Monday, June 26, 2006

Just some weekend stuff

I am making it known to the entire blogging community, that on Friday of last week, I went on an interview with the Kohl’s corporation and, as I cross my fingers, it went really well. Of course there is the chance that I’m delusional in my thinking, and the interview went horribly, in which case I just admitted failure to many, many people, but I’m optimistic for the time being. I originally interviewed for a Sample Specialist position which is an entry level position feeding into the entire company. But as the interview process continued, I was introduced to even more people, in a few more departments, for a few more open positions in the company. At the end of all of it, I was taken to the buying offices and introduced to a few people there as well. The recruiter is also in the process of passing over my resume directly to them. At the end of three hours I had met with 5 different people, and interviewed for three different positions. Hopefully SOMETHING will turn up =)

I was so thrilled with how well the interview went that I was definitely in the mood for some celebrating. Tara and I thus, met up with Katie and Mary for some drinks at The Harp and headed over to Out and About a little later for some drinking and dancing with some more friends. I’m not a big bar fly, but I definitely enjoy the occasional drunk night out =)

I awoke on Saturday with a bit of a hangover, but had to quickly nurse it away as I had to work all day Saturday. The day went by quickly, thankfully, and at 6:00 Erin, Dave, and Tara showed up at my parent’s apartment, ready to head to Heather and Eric’s. They were having a small get together of close friends, celebrating their new house…and of course their new life together. Their house is ADORABLE: two bedrooms, one bath, cute little backyard, and a cute little dog to compliment it. They’re your typical storybook couple: high school sweethearts get married right out of college, buy a cute little house and a dog =) I love them. We spent the night playing games and chatting around the fire pit.

Sunday I spent lazing around trying to get my stomach into some sort of normal routine again. Feeling full I decided to jump on the scale to see how “full” I actually was and I realized that for the past month I have been consistently gaining weight. For the first time in my entire life I am above 124. While I by no means need to go on a diet, I think this was my first indication that I should probably start watching what I eat a little bit better. My metabolism seems to be slowing a bit more. I think it’s time to incorporate some fruit into this diet of mine =)


Sarah Mentel said...

Christi, I have absolutely no idea which email address you use nowadays, so I'm just leaving you a quick message here. Hope you don't mind ;-) Vinny and I have been looking at dogs - mostly pugs, puggles, and pugapoos. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure Cooper and Farley had a good home before I went out and got puggies of my very own. Just let me know if they need a home!

Christi said...

Awwww, you're getting pugs!!!!!!!! Thank you for thinking of the fatties. They do have a good home. They're living with a family friend. I miss them =(

Let me know when you get one!! Send me lots of pictures he he.

oh and my email is

I wonder if that's bad to put on the internet? =)

heather said...

Thank you for loving us. We love you too (and I really like Tara!!)
Thank you for coming over and I hope we can do it again.