Friday, February 24, 2006

It's New To Me

Yesterday I bought new glasses. I'm VERY excited about them. After my last favorite pair were stollen out of my car, I thought for sure I'd never find a pair I liked more than those. I was wrong =) These are D&G, wire, lightweight, square frames. They're adorable. I apparently didn't quite understand the whole purchasing process of eyeglasses because as I was browsing through the styles, I found it relieving that the ones I really liked were only $171!!! I was thinking well in the $400 dollar range for a pair of designer frames. I quickly found out however that the frames are a completely separate entity from the prescription and the glass extras (ie: anti-glare). I was apparently pretty dead on in my original estimate =)

I officially signed up to be a volunteer at the Milwaukee Humane Society. I have my first volunteer orientation on Wednesday March 1. I'm going to be a dog walker! YAY!

Today, I sent in my check to begin Belly Dancing classes here in Burlington. Inspired by both Jayne and Amanda, I'm ready to try my own luck at the belly dancing phenomenon =)

And that's what's new with me =)

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