Monday, March 20, 2006

Round 2


It sure doesn't feel like spring right now though! I'm looking out the window at the bank thermometer and it keeps blinking 32 at me. Instead of it being a bright, sunny, spring afternoon, I am instead surrounded by cold and gloom as I patiently wait for the temperatures to finally rise again. I hate waiting for spring. It can never come fast enough!

Aside from today's cold weather, I have to say that the weekend was pleasantly warm. In fact, much of the snow we received here in the Milwaukee area melted away by Saturday. Not necessarily because of warm temperatures, but because of the bright brilliant sunshine. That works for me!

Now that the weekend is overwith (which I'll post more about later), I can get back onto my fasting diet. Yes, I AM going through with it. I have my schedule cleared (for the most part) and my body is ready to be detoxed! I'm sitting here right now with my fruit smoothie (minus the yogurt) and my cup full of vitamins, anticipating the hell my body will go through for the next 3 weeks. I WILL do it though!!

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