Monday, June 05, 2006

Lazy Summer Days

As summer is approaching faster than I anticipated, I'm finding that my schedule is filling faster and faster with festivals, concerts, weddings, trips, and other occasions of the summer. Thus, when a weekend such as this past one arises, I welcome the opportunity to spend a few days relaxing and gearing up for the coming weeks that lie before me.

I had the entire weekend off of work which I utilized to my full advantage to take care of a few things I've been meaning to take care of for a number of weeks. I get a lot of running in, a lot of reading, and a lot of errands done. It was great! By Sunday, I was ready for some socializing so Tara and I packed up the Cabrio and headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo to meet up with some friends for a leisurly day at the Zoo.

Before arriving, I was telling Tara how I remember the days when I was little, of going to the zoo and spending the entire day there!! We would walk, and eat lunch, and shop, and just make an entire day out of it. As time grew on however, the full days seemed to end and now I'm lucky if my trips to the zoo last more than an hour.

And then I realized what it was like to be there with small children.

We met up with my friend Rosy, her husband Ben, and their son Sean, as well as Kiersten's sister Stephanie, her husband Andy, and their son Braden. Them, along with Tara and I and Kiers and Angie, wandered the park taking in all of the sights as well as the gorgeous weather we encountered. We stopped for lunch, chatted over a few beers, and laughed at the children's reactions to certain animals going about their daily "zoo-ish" business. Suddenly 4:00 rolled around and I realized we had been at the zoo for over 4 hours!! We had spent the entire day there!

Walking out to the car I had a big smile on my face knowing that I had just spent a "family day" just as I used to only this time, we were the adults! It was a little strange at first, but I quickly warmed up to the idea. I love this getting older stuff =)


Anonymous said...

Out of all the blogs I read, yours is by far one of the most enjoyable!

Take care and keep it up!

Erin said...

That's a nice comment! I agree! :)