Saturday, November 05, 2005

A One Year Milestone

It's been since September 6, 1997 that I have celebrated a one year anniversary, however a serial dater I am most definitley not. I've had "long" relationships thrown in there: 6 months, 7 months, 11 months. But for one reason or another, we never made it to the coveted one year mark.

But here I am, November 5th 2005, celebrating my one year anniversary. I arrived at work today to a huge bouquet of red roses and have maintained a perma-smile the entire morning thus far.

As I said it's been a while since I've done the whole one year anniversary thing, so I was a little stumped as to what I was supposed to do for it. Do I buy jewelry, do I spend a lot of money, do we just go out to dinner? Of course my analytical mind contemplated senario after senario and stressed out about the deal for a while actually, but I think I've come up with something adequate. If anything, meaningful =)

Regardless of the gift, after one year I am at my happiest and feel so lucky to have someone so wonderful.

After one year, I still love her more than day one. And it's all because:

When we fight, she doesn't try to demean me. There will never be a "one up" competition between the two of us. I never feel hurt.

She's loud and obnoxious in the morning, and pleasantly chipper.

She loves her niece and nephew more than anything in the world.

She's been through some rough stuff in her life, and never once has she blamed the world for her misfortune. She remains upbeat, and positive. A true emotional role model.

She's way hot when she plays short stop

She's adorably shy

She cowers at the sound of yelling

She thinks Queer as Folk is real life

She stutters when she gets excited

and because she loves me.

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