Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It Has Arrived

It's here! It's finally here!

That time of year when The Mix plays it's non-stop holiday music and when every store is bursting with twinkling lights and the smells of pine trees. It's the time of year when snow reminds you of innocence and days off of school and when the thought of Santa kept you awake at night. It's a time for decorated store windows and endless shopping lists. It's holiday cheer, warm egg nog, and falling in love around a fire place. Yet finally, who could forget the one thing that I look forward to most each and every year....


Each page is filled with gorgeous exotic lingerie, fabulous gift sets, and of course...adorable holiday attire (including a pink rhinestone Santa hat). Sure I can never afford the 6,000,000 bra that tends to show up, but it's fun to pretend none-the-less.

Now, I have vowed not to turn on The Mix to indulge in the holiday music until AFTER I get through Thanksgiving, and I'm certainly not ready to start putting up my Christmas Tree just yet. But there's something about the VS Holiday Catalogue that tells's okay to start a little early this year. What girl couldn't use a sexy new nighty ;)

The credit card is patiently waiting in my wallet.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Melrose Nights....Revisited

Does anyone remember Melrose Place? That swanky drama about a bunch of 20-somethings trying to live in Los Angeles while sleeping with each other in the process!!! Who WOULDN’T miss that!

The DVD box set of Season One came out on Tuesday and for the past three days I have been engulfed in the dramas of my past. I’m reminded of Wednesday evenings in High School when my two best friends would drive over to my house and we would lounge around in front of the TV eagerly awaiting our Melrose Place nights. We’d pull out my big stuffed dog, fight for who got to lay on the fluffiest part of him, and chat while watching our favorite characters make out, break up, and then date their best friend.

Our Wednesday night get togethers were sure missed once Melrose Place was cancelled.

Through my years I had all but forgotten about Melrose Place, except for the random mentions of it during Pop Culture shows on VH1 or MTV, but then suddenly in a random trip through Target, I catch a glimpse of what used to be and I couldn’t help myself from putting down the $60 and popping it into my DVD player.

It’s a bit more lame than I remember it being when I was 16 but it’s fun to go back none-the-less. Now if only they’d bring Rainbow Bright back. My blast from the past may be very well complete.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back to School?

I never envisioned this whole “finding myself” process to be so stressful. As I watch my peers around me grow up and move into their “grown up” professional and personal lives, I’ve found myself taking a look at my own life and wondering…”Where the H am I going with it?!” As my year of resume padding at Christy’s Bridal has come to a close, the stress of job hunting has come upon me...again and yet, as I continue to browse through my options in the fashion industry (or lack there of in this area) I can’t help but realize that I’m no longer as passionate about it all as I once was.

Sure I love great clothes and over priced designer labels, but what I’ve found I love even more than that is the consumer behavior behind all of it. WHAT makes us buy what we do, HOW do we get them to continue to do it?! In my time at Christy’s I’ve found myself focusing more and more on the advertising and marketing portions of my job description, and less and less with the fashion portion of my job. I LOVE writing (although I’m not very good at it), I LOVE brainstorming with groups of people to regurgitate out some new great marketing idea, and I LOVE implementing all of that into one fabulous special event to promote the hell out of something!! Suddenly the dresses and the merchandising have taken a backseat to everything else I once thought was my “calling”.

I know that you hear all the time how many people transfer jobs like 30 times before they find something they love, and some people have two, three, even FOUR bachelors degrees on their resume because they just can’t seem to find that exact fit. I realize that in an age of limitless options it’s only natural that we’d take full advantage of all of it, but I never envisioned myself needing to. I always thought I was made for the fashion industry.

But as I do my own growing up, and my own personal career exploration I’m finding that what once was true just isn’t so much anymore. Dear lord the story of my life! So I’m contemplating heading back to school and switching focus a little bit; maybe something along the Advertising or Journalism lines. I have many creative friends already in the industries so I’ll have plenty of help along the way if need be, and plenty of advice to go off of this time around.

We’ll see though. Tomorrow is another day, with a whole different set of emotions to go along with it. =)