Friday, April 14, 2006

Motorcycles, my new calling

Motorcycling. You either love it, or you hate. You don’t meet many people that have luke warm feelings towards the cycling phenomenon of the world. Sure there are those that don’t really think twice about it…but those are the ones that have never been on a motorcycle =) I personally am in love with them, and I hope someday to buy my own…seriously.

I’ve always loved driving and even more so than driving is the open road that has attracted me out on so many nights. The feeling of the Cabby top down, the wind in my hair, and open sky above me is one of the most unbelievable feelings a person can experience. The freedom, the view, the way that the world looks through an open window; it’s something I look forward to every season. Multiply that feeling times 100 and you have the sensation of a motorcycle. Of course I would love it.

The weather hit a record high of 80 degrees for the year, and you can imagine the cabin fever I was feeling as I watched everyone outside, enjoying the day, while I was stuck inside. Finally an angel arrived at our front door. It was my uncle, clad in his Harley attire, ready to take me for a ride. I willingly hopped on the back of his motorcycle and for the next half hour I was taken away to a place far away from the bride’s problems, far away from the bridesmaid’s demands, and far away from the overpriced charges of the seamstress world. I was on the open road and I loved every second of it.

The world looks so different on a motorcycle. Colors seem brighter, the air seems cleaner, even the smell of cow manure takes on a new sort of “earthy” scent. Every ounce, of everything I encounter when I’m on the back of the motorcycle is one more thing for me to smile about. I just love it all.

I was sad to see the ride end, but I’m looking forward to finishing up this post, throwing the Cabby top down, and cruising my way into Milwaukee to enjoy the rest of the fabulous spring day. I look forward to the day when my skinny, girly ass will be behind my own hog. Until then, my purple rag top will do just fine.

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