Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My New BlackBerry

Man, I'm sorry everyone for being such a Debbie Downer lately in my past few posts. This stupid mind of mine is on overdrive the past few weeks. It probably doesn't help that I have absolutely nothing to do at work since it's my last week so instead, I think. It's what I do.

In more upbeat, materialistic news, I got a new cell phone yesterday! I get really excited about new cell phones. As I do new shoes, purses, and office supplies. And new peanut butter. I love taking the first scoop out of a new jar of peanut butter. It makes me all fuzzy inside.

But back to the cell phone. It's cute.

The End.


Karen said...


Sara said...

A red blackberry. Oh my God. I love it. I want it.

Okay, I'm not letting myself look at this anymore. Damn you, Christi.

P.S. Please tell me it's not available through Verizon - if I know I CAN'T get it, I'll feel better. Lie if you have to.

Christi said...

AND, it's smaller than the typical blackberry. It fits in my's only a hair bigger than my Motorola SLVR that I got rid of. I'm totally in love.

I have Cingular Sara. So as of right now, I'll go with you can't get it =)

But you can buy unlocked ones on Ebay for use with any provider.

::gasp:: I didn't say that.

Andre said...

Verizon will have it in December.

Mine just arrived today, though it's black. This Blackberry actually plays mp3s for ringtones, so maybe I'll get a higher quality version of the theme from Sanford & Son.

Christi said...

haha there you go Sara. Beat up Andre, not me =)

I'm not familiar with Sanford & Son but I do remember the Boosm Buddies theme "I don't care what you say anymore, this is myyyy lIfe. Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone!" I like that one =)

Sara said...

Christi, that's an actual song by Billy Joel called My Life :)

I just got the Motorola Krazr (the newer razor) in red back in May, which I love, but have to say - when it expires (two years from this past May), I'm likely to move to this. I'm a sucker for anything red - especially if it lets me check my email.

Andre said...

The theme from Bosom Buddies was actually a Billy Joel song. Ah, early Tom Hanks.

Sanford & Son was an awesome show from the 70s. I'm sure you'd know the theme if you heard it.

As for my ringtone, I've had to settle for the theme from Benny Hill for now.

Christi said...

ha! Benny Hill. Now that one I know.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's spelled "KRZR". :^/

Like I said when my cousin showed me his newest Motorola phone last weekend, "So, which 'azer' is this one?"

Danny from Milwaukee said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my blackberry. While it allowed me to check Brewers scores wherever I was, it also allows my bosses to call me and make me do stuff whenever they want. Also, mine is an older model that is black and big enough where it doesn't fit comfortably in my pocket, so I sometimes have to use the stupid belt clip. But I have a different normal phone for personal use, so I only look like a douchebag when I'm working.

Christi said...

haha Danny your comment made me laugh out loud.

That's what I really like about the new Blackberry Pearl. It has everything to love about a Blackberry, but crammed into the size of a regular cell.