Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Complaint Free World Would Be Nice

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude; don't complain." - Maya Angelou

It is that quote that welcomes you when you log onto A Complaint Free World and it pretty much sums up the basis for my entire post. I stumbled upon the website after hearing a story about a Kansas City Pastor who embarked on a 21 day journey to be complaint free; no gossiping, no criticism, no complaining of any kind...and he invited his parishioners to join in the task. Participants were issued a purple bracelet, similar to the yellow "Live Strong" bracelets, to remind them of their commitment. If they caught themselves complaining, the bracelet would be moved to the other arm, and the 21 days would begin again in it's entirety. It took this pastor three and a half months to complete a 21 day run of no complaining.

Can you believe how tough a seemingly simple task is?

Since then, over 5 million bracelets have been given away indicating a worldwide desire to change and be more positive! And on Monday, I became one of those 5 million. On Monday, I began my own personal vow to not complain for 21 days and although I truly do try to be mostly positive in my daily life regardless...I must admit that today I had to start over again. I complained. Tomorrow, I will yet again begin day 21.

21 days of not complaining about the weather, or how political conversations just piss me off. No complaining about stressful jobs, or frustrating family members, or how fattening the bag of chips were that I just ate. Just 21 days of pure positivity and an actual productive stance to the frustrating things we encounter on a daily basis. If you don't like something...change it. And if you can't change it...what good does complaining about it do? Can you imagine if EVERYONE in the world tried this for just 21 days?

I can't imagine living complaint free for my entire life, especially considering sometimes...you just have to let it out!!! But sometimes I think it's helpful to take an extreme measure, to make us change our ways, even if only slightly.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm super excited for the challenge and hopefully the new outlook to handling life.


Derek said...

Good luck and thanks for this post. It definitely seems like some people complain just for the sake of complaining!

Wait, I think I was complaining about something in that last sentence. Doh. Starting over...

Erin said...

I read about that guy. Good for you, girl!

I don't think I'm TOO much of a complainer, but the critism/judging thing? Yeah, I could probably stand to work on that. I don't think I'd make it a day. ;)

I'll be interested to hear about your journey!

Unknown said...

Hey, Christie! You sound to be in a great mood and I hope you are happy and well. This was a great post! lol!!:)

Unknown said...

Yow! I'm back on July 26th and you're not! Well, you are missed Christie!

Unknown said...

Christie: It's been so long, even my photo and Blogsite have changed. Hope you are well and back to Blogging soon!

(May 2nd)

Andre said...

Can we get an update on this?