anyone close to you die? No but I did have to get rid of my piggies =(

5. What countries did you visit? I didn't leave the US at all this year =(

6. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005? Emotional stability. This year was rough for me in terms of finding my place in this world. For some reason I have the misconception built into myself that I need to have my life planned out by the time I graduate.

7. What date from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory? January 2nd

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? I graduated college

9. What was your biggest failure? I was a little bummed out that I didn't get the job at Claire's.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? No injuries, but I was sick a lot this year. Ugh I need to start eating better!

11. What was the best thing you bought? I honestly can't remember buying anything really spectacular this year?!

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? Tara's, she got two MASSIVE raises within a six month period AND went back for her MBA. And I'm going to go with Dave and Eric for finally popping the question as well =)

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? People annoyed me on occasion, but I wouldn't say anyone made me feel appalled or depressed.

14. Where did most of your money go? GAS and Jimmy Johns

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? My 23rd birthday, our New York trip, dancing with the girls, finally hanging out with Nat, Tara moving to Milwaukee, Jamaica (although it never happened)

16. What song/album will always remind you of 2004? "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" only because every time I hear it now I think of Erin and I driving up to Minneapolis busting out fiddle moves down I-94.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you: i. Happier or sadder? HAPPIER ii. Thinner or fatter? I think I'm thinner, that's what people tell me anyways. iii. Richer or poorer? richer, I was pretty broke around this time last year.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Cooked instead of eating out so much

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Drinking so much Diet Coke.

20. How will you be spending Christmas? Since my parents sold their house we'll have Christmas Eve with my mom's side at her sisters house (It's my favorite night of the year) and then Christmas Day we'll probably go to my dad's sister's house in Madison.

22. Did you fall in love in 2005? I made it known that I was in love this year yes.

23. How many one night stands in this last year? NONE!

24. What was your favorite TV program? I RARELY watched TV, but Tara got me hooked on her Queer as Folk DVD's and oh yeah, I liked Laguna Beach.

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Nope

26. What was the best book you read? The Devil Wears Prada

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? I've never been good at that whole "musical discovery" thing. I'm pretty mainstream when it comes to my music

28. What did you want and get? A new IPod

29. What did you want and not get? A Seal Coat Himalyan Kitten

30. What was your favourite film of this year? War of the Worlds was GREAT!

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I turned 23 and the night before my birthday my parents, brother, and Erin came down to Chicago and we all went out to eat at "The Green Dolphin" then Erin and I went out dancing. It was a GREAT night! The next night Tara came down and she made me a cake, and sang happy birthday to me then we went out for Cajun at Heaven on 7. YUMMY! It was one of my best birthdays.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? If I would have had a job right after graduation.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004? comfortable and coordinated

34. What kept you sane? Bubble baths, and the drives in the Cabby.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you like the most? I'm not really into the whole celebrity idealist thing.

36. What political issue stirred you the most? I don't really follow politics, but I do remember getting riled up about the accusations regarding the Hurricane relief.

37. Who did you miss? EVERYONE

38. Who was the best new person you met? Emily and Nikki

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005: You cannot measure your own personal standards, against those of someone else.

Monday, December 05, 2005

A Holy Jolly Christmas

This first weekend in December brought in many holiday festivities for both myself, my friends, and my family.

Thursday I enjoyed my day off at Mayfair Mall, with my Aunt Linda, Cousins Bridget and Carol, and of course my mom. We met up bright and early for breakfast at 9:00 and then Christmas shopped all morning and afternoon. We even took a detour break for a plop on Santa's lap, and lunch at Panera. YUMMY!

At 2:00 my mom and I left the Koshick girls to head to Brookfield for our facial appointments at Azana Salon and Spa. We LOVE a good facial (we're becoming quite the connoisseurs). The salon is actually really great and we were pleasantly surprised that such a great facial came at such a reasonable price! We'll definitley be back.

After our facials, my mom and I parted ways and I headed to Target to purchase a few last minute Christmas items: Christmas Tree, a few ornaments, and of course some wrapping paper. I was then off to my apartment to spend the evening decorating my tree and wrapping my newly purchased presents. Ryan came down and helped me "fluff" the branches of my artifical tree and Nikki and Adam came strolling in a few minutes later with plans to head to the Hi-Hat for a martini or 2 (who could pass up THAT invitation). I finished putting the finishing touches on my tree, then headed to meet up with them for a Martini which quickly turned into one martini, one lemon drop shot, and a bottle of Spotted Cow.

Strolling back to our apartment, Nikki and Karen helped me to decorate the tree (keep in mind, they're Jewish) while Adam showered, and within an hour we had the tree decorated and we were ready to head out again for the night.

I got up Friday with a bit of a hangover, but had to put on my "A-Game" quickly as there was much to do back in Burlington that day. It was December 2nd, the day of the Burlington Area Christmas Parade, and Christy's Bridal had float number 35 to assemble. My dad spent the morning drilling and hammering, while my mom and I dressed the manequins and fluffed the trees. We closed down the shop at 5:00, pre-partied in the salon with some champagne and hot cocoa and whiskey, then dressed and headed down to Kane street to line up.

It was REALLY cold outside but the adrenaline of the parade kept us all really warm (plus I'm sure the whisky helped). At 6:30 the parade began to move, Steve and I hopped onto the float while Patty and my mom walked (read: sprinted) alongside the float handing out candy to the little mittened hands along the parade route.

Steve and I danced the night away but unfortunatley half way through the parade we lost power, including our music. We improvised though, and laughed while we danced to nothing but the hoots and hollers from the crowd.
Saturday was a very much needed recovery day, as can be expected, I was CHILLED to the bone after being outside in the freezing cold in nothing but a wedding dress (and a few layers). Due to the snow I was stuck in Burlington, so I spent the evening watching Christmas movies with my mom, and relaxing in a hot, HOT bath.

Sunday came, and my parent's apartment was filled with people by 10:00. It was time for our anual Christmas cookie baking get together. The girls bake, while the kids decorate (I get to be included in the kids portion of the get together) and about 6 hours later I left with 4 plates full of FABULOUS cookies. I love cookie baking time =)

You'd think with a festive weekend such as mine I'd be a little burnt out on the holiday season but I'm most definitley not. The ground is white, the lights are bright, and music is still magnificent! I'm cheerful as ever and am looking forward to the coming weeks.

St. Nick comes tonight everyone! Horray! =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Week for Reunions

It's been an odd week. A week full of long-time reunions, and chit-chat with old best friends. They've been completely unexpected reunions, but worthy none-the-less. I've missed my old friends, and all of our old memories. It's comforting to know that no matter what happens, they're all still there. And for the most part we can all pick up where we left off many many years ago.

The week started off Wednesday night as a bunch of my old High School friends came over to my parent's apartment for some pre-bar drinks and some catching up. For most of us it had been a year since we'd seen each other, so of course there was much to catch up on. I mean ROSEMARY just had a BABY!!! HELLO! The girls stood in the kitchen and talked up a storm, while the boys sat in the living room watching the game until it was time to head out to the bars, a typical tradition in the Burlington area the night before Thanksgiving.

The Brickyard offered up some yummy shots, some cheap drinks, and a night of dancing and more old friends. I was even offered up an apology from a very old friend for apparently hitting on my boyfriend Freshman year of High School. Hmmmm =) In the past, I'm over it!

Pictures from the evening!

I woke up the next morning with quite the hangover, but with a huge smile on my face because of the amazing time I had just had with everyone. I truly, truly missed them all!

Thanksgiving was great, I got to see my Uncle David (my dad's Identical Twin) so that was a plus, and as always the food was fantastic.

Then, Tuesday (this morning) rolled around and I found myself back in Burlington, at White Fox Den, having breakfast with my three grade school best friends. GRADE SCHOOL! They sure hadn't changed at all. Beth was still immature Beth, Carrie is still mature mommy Carrie, and Jenny will forever be that excentric non-stop talker. I'm heading out for drinks tonight with Carrie and Beth which I'm very excited about. I just can't believe that in one week I've reconnected with so many old friends. Of course we've all vowed to not let so much time pass between visits again, but who knows where life will take us all in the next 8 or 9 years. I'm just happy for this week. They've all held special places in my heart, even through all these years.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Premature Spirit

I'm a Christmas spaz. I'll be the first to admit that about myself. EVERYTHING about the season makes me so incredibly happy. The snow, the lights, the wrapping of the presents, even the scrooges of the season add joy to my life. When the Christmas season is in full swing I laugh a little louder, smile a bit bigger, and hug a bit harder. I'm just full of love and cheesy as that may sound.

But the spaz does have limits. Limits like: NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING. That's a biggie =) And I refuse to put up my Christmas tree/obnoxious Christmas decorations (I'm sorry Nikki!!) until Thanksgiving is gone and overwith. A spaz I may be, but impractical I am not. I just think we get ahead of ourselves sometimes, and don't take time to induldge in the full spirit of the Holiday. It's coming sooner and sooner every year as the stores start putting their stock our well before Halloween has even broken, causing people to Christmas shop earlier and earlier to get a "head start" on the purchasing process. All the while missing the...cheezball line coming...true spirit of it all. It's sad.

I broke my limit Thursday night though when Erin (my best friend) and I decided to head downtown for the Milwaukee Lights Festival. I know I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and here we were celebrating Christmas but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. We walked down to the Marquette park around 7:00, linked arm and arm, skipping and singing the Laverne and Shirley theme song, to keep ourselves warm. Yes, we're big cliche dorks =) For about an hour once we got there, we wandered in the freezing cold drinking free hot chocolate, eating free cookies, and laughing at the people taking pictures in the faux snow globe set up. People are so weird =) It may have all been a bit premature, but it sure did put me in the mood. The dancing, and the lights, and the FIREWORKS kept me smiling through the night, even while I shivered with cold. I wish everyone could feel like that...all the time!

I still refuse to turn on 99 WMYX and subject myself to their "All Christmas, All The Time". I won't break on that =) But you can bet that come November 25, I'll be jamming in the Cabby to "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey and Harry Conick will be on repeat in the changer. Ahh Christmas. You're almost here.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Knott

I'm sure many of you newly engaged/married women out there are familiar with a website called The Knot ( For any of you that aren't, it's a website devoted to brides and all that nonsense associated with a wedding. Basically, it's a great big bridal cult where many brides spend hours a day talking on and on about their wedding. =)

As you can tell, I am obviously not a fan....probably because I'm nowhere near getting married. Or because, I'm just not that girl.

But I am an advertiser on the site, as I know that THOUSANDS of brides register every day. We've done really well with the site, mostly due to our Essense of Australia line, which brides are just LOVING, so it's been worth the absurd amount of money they charge. The steady stream of phone calls, emails, and dress purchases resulting soley from our Knot advertising/listing has managed to keep us afloat =)

And then today Essense of Australia, one of our vendors, faxed us over a news release stating that The Knot had named one of Essense's silk gowns in their top 50 Wedding Gowns. It was actually number 3!! I'm so excited! The knot is like the Oprah Winfrey of the bridal industry. If it has The Knot approval, brides will flock. I'm so excited. I've been waiting for Essense to be discovered because they're just so unique and fabulous, and the fabrics are really great! I'm very excited for Essense's big break and our hopeful future success as a result =)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Like many people, the Christmas season's approach fills me with so much excitement and joy. The glittery lights, the youthful laughs of children, the sound of bells ringing through the air, and the thick blanket of snow that we're graced with at least once a year is something I look forward to and truly enjoy when it all arrives. Everything about the season puts a smile on my face.

Every year I find it hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to begin the holiday festivities. Putting up my decorations, putting in one of my favorite christmas movies, and listening to my favorite Christmas CD's top off my list. My mom has a very similar problem, and as we plopped in front of the TV the other night, we both decided upon "Elf", knowing that it was probably a bit premature to be watching it, but I was more than thrilled!

It's seriously my all-time favorite movie. Not only because Will Ferrell is probably the most hilarious man on the planet, but because I realized that I am more like Buddy than I ever realized. He's adorably naive to the troubles in the world, and believes that all anyone ever needs is to sing to make everything better. He hops through crosswalks, spins through revolving doors, and finds joy in the most minute aspects of life. He's simplistic and happy. Very much like me.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A One Year Milestone

It's been since September 6, 1997 that I have celebrated a one year anniversary, however a serial dater I am most definitley not. I've had "long" relationships thrown in there: 6 months, 7 months, 11 months. But for one reason or another, we never made it to the coveted one year mark.

But here I am, November 5th 2005, celebrating my one year anniversary. I arrived at work today to a huge bouquet of red roses and have maintained a perma-smile the entire morning thus far.

As I said it's been a while since I've done the whole one year anniversary thing, so I was a little stumped as to what I was supposed to do for it. Do I buy jewelry, do I spend a lot of money, do we just go out to dinner? Of course my analytical mind contemplated senario after senario and stressed out about the deal for a while actually, but I think I've come up with something adequate. If anything, meaningful =)

Regardless of the gift, after one year I am at my happiest and feel so lucky to have someone so wonderful.

After one year, I still love her more than day one. And it's all because:

When we fight, she doesn't try to demean me. There will never be a "one up" competition between the two of us. I never feel hurt.

She's loud and obnoxious in the morning, and pleasantly chipper.

She loves her niece and nephew more than anything in the world.

She's been through some rough stuff in her life, and never once has she blamed the world for her misfortune. She remains upbeat, and positive. A true emotional role model.

She's way hot when she plays short stop

She's adorably shy

She cowers at the sound of yelling

She thinks Queer as Folk is real life

She stutters when she gets excited

and because she loves me.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Four for Friday

Q1 - Halloween: Did trick-or-treater's come to your house this year? If so, approximately how many came by? Was this year's number higher or lower than you've had in previous years, and what did you give them?

Honestly, I would not know if trick or treaters came to my apartment. I doubt that they did. The area of downtown I live in isn't exactly known for it's family environment. We may have gotten the occasional bum asking for spare change, but definitley no trick or treaters. Although, I was MIA from Milwaukee that weekend so I'd have to consult with the roomy just to be sure.

Q2 - Allergies: Do you have allergies? If so, what are you allergic to? If you're not allergic to anything, is there anything you wish you were allergic to?

I actually have no known allergies. I watched Tara last weekend suffer through a night of burning eyes and an itchy, runny nose because of Karnitz's cats and it definitley doesn't look fun at all! Although, I always wanted to be allergic to something just so I could sneeze a lot. I love sneezing =)

Q3 - Organic Food: The organic food market in the United States is projected to reach a value of $30.7 billion by the year 2007. According to one recent report, close to 40 percent of the U.S. population now uses organic products on a daily basis. Are you included in that 40 percent figure... do you intentionally buy organic foods or drinks? If so, what are you buying? If not, why?

Um...have any of your broke 20 somethings out there ever tried to purchase organic food? It's ungodly expensive! I like the idea of all natural, but my budget definitley cannot afford it right now.

Q4 - Television: Which TV shows from the past would you like to see back on television and why?

Rainbow Bright for sure! It was just such a happy cartoon! I really used to like Perfect Strangers too though, and Ned and Stacy. Does anyone remember that show? It was pre-Will and Grace starring Debra Messing =)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Ramblings

I dyed my hair =) Every so often (okay more like every few months) I feel the need to drastically change my hair. Sort of a hair ADD issue. I've been from blonde, to brown, to brown with blonde, to blonde with brown, and (It looks very tame in this picture). I went in yesterday with intentions of leaving with a flaming head, but Shelly talked me out of it saying I would probably hate the outcome. Instead, she insisted going with a more Auburn color, to which we added stark Red to add more of a dramatic appeal to it. I'm pretty much in love =) Of course the ladies at Exclusiva Hair Design were impressed with the turnout (cut AND color) and insisted on taking pictures of Shelly's artwork for the store portfolio. While my 'do may be expensive, it's worth every penny. I don't think I could ever entrust anyone else other Shelly with my hair.

I just joined a book club and have to read "The Secret Lives of Bees" for our first meeting. Is it cheating if I get the book on CD to listen to on my hour commute to work?

I recently discovered last night that VH1 has put out a THIRD installment of "I Love The 80's" to which I willingly sat in front of with my Jimmy John's sub to indulge in some reminising. During the 1988 segment, the funny characters of the show discussed Unsolved Mysteries and I was stunned to hear that many people thought it was real, much like I had when I was little!!! I remember thinking as I watched it as a child "Why don't they put down the camera and help these people?!". Yes, a bit nieve but I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one who thought such nonsense! (Although I have a feeling they were being sarcastic in their statements as the acting really was truly horrible).

A cute old lady just came storming into the store terrified that she may have hit a dog. She was stopping traffic in the road trying to get people to stop for this little dog seemingly lost and scared in the middle of our busy street. I told her it's the neighbor dog and it often wanders the streets around here. I've tried to catch it myself a few times and save it from it's obvious potential doom, but it just scampers off. There's nothing that can be done (except put your damn dog on a LEASH!). But she was so cute and worried about the little rascal. Love old people...and dogs =)

I have to go to the DMV after work today and update my license but I now have red hair. What hair color do I put on my license?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kept me Laughing

Okay, so I've been forwarded this email probably once a year for many years now and everytime I find myself laughing outloud. Mainly, because I can honestly see myself doing some of them =)

It reminds me of the time Ashley and I talked about driving to Summerfest on a rented moped, decking ourselves our in Harley gear, and parking in the Harley motorcycle parking lot of the festival grounds. All the while, strapping a sterio to the back of our bike playing motorcycle sounds to make us sound tough and keeping a straight face the entire time =)

Here's the "Keep yourself Sane" list:

At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down

Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice

Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with That

Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In"

Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone Has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch To Espresso

In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write "For Sexual Favors"

Finish all Your Sentences With "In Accordance With The Prophecy."

Don't use any punctuation

As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk

Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go."

Sing Along At The Opera

Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme

Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play Tropical Sounds All Day

When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream "I Won!, I Won!"

When Leaving The Zoo, Start Running Towards The Parking Lot,Yelling "Run For Your Lives, They're Loose!!"

Tell Your Children Over Dinner. "Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go"

Daily Update

I woke up this morning to a flat tire on the Cabby. Just frickin' great. On top of the flat tire, I have a break light that's out, and oil that needs to be changed. Just rack up the automotive bill. Lord knows I'm good for it! The good thing about knowing everyone in a small town is that the people are more than willing to go out of their way for you. So, thanks to the ever so generous boys at Lois Tire Shop, my car is being towed away from my parent's driveway at no extra charge to us and hopefully by the end of the day I'll have a fixed car, and a ride home to my deserted apartment.

I am of course here at the store again all day today, but I'm really looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I have intentions of shopping around the Brady street area, cleaning out my car, and finally getting to the DMV to update my license. Maybe I'll go get my hair cut/colored. It is after all about that time. I'm thinking red this time. I'm kind of excited for another drastic change =) I really should take the extra time to drive up to Madison to look at a few venues but another long drive just doesn't sound appealing to me, so I'm trusting internet pictures and recomendations from Madison area residents instead.

In the mean time, our Spring shipments are slowly coming in which I'm thrilled about! TONS of Prom dresses, TONS of Mother of the Day dresses, TONS of bridesmaids, a few more flower girls, and of course fabulous new bridal gowns. Oh and who can forget our new Victoria Lee, by Maggie Sottero, jewelry...FABULOUS! Needless to say I'm pretty busy updating inventory, merchandising the store, and getting everything put away where it's supposed to be. I also have to run to the printers and get my newsletter printed out for the store, return all these phone calls from event coordinators for my Madison show, and get the model lineup and show choreography started so that I have something to bring to my meeting with the hair and makeup! Staying busy keeps me happy =)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

I was a little nervous about this past weekend. As my week dragged on, I could not rid myself of my pounding headache and achey stomach, and was worried I may have to cancell Halloween this year. As Wednesday approached, I was able to pry myself away from my aromatherapy eye mask for a few hours and attend Erin's wedding tasting with her, although I wasn't much help in the "tasting" department as I was unable to eat much. By the time Thursday came, I was literally incapacitated (is that the right word?) with pain and had to cancel my first book club meeting, opting for my bed, a hot bath, and more advil. I was so excited for the weekend and was dissapointed that I may not be able to dress up after all. I absolutley love Halloween and for me not to participate was a very depressing thought. However, I awoke Friday morning feeling GREAT and drove to work excited about the upcoming weekend.

As with most things in my life, I procrastinated the Halloween costume purchasing, and resorted to driving around Waukesha at 3:00 that afternoon, in search of some cheap duds (I decided to be a farmer and attempted to make Tara be my cow). Goodwill had nothing, Kohls had nothing, nor did Target. I was feeling defeated. As I was about to drive home Tara called me and mentioned Fleet Farm (DUH!!) and I met her there 25 minutes later, where I found myself some adorably too big overalls and a flannel shirt. I felt a bit oompa loompa'ish but hell, it's Halloween!! I had bought Tara a cow costume on a quick costume run with my brother on Thursday evening, but the costume didn't end up fitting (one size fits all my ass!) so the whole "farmer and cow" idea went down the tube. Oh well, I tried!

The drive to Green Bay went fast as my book on tape kept us very entertained and before we knew it, we arrived at our destination. The party was fun. Low key, with card playing is always a plus in my book. Karnitz busted out the beer bong and as the evening progressed she had somehow convinced me that whop in the beer bong is the way to go, something I regreted in the morning. Around 2:30 the party started to wind down. We threw in a pizza, mowed, then Katie, Tara and I retreated to the basement to pass out.

Saturday we spent the day eating and drinking, which is a cure for any hangover. Nic cooked breakfast then convinced us all that a trip to the bar for bloody mary's was in order (a diet coke for me). Katie kept us entertained with her frequent trips to the tattoo machine, purchasing carefully selected artwork for each of our bodies (an arm band for Tara, a pretty heart for my lower back, and a vivid design for her forearm), and of course the random things that come out of her drunk mouth: "I don't know, but if she dies I get all the shit in her storage bin!"(Katie on her dealing with the ex).

After a nap we were ready for a second go at the bar scene and decided to grab lunch and a beer (again diet coke for me) at a local pub. We played some darts, had some greasy, yummy burgers, then retreated home for a lounge out session in front of the TV. It was after all Halloween and I had yet to watch a scary movie.

By 9:30 we were itching to leave, and made our way to Sass for the Halloween show and costume contest. After a fantastic rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", a very naked man singing to "Rocky Horror Picture Show", and five girls dressed up as a big hand the music began and so did the dancing! Horray!

Yesterday we finally drove back to Milwaukee, and nursed our weekend hangover with three movies, some greasy pizza, and Kettle Korn. The perfect solution.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Those who can't Wed...plan!

I was going to wait until I had a few pictures to post about my weekend, but I suppose I can just post away without you needing to see another posed picture of myself right? =)

This weekend I spent in Minneapolis, Minnesota visiting Amanda, a friend of mine from High School (and also another one of Erin's bridesmaids). Erin and I drove up there Friday night for a girly weekend involving wine, gossip, and shopping...any girl's slice of heaven.

The drive up was a bit long but I found myself amused with many of the cows along the way =) We even saw two humping...ew!!! I love road trips and was eager to take in every site and opportunity for relaxation, at least until the dark came. We arrived at Amanda's around 8:30 and spent the remainder of the night catching up on life and drinking a little too much wine.

We woke up early Saturday morning, showered, and were out the door for our 10:00 appointment. The first place we went to was pretty upscale but decided to look around just for amusement anyways. Wouldn't you know it, we found a dress we all absolutley loved (who wouldn't?!). Vera Wang's been doing this for many, many years. It's only natural she'd have some fabulous dresses =)

We wanted to keep our options open though so we looked around at a few more places, but of course nothing compared to our Vera. We stayed amused by laughing at incompetent sales associates (that was THREE bridesmaids right girls?) and pondering life (what exactly IS the opposite of burn?). Finally, we reached our last salon and were litterally jumping up and down with excitement when we saw they had our Vera for us to re-try on. It was still fabulous so Amanda and I threw our credit cards it was no $260 thang =) After all, it's only once your best friend gets married, hopefully.

We celebrated our fabulous find with some cosmos (wine for Amanda) and dinner and went home only to pass out in front of the TV at 10:30. We're some crazy party girls let me tell you ;).

We got up early Sunday morning, went out to breakfast, and were on the road by about 10:30. The drive went much quicker than the way up there that's for sure, which is strange because usually the ride home is always the long one. We listened to a book on tape which definitley helped to pass the time, and were able to take in ALL of the beautiful autumn sites as the sun never left. I love road trips!! Have I mentioned that yet?

It was back to work on Monday and the store was slow as usual. Yes it's true, I never get a break from bridal =) I did get offered an opportunity to work with a running Miss USA on a fashion event in Madison so I'm VERY excited about that. We've been corresponding for the past two days getting details underway so the extra time here at the store has been very worthwhile!

Today, I got a facial at my dad's spa. They just hired an aesthician (sp?...I'm too lazy to look it up) and they needed a guinea pig. DONE! It was fabulous. I love facials, they're the best! And now, I'm on a search to find Tara and I a Halloween costume for our party Friday, and get a hold of all my models for my fashion show and coordinate hair and dress nonsense. Planning, planning, planning. The life of Christi.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

Last night, Tara and I carved our pumpkins. Okay, actually we carved Christys Bridal's pumpkins, but it was still bonding time none-the-less. At the salon, being the visual manager ;), I change out the store windows weekly usually setting some story or theme. This month, in light of the autumn weather has quite rightly been our "autumn windows" in which we have adorned the windows with corn stalks, pumpkins, and champagne and ivory dresses. As halloween is approaching though, I wanted to add a bit of a kick and decided to carve out our decorative pumpkins to display in the evenings.

I'm pretty bad at carving pumpkins.

The goo inside was gross, my lines were crooked, and for some reason I could NOT push out the letters I was trying to carve (C.H.R.I.S.T.Y.S)!!! Tara laughed at my incompetence (I didn't think it was too funny) and decided to take over my mess for me, carving out PERFECTLY the rest of the letters (B.R.I.D.A.L). While she did that, I started on pumpkin number two and found the jack-o-lantern face to be much easier to carve and was pleased with the outcome. "Good job Christi".

We finished with three pumpkins, and a big mess on the floor but it was fun to be children again. Although, I remember the whole pumpkin carving thing being MUCH more fun when I was younger =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New York, New York

There is something about New York City that always makes me really sad to have to leave. Maybe it's the vastness of the city and how the tall buildings never seem to end, or maybe its the way that EVERYONE there seems to know how to dress (without being overly trendy). Then again, maybe it's just the fact that it's one of the greatest cities in the world with everything to offer a person. Whatever it is, I love it...I always have, and every time I go, it gets harder and harder to leave.

We flew out of General Mitchel Airport at about 4:30 on Friday afternoon. While the flight was supposed to take off at 1:25, the ongoing rainfall that the East Coast was experiencing hindered our flight plans and caused a bit of a delay. We occupied the time nicely though (as our family always does) cracking jokes, laughing hysterically at how funny we all thought we were, and competing against my dad in the USA Today's weekly Friday crossword puzzle. (Dad finished in about 15 minutes...Mikey, Mom and I had about 5 filled in). Yes, we're a bunch of dorks, but we have fun together.

The flight was surprisingly smooth and I was relatively calm (considering my intense fear of flying). It's not so much the "flying" that I'm scared of, it's more the falling to my ultimate death that frightens me. Yeah yeah, the odds are stacked WAY against me. But I don't care. It can happen to anyone. I am most certainly anyone.

So anyways, we arrived at LaGuardia airport in New York at around 8:00, grabbed a limo, and made the 20 minute commute to our hotel: The New York Helmsley on 42nd street. It was nice, but not nearly as nice as the W Hotel I stayed at when I went in May! The beds here were a little hard. We unpacked a bit, then went down to the hotel bar for a few drinks, some FABULOUS bar peanuts, and a wind-down session before heading to bed for the night. Of course we couldn't fall asleep without watching a movie first so we overpaid for a rental of "War of the Worlds" on our room television (ALL of us have already seen it mind you) and fell asleep.

Saturday morning we got up early, ordered room service, and were out the door by about 11:30. (We got distracted by Dodgeball on TV). My parents entrusted me with the directions and I decided taking the Subway around town was the best idea (and most cost efficient). I loathe feeling like a tourist so I lead my parents around the city for a few blocks, pretending like I knew what I was doing (I didn't). We finally had to stop and ask for directions on how to get to Ground Zero, which I hated doing, but the nice lady at Grand Central Station sent us in the right direction (I was half way right).

The E train took us right to where we wanted to go, and within minutes I was standing in front of what used to house two of the largest buildings in the country. We walked in awe around the now barren part of town, taking in the silence that the spot now held. It has been four years since the tragedy took place, and a lot of the surrounding areas have been rebuilt. But the stillness in the air is still alive and you can't help but let it overtake you. We were all silent for a while as we walked across the bridge. While I have to admit what I saw was exactly what I was expecting to see, I was not expecting for it to feel so "dead" (I apologize for my tasteless word). As we made our way up to street level, there was a group of protestors in the area, protesting the government and the conspiracy that they say is 9/11 (ie: it was all planned by the US). I have my issues with the government as well, and I do agree that there is a lot about the day that is just not "on", but this was a place where THOUSANDS of people lost their lives. And for whatever reason that may be, it was in innocense, and not to be undermined by these people. It was completely of course my brother made that known by getting into an argument with them. Boys! =)

From Ground Zero, we decided to walk northbound toward Canal Street, in search of some designer knockoffs. Yes, as a fashion major I should respect a designer's right to create without reproduction, and I absolutley do. But it's still fun to look right?! Some of them are really good!! For anyone that hasn't been to Canal Street in the city yet you're missing out on an experience. Block after block of little street lined shops carrying everything from handbags to CD's, watches to sweaters and everything in between all at extremely low, knock off prices. It's a market style shopping experience so it leaves a lot of room for bartering with the shop owners, allowing for some great deals to be made! My mom really wanted a fake Prada bag but I told her I would only let her buy one if it was a good knock off. None of this "Prado" stuff. We walked for a few blocks and were not finding anything worth purchasing. My mom had the idea of asking one of the random guys on the side yelling out "Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach" where to get these good bags. With that question we heard "Follow me" and were lead into one of the back rooms of the stores. Behind a small black curtain was any fashion girls dream come true!! Dior, Fendi, Prada, Coach, Chloe, you name it they had it! My eyes lit up as I purused the selection and couldn't help myself from purchasing an adorable pink Prada handbag for myself (my mom bought a matching tan one). We giggled as we left the back room only to find my dad and brother in a similar back room, purchasing a Movado watch. What rebels =)

We met up with Patty and Frank Canella a few minutes later and continued our shopping spree in Soho (my favorite NYC neighborhood) at Runway, my new favorite store. It's a European inspired store featuring high-fashion pieces with inspiration from Paris and Italy. The store associates were FABULOUS! The offered us champagne while we browsed and helped us put together amazing outfits. Our primary associate, Luke, is a celebrity stylist with clientel such as Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estevez! I'm not really star struck but it was cool thinking about the close connection. We all ended up scoring some pretty fabulous outfits, including my mom who walked out of there looking like a million bucks, AND 10 YEARS YOUNGER!!! I was very happy for her. She was beaming.

Shopping took up the majority of our day and we were running out of time. We all rushed back to the hotel to shower up quickly and get ready for our evening. By 5:30 we were out the door yet again, and on our way to the restaurant (I forgot the name). It was fabulous food though! Authentic Italian. We had some wine, some spinache stuffed Ravioli (AMAZING), and some other random pasta dishes courtesy of the chef. We then celebrated Dad's, Mom's and Frank's birthdays, and were on our way to the Monty Python Spamalot show in the Theatre District.

The show was at the Schubert Theater right in Times Square and was really a great show! The cast was amazing (Tim Curry, Sara Ramirez, David Hyde Pierce and many others) and the music was great! I just am unfortunatley, not a Monty Python fan. I think it's a little beyond my time. Or maybe after living in Britain for two months, I have no tollerance for their humor anymore! But my dad and my mom were rolling in laughter, and it was granted the 2005 Tony award for Best Musical, so they're doing something right! Plus not to mention, tickets are almost impossible to come by so we were very lucky that we got ours (we ordered them in February). As we left we saw Huey Lewis (from Huey Lewis and the News) and felt cool to be at a venue where the stars go =)

We spent Sunday touring around a bit more before we had to get on the plane. We went and saw the statue of liberty and the Empire State Building both of which I have seen but it's always good to go with people who haven't seen them. I love the "look at that" face =) At 3:00 it was time to say goodbye to New York and we loaded the limo to the airport.

Our flight home was again delayed, this time due to the wind. I was a bit crabby but made the most of my time there, trying to keep my mind off the short flight ahead of me. It was useless though. As my fear of the flight grew, my anxiety took over and irrational thoughts consumed me. Suddenly I wasn't thinking clearly and I became convinced my plane was going to be terrorized (by the man standing in front of me in line). As we finally boarded the plane I prayed that he would not be on my flight but instead found him to be sitting three rows in front of me. I tried to calm myself down but it was no use. As the plane pushed off from the gate I found myself in a complete panic. My brother tried to calm me down but it was no use. I was convinced he was going to kill us. As the plane lifted in the air I turned around to my mom and said "I have to tell someone, that man is going to kill us all". She laughed at my irrational behavior and said tried to assure me everything was going to be fine. She realized her words were not offering any comfort though so she got out of her seat to go wait in line for the front bathroom, and assess the situation herself. She came back with a positive report, saying the man that frightened me was listening to his IPod but I knew her scam and quickly noticed him talking to the man across from him. It was at this point I lost it (as if I had been composed before). In my head I saw these two conspirisizing to take down the plan and as the man in question turned around and looked at the plane I crawled in the back seat by my dad and threw my head on his lap, just as if I were 5 again. He rubbed my head and tried to get me to calm down. "Christi, I checked him out a couple of times before we got on the plane as well and I assure you there is nothing to worry about. There is NOTHING he can do. If he even thinks about standing up and starting anything he will have 10 guys all over him, including myself, so please try to calm down". My dad is one of the only people in the world who can get me to think rationally in a state of panic like that. He calmed me down, and we talked about this phobia I have. By the time I knew what was happening we were on the ground, safe...and I again began to cry.

I felt horrible!! I felt like such a terrible person. Here I was safe on the ground, and that guy was only trying to travel back home! He was absolutley harmless and here I was thinking these horrible things of him simply for the color of his skin! I wanted to run and give him a hug and apologize a million times over for being such a nieve asshole but I knew that wouldn't be such a good idea. I consider myself such a liberal, accepting person and yet I assume death because of association. My parents laughed at my emotions and I was finally able to laugh at my stupidity too. I have to say though, the experience was emotionally draining and by Sunday night, I was dead tired and passed out within a matter of minutes.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


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By this time tomorrow, I will hopefully be safely landed in New York City.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Weekend is FINALLY Over!


It started off with a friendly reunion on Friday night. At about 9:00 Katie Daniel came over to my apartment and we hit the streets of Burlington, to start things off. I forgot how much I love that girl!! There has always been such a connection between the two of us. That type of connection where no matter how much time has passed between us both, we can just pick up right where we left off, laughing and talking as if it were only yesterday we had seen each other. The goofiness on both our parts came out immidiatley and we found ourselve immersed in laughter and dancing for the rest of the night. We started things off with a few drinks at Johns Main Event and were able to catch up over a few Coronas (for me) and Wiskey sours (for her). Katie Daniel learned how to drink...who would have thought?! We started to tire of the scene at John's quickly and decided to bar hop through Burlington, in hopes of some fun.

No such luck.

We wandered to The Brickyard where as can be expected nothing was happening, then wandered towards Palm Gardens where again...nothing. Katie and I then looked at each other and almost simultaneously said "Lets go to Lake Geneva".

I was in heaven! Katie Daniel wanted to party..with me. Pretty sure I told her she needed to move back home =) I can't express enough how excited I was about the evening, how excited we both were to be the "Dynamic Duo" again. (Just go with old work nickname).

We drove to Champs, had a few jaeger bombs (my weakness), a few more beers, and danced our little butts off. Dave showed up a while later and we were able to catch up with another face from our past. The night was great! But after being mauled by men, we tired of Champs quickly and decided to wander to Hogs and Kisses to finish up the night with a few more drinks, and some more dancing.

At about 1:00 the three of us drove back to B-Town, headed up the old White Fox Den for some early morning eats, then parted ways. I sure do miss that girl.

The rest of my weekend was spent in Chicago, at the Bridal Trade Show at the Merchandise Mart. For three days I woke at 7, arrived home at 7 and shopped for everything under the bridal sun: bridal gowns, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, accessories, evening wear, tuxedos, flower girls and our largest purchase, PROM! Uy. Seriously, I went to bed last night dreaming of bridal gowns and seeing fashion show after fashion show running through my head!! I'm a little sick of it all. I'm glad to be back to where things can chill out for a while, although we nowhave about 200 different stock items to enter into our system. Welcome to my Tuesday.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Remembering the Marathon

Okay, this is the last one today..I promise!!!

As my mom and I are making preparations to head to Market this weekend, we were reminded that travel times may be delayed as this weekend is the Chicago Marathon. THE CHICAGO MARATHON. It's been a year already since I ran that!!! I couldn't believe it!

In remembering the marathon, i decided to head back through my Live Journal and bring up my post I created, the day after running it. The adrenaline was still pumping through my veins, and the victory I felt was alive as ever!

This is what I wrote

Post Number 3

It has been EXTREMELY slow here at the store today. Of course I haven't found that ability to be constructive with my time so I have spent the majority of my time here at work, browsing around the blogging world that exists on the internet today. Has anybody ever taken a few moments to really look at what's out there? There are some FANTASTIC blogs!!!

About a month ago, Erin introduced me to this site: It's like a big blogging cult. For any avid bloggers out there that have yet to visit Michele, you are missing out on a world of interesting and sometimes fascinating writing!! I highly recommend going there, introducing yourself, and letting the blogging world in!

I'll admit I'm not a HUGE Michele follower. After all, I'm a bit intimidated by the fine literary posters that frequent her site, and as I've been reminded of time and time again, I suck at writing...or at least spelling for that matter, so I would never embarrass myself by trying to keep up to par with these people. But I find myself there from time to time, usually when it's slow here at work, browsing through blogs and leaving my trail of comments. Throughout my travels today I discovered some GREAT blogs!!!

The first one I came across is The Alchera Project, which I became a member of instantly! It offers monthly writing assignments to get your creative juices flowing!

Via The Alchera Project I then stumbled onto The Daily Meme. Daily questions and quizzes...what could be better!!! This is my kind of site!

There are so many creative blogs out there I couldn't believe it! I was thrilled to have stumbled upon so many that I know I'll definitley utilize in the days/months/years to come. Sometimes I get bored and I really just want to write, but when your life is uneventful, what are you to blog about? These sites offer hundreds of inspirational ideas and they are just a copy and a paste away!

So, to pass even more unconstrutive time, here are a few questions courtesy of

Q: What are four (4) of your favorite words?
Sippy Cup
Estacionamiento (spanish for parking's just fun to say)

Q: What are four (4) things you hope to do this weekend?
Carve pumpkins
Go to excited!
See Katie f'n Daniel
Go out dancing (this is just something I always want to do though)

Q: What are four (4) things you wish you could do right now?
Go home
Go out dancing
Receive notice about this flippin' Visual Merchandising position
Sell a wedding dress

Q: What are four (4) things that turn you on?
Really good conversation

Q: What are four (4) things you know you can't do?
Rattle my tongue
Say the word Vagina
Beat Tara at darts

Q: What are your four (4) favorite things to do?
Dance (has anyone caught on to this yet)
Watch movies
Plan "things"..parties, shows, etc.
Long talks over red wine

Okay, I think I'm going to be productive now. The store could use a good cleaning! =)

Beautiful Things

Courtesy of The Alchera Project

Beautiful Sounds:

Wind blowing through the trees
Ocean waves
Traffic outside my window
Tara singing in the shower

Beautiful Smells:

Fresh flowers
Plastic innertubes
Morning breakfast cooking
Lavender/Vanilla fragrances

Beautiful Places I Have Visited:

Turtle Island in the Carribean
Hampstead Heath, England
Oahu, Hawaii
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
My mom's bridal salon

Beautiful personalities:

My dad: strong, dedicated, selfless
Erin: positive, brash, obnoxious
Tara: sensitive, shy, funny
My mom: independant, self-sufficient, caring
Gary: hard working, generous, flamboyant

Beautiful Moments:

Finishing the Chicago Marathon
Falling together
My first kiss
The first crisp, sunny, autumn day
A park bench, the Milwaukee night sky, and the feeling of being secure

Thoughts on Closure

In the study of human social interaction, closure is the perception of a conclusion to a relationship. The uses/meanings of the term are broad. It is often used in the contemporary United States to refer to the conclusion of a non-continuing romantic relationship, particularly in popular culture. - Wikipedia

My question is, is there a relationship out there that you have not yet received closure on, no matter how great the span of time or how absolutly definite the end of the relationship is? If so, what closure would you need?

ME: tears. I just want to know that it all mattered.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's no US Weekly cover, but it's a start!

Move over Jessica Simpson, step aside Jennifer Aniston, because there's a new girl making headlines in the media and her story has nothing to do with a recent breakup! This story is all about positivity, rejuvination, relaxation, and self-reflection. It's a story about a better you. Who is this girl causing a stir in Tinsletown Burlington?

Me of course!!

Today I became a moviestar was an anonymous body in my dad's national local cable television commerical for Euphoria Day Spa, his 100th new spa business venture. Fox WinTV arrived at the spa at 2:00 and during the grueling relaxing 6 month one hour filming my face back was prominently displayed for everyone the few select local B-Towners that actually watch the cable network, to see. It was a lot of fun. Getting free massages and mud rubs, what star girl could resist that! Plus with all the exposure I'm getting now, the autograph requests will be sure to be rolling in! I'll probably just be asked back a million times by my dad, since I'll obviously do it for free! So, to all the world local B-Towners keep your eye out for my shining face skinny back. I'll be the girl laying on the table.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Order One Up!

Martinis tonight at The Velvet Room!
Thank god, I need one ASAP!

Because talking about myself always puts me in a good mood =)

In the last 24 Hours have you...

1. Had sex: nope. I got the bed all to myself last night =)
2. Bought something: I bought a chai latte this morning, and some random things at the grocery store yesterday.
3. Gotten sick: Actually yes, SOMETHING is going around and leave it to me to catch it.
4. Sang: I sing every day!
5. Been kissed: Actually no!!! Tara where you at?! =)
6. Ate something: Of course. I'm a pig!
7. Felt stupid: Not stupid, just unsuccesful.
8. Talked to an ex: Monkey texted (is that the right past tense of that?) me last night.
9. Missed someone: definitley

Last person who....

1. Slept in your bed: ME of course!
2. Saw you cry: Tara
3. Made you cry: Tara
4. Went to the movies with: It was either Tara or my parents, I can't remember. They're my movie buddies though.
5. You went to the mall with: Myself. I had to re-buy my interview outfit. Grrr.

Have You Ever...
1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: That's the only time I'll say it.
2. Got in a fight with your pet: Awww, piggies =(
3. Been to California: A few times. I LOVE it!
4. Been to Mexico: Again, a few times. The Americanized cities are nice.
6. Been to Canada: Yup
7. Been to Europe: Of course!!!
8. Been to Bahamas: yes

1. Do you have a crush on someone: nope
2. What book are you reading now: The Devil Wears Prada which I just found out they're making into a movie with Meryl Streep playing Miranda!!! Horray!!!
3. Worst feeling in the world: losing someone you love
4. Future KIDS names: I'm not that girl. Ask me when they come.
5. Sleep with a stuffed animal: Not anymore
6. What's under your bed: One of those plastic storage containers with all of my scrapbook stuff in it.
7. Favorite sports to watch: Hockey for sure!
8. Location: of what?
9. Piercing/Tattoos: nose and ears/butterfly on my hip
10. Do you drink: About once a week
11. What are you most scared of right now:'ll never leave me
12. Where do you want to get married: I wanted to get married in my parents back yard but THAT isn't going to happen anymore, so I think I'll probably be the destination wedding girl.
13. Who do you really hate: Nobody
14. Do you have a job: working for the mother =)
15. Do you like being around people: Yes, but I really enjoy alone time too.
16. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with?: Oh yes!
17. Have you ever cried: yes, I'm very sensitive
18. Are you lonely right now: Not at all
19. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: Commercial Jingles
20. Played strip poker: haha just once in High School
22. Gotten beaten up: Emotionally yes
23. Done an all-nighter: Many times growing up
24. Been on radio/TV: I was on TV once for Kappa Kappa Gamma's food drive
25. Been in a mosh-pit: haha Katie D. and I always found ourselves wound up in those.
26. Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: of course I do!
27. Was this worth your time? eh they never are, but I like to talk about myself so it all works out.

Monday, October 03, 2005

At Least I Have Great America

It's my first free Monday in a long time! I was excited to sleep in this morning, head to Burlington to help my parents move for a few hours, and then head up to Oshkosh to play "Barbie's" with Monkey before heading back home to bed, ready to start my work week. However, upon arriving at the store/my parents new apartment (yes, they're moving above the store for a few years) I realized my "free day" was not going to happen. Sondra apparently called in to work, only she left the message on the store voice mail, and we had no idea she had done so until we arrived at the apartment around 11:30 (we open at 10:00). My mom was fuming, and stressing out and I told her to just chill out, go help the movers, and I would take care of things here at the store. So here I am, Manager Christi, answering the phones, taking care of appointments, and getting order back to the store. *sigh*

At least my Sunday was good =)

Okay, it started out rough as I left feeling aweful about things between Tara and I, but fighting never gets us anywhere and a day apart was probably much needed. So, at 10:30 Nikki, Katie, Joey, and I piled into the Sunfire and were on our way to Great America.

It was a PERFECT day. Nikki's mom's boyfriend's company had rented out the park for the day so we pretty much had full run of everything there! The longest we waited for any ride was probably a half hour, allowing for ample time to ride each of the rollercoasters. We rode them all, some of them twice, and were pretty much exhausted by the end of the day. I'm not as young as I used to be. A full day of excitement is entirely too exciting for me these days =)

I was really glad that I had went. Our group was great! I was thrilled to be around such laid back, chill people. I had a great time with everyone! THANKS FOR THE INVITE NIKKI!!!

But not I'm back, and stuck at work. The irresponsibility of some people just really gets to me.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Smiles

1.) Feeling sexy in the morning because of the way she looked at me
2.) The smell of fall
3.) A clear blue sky, and a gorgeous drive to Burlington
4.) Watching a husband and wife taking a morning walk with their two Golden Retrievers
5.) A morning chat with Monkey
6.) A good hair day
7.) Being able to make a certain bride's day by having THE dress here for her, and seeing the tears accompany that excitement.
8.) The anticipation of Great America tomorrow...yay!
9.) The smell of the flower shop next door
10.) Fruit and Creme Starbursts in my belly...mmmm.
11.) Bobby Darin on the CD player
12.) An email from Heather, and invitation to a chill night with two great people.
13.) Watching people outside stop and stare at our store windows, and the new fall display I created.
14.) Hearing "You're so nice! We don't want to go anywhere else!"
15.) Faxing Tara's new job acceptance..CONGRATULATIONS T-BEAR!!! ha ha

Yes, it's a gorgeous Saturday and by 12:00 I've already had a very happy morning. I wish I didn't have to spend it at work, but oh well.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


Friday, September 30, 2005

Temperature says cool, but it's STEAMY up in here.

Warning: Please excuse the occasional swear word. If you are easily offended by the use of such words, you may want to skip this post all together.

Time Warner Cable came last night. I was all excited to finally have cable in my apartment. But Jack (that's what I'll call him...short for JACKASS) came to my apartment all crabby and spoutin' attitude and was a little annoyed when I told him my landlord had special requests on where to drill. Jack snapped at me, I told him this is NOT my problem, and thus, called my landlord and had John (my landord) speak with Jack (the Jackass). After about a 30 second conversation John apparently swore at Jack, Jack hung up the phone, and one day later I still do not have cable. I was fuming about it last night but after being on hold for a half hour with Time Warner Cable after Jack decided he was unwilling to help me out, I hung up and figured I'd deal with it today when I calmed down. (After I post of course)

I just don't understand why my landlord is being such an ass about it. I've been hounding him for the past month, trying to get him into our apartment so he can decide where he wants Time Warner to drill (my landlords instructions) and he finally comes, gives them absure directions, and suddenly I have to take the grunt of it all. I'm not asking him to take down a frickin' wall. I'm asking him to drill for cable. It's not like his house is anything spectacular that a cable line is going to drop the value. Take your f'n overpriced rent and your new little Mercedes and back the fuck off a little bit. My god!

And Time Warner...TIME WARNER! Don't think you're getting away from my rath either! You send a lousy, attitude-stricken, helpless man over to my house to I'm sorry NOT do his job..and then expect me to pay $60 a month for YOUR services that he was unwilling to provide me with? Probably not. I'm sorry Jack. It's your fucking job to come into my house and drill. Don't act like your life is so tough and your job is so shitty. You don't like it quit, but don't take it out on me. I'm so sick of people acting like they deserve something else out of life, or that their life is so much worse than anyone elses. If you're not happy, change something then. Don't expect someone else to do it for you.


Okay, I feel better =)

It's a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I'm not going to let Time Warner's incompitence or my landlord's bs to ruin that. I have brides to make happy =)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting Ready for Fall

It's one of those rainy, cool, fall days. The type of day where you'd love to just crawl up with a book, next to the window, and relax. Unfortunatley, I'm at work but I'm still enjoying the weather. I love fall. I look forward to it every year. Especially October. I love Halloween, I love the autumn leaves, I love the crisp, cool air and the sound of the birds as they fly south for the winter. Yes, fall is a great season!

My mom and I are preparing the store for it's autumn changeover. We're getting rid of our summertime pastels and making way for the late year burnt oranges, chocolate browns (which is the new pink by the way), and deep greens; while decorating the store with corn stalks and pumpkins, all of which need to be carved in the next few weeks. Yes, my mom and I were busy girls today, as the store was rather slow. We strutted out in the rain, decked out in dress pants, and strolled through the local area pumpkin patch in search of a few pumpkins for our windows, and some corn stalks for display as well. Granted this was not a "balls-out" effort on our part. We prissily picked up each pumpkin, careful not to get mud on our nice work clothes, and held the corn stalks out in front of us as we walked them to the car. We laughed at the site we must be creating along the highway: two prissy girls, strutting around in the rain, looking for pumpkins, in their dress pants. Hey, it may not have been an "outdoorsy" event, but we got the job done and our windows will be ready for the weekly Thursday changeover!

In other news, the show that I've been planning has been cancelled which I'm both relieved and sad about. It was beginning to get to be an aweful lot of work, and my schedule just wasn't holding up! I now have more time to focus on the two fashion shows I'm planning which is great! I have a lot to do for the Lake Geneva show and I also just contacted Catholic Central High School today about producing a fashion show with them (they do one every year but we want to get in on the deal). I gave her my ideas which she loved so we're going to collaborate in a few weeks and see what we can come up with. I'm excited. I love this sort of thing. So I guess the extra time works out after all, although I'm just filling it up with MORE work. I can totally see myself as a workaholic someday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just a question

Why is it, that you can have ALL the free sex you want, as many times a day, with as many people, whenever you want? There is no crime in that. However, the SECOND you offer compensation of ANY kind, it becomes prostitution and is therefore illegal. What are we really saving anybody from?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sorry for the Delay Erin

As it is now a slow Monday here at the store, I am given the opportunity to relflect upon my weekend and collaborate some thoughts and feelings that arose throughout the two day period...

no such luck.

It was a typical Milwaukee weekend in the life of Christi Anderson. I worked Friday all day, went and saw a movie with my mom (Just Like Heaven...SO cute...go see it), then visited the gf in Oak Creek.

Saturday I worked again until 4. I was supposed to get out at 3 but Kaitlin Morall showed up at 3:00 and I felt bad just leaving my mom with her and her mother, so I stuck around and played dress up with her. She's the current reigning Miss Burlington and was looking for pagent-type outfits. While the whole pagenty thing sort of annoys me, it might be kind of nice to have a girl like Kaitlin on our side. Hell, if she chooses to wear one of our dresses and then just HAPPENS to get the crown of Miss Wisconsin, that means OUR dresses are in MISS AMERICA. Hello Donald Trump!

Hmm..okay that tangent aside, I finally got out of work at 4:00 and made my way back to Milwaukee where I picked up Tara and brought her downtown with me. I needed to change and get ready before we headed out for the night.

At 7:00 I picked up Greggor and we were off to The Pint for some pool, darts, and Erotic Photo Hunt =) Now lets talk about this.

I have been able to legally get into a bar for about 2 and a half years now. However, even before that time I was one of the many teenagers graced with a less than fabulous fake-ID, allowing me to frequent certain bars all while in my early years of college. So that's say, 5 years of bar time, give or take a few years. BUT THEN, even BEFORE the bar scene came into play, my childhood basement was the hangout of MANY weekend parties throughout high school involving many friends, and many games of pool and darts in the basement. Therefore, adding another 4 years to the equation and you have a grand total of about 9 years of play time. 9 YEARS. You'd think I'd be pretty good right?


I'm probably the worst pool player you'll ever meet. The cue ball constantly bounces right off the table, that is if I'm even able to hit in the first place (If pool were anything like golf I'd have about 4 or 5 strokes against me before the little triangle is even broke), and god forbid the balls ever go into one of those little pockets on the side of the table. Nope, the only one that tends to go in is that wretched white one. But I always play, and I always raise stakes and talk shit as if I know what's up. "Loser buys shots". Good call Christi. Rack up the credit card bill now!

We lost at darts, we lost at pool, and I finally gave up and sat my butt down in front of some erotic photo hunt which kept us four busy for a good long time. We beat TITI. Horray! But starting early at the bar usually means ending early at the bar, and by 12:00 we were KO'd and ready for bed.

Sunday was spent lazing around the apartment, watching movies and pigging out. LOVE lazy Sundays =) And that brings me to today, working until 7 then probably off to another movie with my mom. (We're big time movie buffs) Hmm, I wonder what we should see.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

An Interview With God

I'm not a very religious person, but there was just something about this that touched my heart. Whether you believe in God, or in something else all together, I think the message is something we can all believe in.

The Interview

Friday, September 23, 2005

An idea from Kross-Eyed Kitty

As I sit here at work on this fine Friday morning, I decided to participate in the weekend meet and greet that Michele puts on, and decided to surf through cyberspace in persuit of a few blogs to entertain me for a while. In the midst of my travels I came across Kross-Eyed Kitty's blog and a post that sparked interest. It was in regards to bookmarks of life, and how often times there are songs throughout our life that act as said bookmark, causing us to reminise and go back to that time and re-live it. Then after a text this morning from an ex reminding me of the song we broke up to, I realized this concept does in fact exist, and I began making a mental recolection of my own music lifemarks.

1.) High Enough - Damn Yankees: Jessica Berry (My long lost, now deceseased best friend as a child) were driving in the back of my parents car singing along to the song on the radio. I remember thinking "Why can't she just sing like I do, she doesn't even SOUND like them". Apparently I thought mightly highly of myself in those days. But that is my last running memory of Jessie being alive.

2.) Piece of Shit Car - Adam Sandler: It was playing in Dave's Dodge Neon the very first time I ever rode in his car. He picked me up while I was grounded the summer before my Freshman year of High School and took me out to Dairy Queen. Our first "Unofficial" date =) It took us about two months to actually kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend.

3.) Crossroads - Bone Thugs 'n Harmony: The first song Dave and I ever danced to.

4.) Dreams - The Cranberries: While in High School my three best friends and I (Katie Schiller, Kiersten Karlsen, and Katie Daniel) would drive into Milwaukee blaring Dreams in my Explorer and singing at the top of our lungs.

4.) Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson: We were driving in YoYo's Saturn home from The West in Green Bay. The song came on the radio and she looked at me and smiled. It was the moment I realized my life was about to change and my feelings for YoYo were more than just friendly.

5.) I Want To Come Over - Melissa Ethridge: Again driving, a few months later, with YoYo's roomate who played this song for me. We ended up dating a few days later.

6.) In the Club - 50 Cent: Dancing my heart at "Rain" in Las Vegas during my 21st birthday with Erin.

7.) In Public - Kelis: Acted as background music for a British commercial while I was in London. My flatmates and I spent those two months trying to figure out who sang the song and about a week before we left we found it and spent the next week playing it over and over in Addie's computer, dancing around the flat.

What songs act as bookmarks for your own life?

Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous

I had to go see my Dermatologist yesterday morning. Ever since I returned home from London, my skin has been acting exceptionally weird (flaking, itchy, bumpy). Assuming it was just dry skin I purchased numerous skin cremes, some of which made it temporarily better and some which made it much worse. As time went on though, it never did go away and finally at my last straw (and advice from the Clinique counter woman) I called the Dermatologist to get it checked out.

The verdict: ACNE!

WHAT?! At 23?! You have GOT to be kidding me. I was a little embarrased paying for my visit as I thought this part of my life was long gone by now however, thanks to the kind people at Dr. Armus's office, I still felt BEAUTIFUL. Let me explain.

I arrived at the office a little before 9:55 and filled out some forms since it had been since High School that I was in there. I was brought into the exam room by a very friendly nurse who continued to compliment me on how nice I looked, and how she wished she could dress like I do. I was very flattered and smiled as she left. Dr. Armus showed up a few minutes later and we chatted a bit about what I've been doing since the last time I was in, and he followed up with consistant comments about how great I look, and how much prettier I've gotten since the last time he saw me. Not weird, creepy comments, just very nice pleasant flatteries. Needless to say, even though I left knowing I had a gross rashy type THING on my face, I still felt beautiful.

I smiled as I realized this is probably Dr. Armus's business stance: "To make our patients feel beautiful". And it makes sense!!! Normally, you visit a Dermatologist because you have something funky and abnormal going on with your skin. Chances are, it's not making you feel too attractive. But after visiting Dr. Armus's office, you leave feeling like your STILL beautiful, even though you have this mole on your shoulder or in my case Acne on your face =) I give him props.

Thanks Dr. Armus!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday Timeline

5:30 am: Woke up early with Tara, had a few early morning cuddles, then moved cars with my drunk roomate who had JUST gotten home from the bar (and was still in her work clothes) so that Tara could leave for work.

6:00 am: Attempted to get back to sleep but ended up just laying in bed for two hours.

8:00 am: Showered

9:00 am: Jumped in the Cabby, and drove to work

10:00 am: Work begins

5:08 pm: Get a text from Erin telling me to come over for drinks.
Text her back saying "OKAY!"

6:30 pm: Close up the store, begin my drive to Milwaukee.

7:30 pm: Arrive home, change quickly.

7:45 pm: Bought flowers at Jewel for Erin

8:00 pm: Arrive at Erin's. We sat outside for about 3 1/2 hours talking about life and drinking wine. She's starting a book club which I'm SUPER excited about.

12:00 am: Leave Erin's

12:05 am: Arrive at home thrilled to see that, for the first time since we moved in together, Nicky was in bed BEFORE me!

12:10 am: Make some early morning food and crawl into bed excited to pass out and sleep.

2:30 am: The first of the obnoxious hour smoke breaks begins. Right outside my window. Two boys, one girl (mind you the girl was NOT Nicky), laughing and talking, and blowing their smoke into my bedroom window. Completely oblivious to the fact that a.) The person they were obviously there to see was NOT out there with them, yet they still took it upon their liberties to utilize our front porch for their social hour and b.) THAT THERE WAS SOMEONE SLEEPING IN THE BEDROOM RIGHT OFF OF THE FRONT PORCH!!!!!!!

3:00 am: .....smoking....

3:30 am: .... still smoking....

4:00 AM: ...STILL F'N SMOKING... At my last straw I got up to say something but as soon as I did they decided it was time to finally call it a night and go to bed (wherever that may be).

I'm not sure how much more I can deal with it. I'm a VERY easy going person, it really takes a lot to bring to my brink. Disrespect however, will DEFINITLEY do that. Sitting out on the porch, smoking, socializing, and drinking is fine at a reasonable hour. Even 1:00 in the morning I'm willing to overlook it. But to have the audacity, to be THAT loud, at THAT hour, when people are trying to SLEEP!!!!! It's beyond me that people can act like that...EVERY FUCKING NIGHT!!!

You want to stay up all night and drink that's fine, do what you do. But please respect the others in the house who's lives do NOT revolve around alcohol and who actually need to get a decent night's sleep to get up in the morning.

Needless to say I'm crabby again this morning because two out of the three nights that I have actually slept at my apartment, I have been kept up until absurd hours of the morning because my front porch has become "The Warren Street Pub". It's Nicky's house too though, and she has a right to do what she does, when she wants, and bring over whomever she chooses. I really don't mind.

I guess I just have to start sleeping with my window closed =(

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The 75 Best things about my Summer 2005

1.) I graduated college!
2.) It only took 5 years!
3.) Getting to see Rascal Flatts
4.) The B.A.N.A.N.A.S song by Gwen Stefani
5.) Chicago Pride!
6.) Char strutting the streets of Chicago in just her underwear
7.) The fried Mozzerella at some dive bar
8.) Saz's cheese sticks
9.) Fourth of July bottle rocket fight
10.) Exchanging outfits with my 15 year old cousin
11.) ...and then discussing tampons.
12.) Giving advice to 15 year old girls about drinking.
13.) Tara being denied by THREE straight girls.
14.) Heather kissing all three of the above mentioned.
15.) Don't Cha
16.) The grand opening of Christy's Bridal and Formal Wear
17.) Starry night talks on the porch with my parents
18.) Until 3 in the morning
19.) ...and getting really drunk.
20.) Paddling on the little pond in Milwaukee with Erin.
21.) Moving to Milwaukee
22.) Growing up and taking on "grown up" responsiblities
23.) Medical Insurance
24.) Renters Insurance
25.) NEW JOB!!! =)
26.) Holding Rosemary's baby boy
27.) A 15 minute drive to Tara's house
28.) 5 lesbians in a swimming pool
29.) Belly flops into said pool
30.) The return of the Beer Bong
31.) Watching the worst storm of the summer from atop the highest point in Burlington.
32.) Dancing my heart out to the Toys and the Sweetarts with Erin at the Wisconsin State Fair.
33.) Seeing my best friend in a wedding dress
34.) Being named Maid of Honor
35.) The feeling of a very first vendor sale
36.) Seeing Tartuffe at The American Players Theatre
37.) Playing Euchre for HOURS
38.) Rosy's Drunk Night Out
39.) Tara's dancing machine brother
40.) Having a beer with my brother at the local bar
41.) SHUFFLEBOARD at Champion's
42.) The camaradari of the world in regards to the hurricane relief efforts
44.) Getting rid of Live Journal
45.) Entering into Blogger!
46.) A make-out session with Karen's car and a truck
47.) Tara attacking Angie
48.) A very drunk political conversation
49.) My big beautiful front porch
50.) "The roof is caving in"
51.) An outside concert event
52.) ...and finally being able to spend some quality time with Monkey
53.) Noah's Ark
54.) Jennifer Karnitz's cheap ass
55.) An entire campsite of screaming girls
56.) ...we're scared of racoons.
57.) Corn on the Cob on the grill
58.) Endless softball tournaments
59.) Jumping on the bleachers, arm and arm with my parents, during the Sugar Ray concert.
60.) ...and seeing Mark McGrath up close.
61.) New roomate
62.) new DRUNK roomate ;)
63.) Getting my Chicago rent deposit check in the mail
64.) Then going on a mad shopping spree
65.) Buckle's new Blue2 Denim line
66.) Big honkin' necklaces.
67.)'s about time!
68.) Record high temperatures
69.) ..seriously I love them
70.) 21st row for the Kenney Chesney concert
71.) Seeing Tara's face when he came on stage
72.) Ryan Longwell hitting the lady next to us with his golf ball
73.) ...then being able to see him close up
74.) he's VERY cute
75.) and finally being close to my friends and family.