Friday, February 10, 2006

Martinis, laughter, and one Icelandic Princess

Last night, I took a much needed break away from life to enjoy an evening of cocktails with my roomate Nicky. Although the two of us have lived under the same roof for 7 months now, the amount of time that the two of us actually spends together would amount to the equivalent of a weekend visit...once a year! With our opposite schedules, significant others, and personal responsibilities our time together is very limited, and it makes me sad to think that I still barely know this girl!

Thus, we took some much needed bonding time last night and plopped ourselves at the bar at The Knickerbocker for some fab martinis, a few shots, and a lot of laughs and catching up. Mid way through our evening, a mob of people came strolling the doors of the quiet little bar, including one Icelandic Princess, Anna. She was in from Iceland promoting the Icelandic Vodka Reyka. She bought us all a round of shots and Nicky and I chatted with her posse who reminded us more of the New York Mafia. After about an hour at the bar they were ready to party hop a bit more, and off they were.

What began as a chill night with a few martinis, ended in laughter over meeting the Princess of Iceland. What a night! =)


Michael Manning said...

HI! Here via Michele. Wish I had a night like that but this city is a bit dead. Fun post!

Erin said...

Work is slow today for you, this I know. That is why it is time for a blog update!!

Amanda said...

I love it when what starts out as a regular night becomes something so fun and unexpected. Sounds like you had a great night - I wish I could have met an Icelandic Princess. Or better yet, I wish I WAS an Icelandic Princess. ;)