Monday, June 19, 2006


Ever since I had heard that Wicked had come to Chicago, I have been dying to see it. I have heard nothing but unbelievable things about the musical and I myself wanted so badly to enjoy it.

For a few months after I moved back to Milwaukee (still not having seen Wicked), I joined a book club and through that club I was given the opportunity to read the book, to which sparked my curiosity even further. As countless people around me headed down to the Windy City to enjoy the much talked about theatrical presentation, I sat back and pouted knowing I may never get to see it on Broadway, as its end is drawing closer and closer.

Suddenly, an extension of the musical was announced and I hurried to purchase a few tickets, only to find that they were well in the upper hundreds, a price way outside of my budget.

And then Fathers Day 2006 came upon me and when asking my dad what he wanted to do on his special day he responded with “I want to go see Wicked again”. I screamed, literally, and hurried to the computer to purchase our tickets. 6th row center in the orchestra section was where we ended up. I couldn’t wait!

My family and I arrived in Chicago around 12:00 yesterday afternoon, and stopped for lunch before arriving at the Oriental Theatre. As we took our seats I sat in awe at the artwork surrounding the theatre. It’s a true joy to experience something as I was about to experience in such an old and decorated building. Modern buildings just don’t seem to have the same charm.

At 2:00 the orchestra began to play, the curtain drew up, and for the next three hours I was engulfed in a wave of emotion. Throughout the entire production I sat with a beating heart, tingles through my body, and tears in my eyes. I was so moved by the singing, and the dancing, and the overall story. Words cannot describe what I saw yesterday afternoon and for all of you that have been fortunate enough to have seen Wicked, you know exactly what I am talking.

I have never before seen a live production that I have enjoyed half as much as I enjoyed Wicked. I would go back and see it in a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Joining a book club isn't what gives you an opportunity to read a book. The opportunity itself is always there: It's called taking the initiative to do it on your own. Regardless, it sounds like it was a nice time and a great way to spend father's day.

Christi said...

Actually, in the instance that I was talking about, the book club did give me the opportunity to read Wicked because I hadn't heard of it before hand. I'm sure later on in life I would have come across the book on my own, but because of book club, I was able to read it sooner.

Yes, it was a great way to spend Father's Day. Thank you.

Amanda said...

I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time at Wicked... Mark and I have season tickets to the Broadway shows up here in MN, and one of the shows coming through is Wicked. Well, of course the show is scheduled for the date of my triathlon, so we aren't able to use the tickets. AND, the tickets to all of the Wicked shows here in MN sold out in literally TWO MINUTES, so buying different tickets was not going to happen either. But, thanks to a powerful and wonderful little tool called EBAY, we are now able to see the show...and I can't wait! I'll let you know what I think after July 21st!

Michael Manning said...

Christy: I was just in Chicago and did not see this anywhere. But from your description, I missed a great show! :)

Karen said...

Hi Christi! I saw a comment you posted at Tia's and thought I'd stop by. I'm so glad I did! We just saw Wicked in NYC and loved, loved, loved it! In fact, the soundtrack has been playing non-stop in the car and on my daughter's iPod. Great show, great music! I want to go to Chicago and see it again since we're so close!

Hi from Tosa! Hope you're having a great day!