Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'll Pay Your Way, And Mine

I LOATHE freeloaders! It absolutely positively just makes my skin crawl, when I think of the people that are living day to day on someone elses tab!

- The man and woman that walk by my store twice a day, every day, with bags of food from Love Incorporated. All of it is 100% free for them to fill their lazy mouths.

- The man or woman or group of kids that broke into my car this summer and stole all of my clothes and accessories needed for my job interview that morning! I truly hope you enjoyed your used makeup.

- The person that picked up my phone New Years Day and downloaded $125 worth of sports games onto my phone. THANKS FOR THAT BILL!

Ugh. Get a job people! Work for you own food, buy your own makeup, and get your own damn phone.


Anonymous said...

christi, I do agree with you and i haven't seen these people but unless they were dressed in high price clothes please be kind. there were times when my mom worked hard all month and at the end of the month we could only afford milk and bread, which we paid for with nickles and dimes. please remember that some people work and still have a hard time getting ahead. the only reason i am who i am today is because of the help and kindness of other people.
stealing is a different story! nobody needs your clothes and makeup to survive!!

Christi said...


I am so sorry to have offended you. I was in no way saying that these people were wrong for needing Love Incorporated's help. THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR and what it's intended for. I think it's a great program that they have going and I fully support it!

But this couple. Walks by twice a day EVERY DAY with arm fulls of heaping bags FULL of food...TWICE a day! It is not possible for any human being to eat that much food in one day! It is a system being completely abused by this couple. That is what I was referencing.

I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe they have a large family to feed back home...the kids that are never seen on these daily walks. I shouldn't be so presumtuous.

Thank you for your comment Heather.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't so much offened as I just understand how it can be for some people but I also understand that people abuse the system giving people who need the help a bad rep. I was just trying to be a voice of reason. Heather