Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A First Taste of Spring

The thing I've always loved most about living in the Midwest is the ever changing seasons. We get a little bit of everything (some a little more than others): our Summers are hot, our Springs are mild, our Autumns are crisp and colorful, and our winters are white and brutally cold. It's a nice balance in life, which I am a firm believer in. But occasionally, the seasons tend to drag on a bit longer than is wanted.

Such is the case with Winter.

By mid-February I am fighting the cold, and begging for warm air. The green grass, and the jacket-less days cannot come fast enough once Winter is upon us, and I welcome the first spring-like day with wide open arms.

While today is nowhere near Spring-like, it has a Spring feel in the air...a smell of what's to come if you will. It's funny how a simple scent can remind you of so much. I walked out of my apartment early this morning, and an instant smile came upon me as the hint of Spring lingered in the air. Suddenly I was brought back to days off of school with my mom, Freshman year track practices, and spring walks around downtown Chicago.

I love the first spring day with the Cabby top down, blaring music through the speakers, and jamming with my oversized sunglasses on. I like the Spring bounce in people's steps, the sound of snow melting and running down the street, and the first glimpse of new life budding on the trees around me. I love the hope of spring, the new life, the fresh start. It's coming! I'm so excited.

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Amanda said...

I couldn't agree more - I love the Spring! It reminds me that we always have a new, fresh start to things. The world really does feel as thought it's coming alive again.

Thanks for helping me look forward to it!