Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bee Bop Shoo Wopp

I spent my time last night, immersed in the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, while people watching amidst my favorite generation of people…senior citizens.

Last night, I accompanied Erin to a performance of Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee. The show consisted of four guys, in dinner jackets (surprising right?), who bee bopped to the catchy tunes that made the 50’s and 60’s so famous. While the harmonies were awesome, and the singing itself very entertaining, I found myself lost in many of the “50’s humor” jokes and a bit annoyed at the overly done jokes and randomness of the show. But I suppose that just has something to say about the generation gap that exists between then and now, because as I looked around the room at all the men and women laughing and clapping and singing along, I realized that this was probably a huge treat for them! To be transported back to the days of their youth, and to hear the songs they all loved as teenagers! I know I’d be exstatic to hear “Like a Virgin” from Madonna 50 years from now =) I found myself smiling endlessly as I focused on the room and saw so many of them having such a great time, and watching them wiggle in their seats as the guys on stage harmonized to “Love Potion Number Nine” and “Runaround Sue”. As I’m sure many of you know, old people just warm my heart, and to be in an entire room of them was a slight taste of heaven to me.

I’m not sure if I would go see the show again, but I’d DEFINITLEY recommend it to my grandmother and her friends! The men were highly talented and truly entertaining to watch. It’s just hard to get into something fully, that you don’t really understand.

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Erin said...

Thanks again for coming with me! I have to figure out how to post about this crazy show we saw. But you're right - the old folks loved it!!