Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hellooo oooo oooo oooo oooo. Echooo echooo echo echoo oooo. Man it's quiet around here! Has it really been since January since I've had anything worthwhile to blog about?

I won't sit here and give you the rundown of the past three months because that would be boring...really...boring. But where you do you start when you've been away so long? Can a blogger really just abandon her space and then come back months later expecting to be welcomed with open arms and remembered just as she was when she left? I feel as though I need to re-introduce myself or something.

...since when did I feel the need to add drama to this blog?

In all seriousness, I'm sitting here in New Berlin, Wisconsin house/dog sitting for my Aunt and Uncle who are currently gallivanting with their three children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I hate them. (It's supposed to snow here by the way. G.R.E.A.T). Anyways, I'm sitting here at the computer checking my NCAA brackets (because I'm obsessed now), with Buster (their dog) on my lap and I thought to myself: I'm going to update my long lost blog. Because quite frankly, I have nothing else to do with my time. So here I am, sitting at their computer, in their big open empty house, with STILL nothing to write about.

God I'm boring.

I'm 8 for 8 in my bracket (go me!) and I did the picks MOSTLY by myself. Seriously! Ok, Kyle MAY have helped me a bit and Logan MAY have lent a few suggestions...and okay my little cousin JJ MAY have suggested the second championship team...but other than that, their 100% all my picks! And I'll deserve all $2000 when I win it =)

Actually while we're on that note, can we talk about the NCAA for a second? I am 25...ALMOST 26, and I swear to god I have NEVER heard of March Madness. I mean, I've heard the name, but I never participated or got it or cared really. It was usually just an excuse for me to go hang out at the bars with people. But this year suddenly, work starts a pool, I join because I'm a work lemming, and suddenly I'm sitting in front of the TV watching COLLEGE BASKETBALL of all things and screaming at the TV for my team to come out ahead! I must have stared at all afternoon just hitting refresh every 2 seconds so I could keep up to date on the happenings and I get such a kick out of watching my bracket light up green every time one of my teams advances even further. It's fantastic!!

So that's that. My first post back after a few month hiatus is about basketball. How do you feel about that?

OH! And oh my gosh I couldn't end this post without completely switching gears and showing everyone my new baby. His name is Stewart Weitzman....and I will love him forever =)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Welcome back.

Erin said...

Well it's ABOUT. TIME. Don't leave us hangin that long again, missy. ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

See. You have people welcoming you back, even though you left us for months and months waiting! Kidding. :)

I also don't mind you gushing about basketball, although I've never gotten into the madness that is March. Madness. Maybe I will if I could potentially score $2,000 in a bet -- are you serious? You can really win two-thousand bucks? Wow. I’m jealous. Regardless, I like basketball and every other sport, so type away.

Oh, and the purse is cute too. I like red.

Anonymous said...

Love the purse!
i have a similar one from BCBG. Im sorry its been boring essentially its been the same here too!
I guess its just that time of year where things get boring before they get wild!