Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Knott

I'm sure many of you newly engaged/married women out there are familiar with a website called The Knot ( For any of you that aren't, it's a website devoted to brides and all that nonsense associated with a wedding. Basically, it's a great big bridal cult where many brides spend hours a day talking on and on about their wedding. =)

As you can tell, I am obviously not a fan....probably because I'm nowhere near getting married. Or because, I'm just not that girl.

But I am an advertiser on the site, as I know that THOUSANDS of brides register every day. We've done really well with the site, mostly due to our Essense of Australia line, which brides are just LOVING, so it's been worth the absurd amount of money they charge. The steady stream of phone calls, emails, and dress purchases resulting soley from our Knot advertising/listing has managed to keep us afloat =)

And then today Essense of Australia, one of our vendors, faxed us over a news release stating that The Knot had named one of Essense's silk gowns in their top 50 Wedding Gowns. It was actually number 3!! I'm so excited! The knot is like the Oprah Winfrey of the bridal industry. If it has The Knot approval, brides will flock. I'm so excited. I've been waiting for Essense to be discovered because they're just so unique and fabulous, and the fabrics are really great! I'm very excited for Essense's big break and our hopeful future success as a result =)


Erin said...


I've tried to email you from all three of my email accounts now, and it's failed every time. What the heck???????

Erin said...

Time for a new post. I'm sick of seeing this post when I check your site. ESPECIALLY since you spelled the Knot with two T's - which is obviously so incorrect!!!!