Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Okay, You Win

To all you Christi skeptics out there...You Won! I have failed in my detox diet.

Maybe failed is the wrong word. I have POSTPONED my detox diet. There, I like that better. After a full day of eating apples, pinneaple, and a very bland tasteless salad, I began to think about my weekend and how much I would be missing out on if I continued through with this 23 day detox. Between dinner and drinks on Friday and Heather's wedding shower on Saturday the timing on this program just couldn't be any worse. My mom said I should just detox until Friday, go off of it for a few days, then continue on after the weekend, but what's the point in that. I'll just shock my body right back to where it was after a few days off of it.

Therefore, I have decided to clear my schedule for the next three weeks (starting Monday) to allow myself ample time to succesfully complete this detox program.

I know that I can do this! Regardless of how poor my daily habits are =)


Amanda said...

While I totally understand your need and want to do this, you gotta live your life! There has to be a shorter detox program, isn't there?

But good call - we'll have a lot more fun this weekend if you can eat! See you soon!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, and now Erin can keep her shorts. :)