Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Ramblings

I dyed my hair =) Every so often (okay more like every few months) I feel the need to drastically change my hair. Sort of a hair ADD issue. I've been from blonde, to brown, to brown with blonde, to blonde with brown, and (It looks very tame in this picture). I went in yesterday with intentions of leaving with a flaming head, but Shelly talked me out of it saying I would probably hate the outcome. Instead, she insisted going with a more Auburn color, to which we added stark Red to add more of a dramatic appeal to it. I'm pretty much in love =) Of course the ladies at Exclusiva Hair Design were impressed with the turnout (cut AND color) and insisted on taking pictures of Shelly's artwork for the store portfolio. While my 'do may be expensive, it's worth every penny. I don't think I could ever entrust anyone else other Shelly with my hair.

I just joined a book club and have to read "The Secret Lives of Bees" for our first meeting. Is it cheating if I get the book on CD to listen to on my hour commute to work?

I recently discovered last night that VH1 has put out a THIRD installment of "I Love The 80's" to which I willingly sat in front of with my Jimmy John's sub to indulge in some reminising. During the 1988 segment, the funny characters of the show discussed Unsolved Mysteries and I was stunned to hear that many people thought it was real, much like I had when I was little!!! I remember thinking as I watched it as a child "Why don't they put down the camera and help these people?!". Yes, a bit nieve but I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one who thought such nonsense! (Although I have a feeling they were being sarcastic in their statements as the acting really was truly horrible).

A cute old lady just came storming into the store terrified that she may have hit a dog. She was stopping traffic in the road trying to get people to stop for this little dog seemingly lost and scared in the middle of our busy street. I told her it's the neighbor dog and it often wanders the streets around here. I've tried to catch it myself a few times and save it from it's obvious potential doom, but it just scampers off. There's nothing that can be done (except put your damn dog on a LEASH!). But she was so cute and worried about the little rascal. Love old people...and dogs =)

I have to go to the DMV after work today and update my license but I now have red hair. What hair color do I put on my license?


Erin said...

You use the word naive a lot and I usually supress the urge to correct your spelling, but since it's a common word and since you'll probably live another 70 years or so, I must teach you once and for all, out of pure love. It's naive. Strike nieve from your spelling, woman.

And no, I don't think it's cheating to listen to the book on tape - but you have to pay attention! No cheating in the book club!

And I think you should just keep your natural color on your driver's license.

Let's do a movie and drinks on Friday. It's a date. =)

monkey said...

thank YOU erin!

Christi said...

yes thank you Erin