Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Detoxification Issue

I'm running with this Trend idea!

For the past few months, I have been hearing countless stories about detoxification and fasting, and the benefits it has on our bodies. I'm always a little skeptical of trendy diets but I guess if it's popular to the masses...it must work right? Otherwise people wouldn't do it!

In Hollywood it is tres chic to compliment your detoxification with a colon cleanse, but I think for purposes of this blog...I'll stick to the diet. One trend at a time =)

Before I decided to do this detoxification cleanse, I knew that I couldn't just do it, and trust the stars on it's health benefits, so I opened up Google Scholar, and did some research myself. I found an article written by Pioneer Nutritional Formulas that speaks about the detox program I am currently following, a 23 day, fruits and veggies program. So far everything I've been reading supports the health benefits of it! Sure there are a few health officials that think the program be a waste of time, especially since it doesn't promote any sort of drug intake (sarcasm), but for the most part my findings have been pretty positive.

So it's full speed ahead!!

Today, I begin my fast and for the next 23 days I will be in hell as my diet is limited to fruits, vegetables, and a whole lot of salads. THAT'S IT! No Jimmy John's, no amazing Honey Mustard Sub from Quizno's, and no Diet Coke during my daily lunch run. It's just me and nature!

I'm ready to be cleansed.


Erin said...

I love you, girl, but I will eat my freakin SHORTS if you only eat fruits and veggies for the next 23 days. You barely eat ANY in your normal life and now you're going to eat ONLY that?

What about our dinner out on Friday? ;)

Hey, I like to be supportive, so I'll say - best of luck! I think you're insane.

I can't wait to see you on Friday! AND Saturday!!! :)

Hey, maybe since we live so close we should go running together sometime? I don't know WHEN the heck our schedules would allow for it, but the weather is gettin nice! And yoga is my favorite, too - once I get a little more moola, we should take a class together!!

K bye!

Anonymous said...

Hey...you better not be crabby at my shower lady after a few days on your detox program. I have wanted to try that but a couple days (hours) and I give up!!! Good Luck!!

Amanda said...

Good luck with this! It's a really hard thing to follow, I've heard, but I would love to hear all about how you do.

I've thought about doing a 7 day cleansing fast, but with training it would be near impossible to complete.

Good luck!