Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Just Plastic

Does anyone else find laminating to be one of the coolest, most facinating things out there?! I am completely 100% enthralled in that little piece of plastic that I fear if we ever purchased a laminating machine for the salon here, I would hole myself up day in and out...laminating!

I am heading to BHS tomorrow to hang out at the High School and promote our store and the Prom lines we carry. In an effort to do this, I went to Wal*Mart early this morning and purchased a bunch of candy, celophane, little twisty ribbons, and of course some laminating paper, and headed to the salon to being my crafts.

I created business cards on the computer stating simply that "We Carry Tuxedos" and then announcing our Prom sale on the other side, to give to each of the students that come to our table. I of course laminated each of these cards, punched a hole in them, and tied them to my carefully, celophane, wrapped candy. A brilliant idea! I then created a mailing list page and purchased a candy gift basket to raffel off to the students that fill out a form both allowing us to give the students something fun to take home, and also giving us a well equiped mailing list for next year's prom season.

But I have to say the most fun through all of it, was the laminating! Why? It's a stupid piece of plastic but I found myself trying to find things in the store, other than the business cards, to laminate! Size charts, call lists, pens...they all became free game. Good thing I was too busy with customers to start doing any real damage (ie: I think the computer screen could use a good protective laminate coat). No, I stuck to the intended business cards but rest assured my mind is moving with new laminating options as we speak. I do after all, have an entire extra box at my disposal!


Erin said...

You make me laugh.

But I have to agree - the laminating process is indeed quite fascinating.

Thomas Siefert said...

One of my friends had a laminating machine in his office.
Every single piece of paper he owned was laminated, sometimes even his letters to me...

Amanda said...

Christi - you are hilarious. But I must admit - I love laminating too!

Carmi said...

I totally hear you. I've always loved laminating creates such utility and permanence, and all from a simple sheet of plastic.

My wife's a kindergarten teacher, so she's always laminating things for her class. She finally bought a machine a few months ago, and it's been an absolute godsend in our house. In fact, she made me funky luggage tags before my most recent business trip. Everyone at the airport thought they were cool: I probably should have taken orders!

You've once again made me smile. Great post: your energy is infectious.

Thomas Siefert said...

ooh ooh, I forgot, my father used to be a butcher (now he's a gardener, would you believe it?). One day they got vacuum packing machine in the shop and a few days later he came home with his wallet and keys in separate vacuum plastic packs, one of the apprentices had had some fun.