Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally, a Scary Halloween

Last night, I went to the scariest Haunted House of my entire life. I'm not kidding you guys.

Every Halloween, I become anxious with the thought of the seasons most scariest festivities. I often try to find the most scariest haunted house I can find, but usually just end up finding myself walking through yet another cheesy haunted house which provides me more laughs with my friends than anything else. The closest I ever come to be truly scared is when I decide to watch a horror movie by myself at 1:00 in the morning. Sleeping, is pretty scary after that.

But last night in Random Lake, Wisconsin I found myself an hour away from the security of my home and walking through the most terrifying place I have ever encountered. The place was called the Splatter Haus and it was deemed one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Wisconsin - it definitely lived up to it's name.

Dark, narrow passage ways lead to large open rooms that seemed quiet and still, but upon the flicker of a light, and the blare of Rob Zombie through the speakers I found myself cowering in corners as the most terrifying of creatures popped out of coffins, and curtains, and dark passage ways. They chased us with chain saws, and knives, and just plain ridiculously scary costumes. They never touched me, but they came close - very close.

The most terrifying moments:

Walking into a room with panels of what looked to be bandages hanging from the cieling. The panels obscured the view of the room but through the bandages, and the faint red glow an old white door could be seen in front of us. The famous Halloween theme music blared in the speakers around us, and we just knew that Michael Meyers was somewhere in that room with us. We pushed our way through to the door and suddenly the room went dark to which we instantly grabbed hands. Seconds later a strobe light re-lit the room and Michael was standing there, inches from our faces. I screamed and hid my face only to find that when I opened my eyes again, Michael was following us through the tiny dark tunnel. There was no escaping!!!

Minutes later without a moment to catch my breath, we happened upon a room with what appeared to be a small robot in a cage. Thinking I could finally catch my breath I suddenly heard the sound of machine guns blaring in the background and a light went on to reveal a HUGE 10 foot robot/ghost creature pounding it's way towards us, shooting at us with massive machine guns. I pushed our group through, trying to get them through the room faster so that I wouldn't be eaten by the scary robot.

On top of the scary creatures throughout the house, we were forced to crouch and crawl and climb and even slide to get through the house causing not only a visual fright fest, but a mental one as well. We walked through tiny tunnels that had me struggling for breath, and at a few points we found ourselves immersed in an airtight tunnel way that suctioned us from all angels. It was like walking through to large plastic bags. There was nowhere to go but right through, and pray that you could get out somewhere on the other end.

There were times when I thought, I can't take this anymore, I'm so scared and I seriously prayed that around the next corner I would finally see an exit sign. 25 minutes later, as our group found our way to the exit, I let out a sigh of relief. I had made it through the most terrifying half hour of my life.

I'm not kidding you guys, you HAVE to go to this place. I think it's open for a few more days so if you get the chance you MUST get there and let me know what you thought.

I can't WAIT to go back next year!!!


Erin Nevicosi said...

Oh my God, that sounds SO SCARY. Seriously, you couldn't pay me to go there. But good job - and great description!

Beth said...

Matt, Carrie, Colin and I went there 7 years ago. We loved it. Matt and I also went 3 years ago too. That one is definately our favorite.

Sarah said...

Sounds fabulous! But I'd prefer not to go to something like that. I'm such a wimp.

Sara said...

Hell.No. Never.

karen said...

That's one haunted house I always try to get to each year. I went this year and had a great time. I think my favorite part was the room you had to squeeze through. You know the one that felt like you were inside a beanbag chair. I bet that's what it's like being passed through a womb. Gross, but it made me nervous at the same time.