Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Best Things In Life Are Free

And here are just a few:

The first warm day of the year
Laminating anything
Watching old people purchasing cell phones
The feeling you get from wearing an AMAZING pair of heels
A drive with the Cabby top down
Best friends
Crossing the finish line at the Chicago Marathon
A smile in the middle of a fight
Tears of pure love and happiness
Watching your life long friends, marry their life long loves.
The smell of plastic
Dancing all night long
Laughing until you cry
Petting a puppy
The sound a big city makes
A baby’s laugh
Candy Cane Lane
Falling in Love
The crackle of a campfire
Watching ducks cross a road

.... and I could just go on and on =)


Im chele In [dot] LA said...

bubble wrap is cool............
Over from the other Michele's

cyndy said...

Wow I love your blog. I'm here from Michele's. I'm a geeky diva obsessed with makeup!

ribbiticus said...

definitely a great list! i just love it when people get to appreciate all that the world has to offer - especially those things that don't cost a cent. :)

michele says hi!

David said...

watching ducks cross the road
a joy and truly free! I like the way you blog! from carmi

Thomas Siefert said...

Just want to add one more; The weird electronic/printboard smell from my good old Commodore 64.

David said...

free: help with stirring your coffee, so as to not upset the Java gods. You will taste the difference.

Erin said...

the smell and glow of candles
catching up with a friend
flavored martinis (free if someone buys one for you :)
the mountains and the ocean

I could go on and on, too. Nice post, doll.

Amanda said...

Hm, I like this post. A great reminder to enjoy those free things in life...

Anonymous said...

i wish the actual wedding of the life long friends was free!!!

Erin said...

I second that wish, Heather!!

Anonymous said...

yes..bubble wrap is quite uberly awesome...but i recently came across something quite evil...UNPOPPABLE bubble wrap. It emotionally scarred me...the joy of finding that i had in my hands BUBBLE wrap to pop...and then slowly watching my hope of all hopes quasshed to itty bitty pieces as try as I might, the bubble wrap would not POP :(