Friday, October 05, 2007

A Final Goodbye To H-D

Today, I say goodbye to Harley-Davidson. Yesterday, I said goodbye to my boss. And to be perfectly honest, I wanted to cry. In fact, I almost did, and so did he. Then again that's what I do, I cry. A lot. I can't help it.

I found myself incredibly sad yesterday as co-workers stopped by to say their final goodbyes to me and I found myself at the verge of a breakdown when my boss dropped off a custom painted gas tank, signed by everyone in my department. I couldn't believe I was just being handed the honorary gas tank, that each employee receives upon the end of their time at Harley (or in that particular department) as a token of appreciation for their efforts. I was also handed a beautiful leather bag filled with a cute Harley T-shirt and a travel Harley coffee mug for my new morning commute each day. Everyone knew that I would only be satisfied, if I could go out in Harley "style" =)

I'm going to miss this place, so much! The people, the job, the life-long friends I've made, and the amazing contacts I'll always have. I'll miss the smell of motorcycle exhaust as I enter the security turnstile at 8:00 am each morning and I'll never forget the little wave of acknowledgement from the morning security guards. I'll miss sitting in Amanda's cube and hiding out from the world as we gossip and plan the weekend's festivities or the morning overly energetic visits from Craig that always managed to put me in a better mood. I'll miss the convenience of the cafeteria and even all the unnecessary meetings that posed only to eat up more of my time and I'll miss the many nicknames I've accumulated in such a short period of time. I'll miss my unlimited supply of office supplies, the smell of my cubicle, and the noise my high heels made in our hallway that acknowledged to everyone that Christi was coming down the hall.

I hate goodbyes. I really do. I've only been her for ten months but it feels like so much longer. This place has become home to me, in that comfortable "home" sense that only a fantastic job can provide to you. It sort of makes one wonder if money really is all that important anymore, considering how unbelievably happy I am here!

But alas, the reality of the situation is that I have a much better opportunity offered to me somewhere else, and I owe it to myself to at least be open minded about it. I finally have the chance for financial stability, upward mobility, and the ability to grow with a company from start to potentially finish. The good thing about it is, if this doesn't work out, I always have Harley to fall back on.

And with that, I end my final post as an employee of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. It's been an amazing ten months!


Accidentally Me said...

What's the new job? I can't find that post, if there is one...

It is definitely sad to leave a job you love, but you have to move on if it is right for you. It is great that you can leave on good terms with friends and good contacts in place. You never know when you will run across people again! And you may not be done with H-D yet:-) The world can move us in and out of funny places!!!

Christi said...

I got a job working as a media coordinator for an informerical marketing company based out of Burlington, WI. The fact that it's back in Burlington SUCKS, but the opportunity was hands down one I had to take =) Thanks for your words of support!!!

BreadBox said...

It is hard to say goodbye to a company and to friends --- good luck with the new job!
Michele sent me to say this (and to spend half an hour reading through a whole bunch of your old posts too!)


Christi said...

haha I'm glad you could stick around for a while. And thanks for the well wishes!!

karen said...

They really did send you out in Harley "style." I can't imagine leaving a place like that considering most of the jobs I’ve had so far in my career were those I couldn't wait to leave. I think because I’m pretty happy where I'm right now, I will have the same reluctant departure as you did from Harley - minus the custom gas tank. :)

You have to be selfish sometimes and do what's best for you. Good luck with the new job!

Anonymous said...

Christi -- E-mail me when you can. There's a new opening @ HD that might fit you well if you're still interested. Told you I'd keep my eye out 4u! :)
-- Jeff S.

Anonymous said...

Kristi: Jeff again. No need to e-mail me; you can check out the job on the external H-D website.

Here's the link:

The job ID and info is below and it was posted on 10/9. If you want to apply, let me know.
-- Jeff Smith

View Job Detail

Job ID: 2123
Job Title: Program Manager-Design Services
Country: United States of America
State: Wisconsin
City: Milwaukee
Relocation Available:
Job Type: Regular
Full Time: Yes
Date Posted: Oct 09 2007

Christi said...

Jeff!!!! I didn't know you read this blog. Horray!!! Thanks for the posting. I'm going to email you my new work contact information...just so you have it. I'll do that tomorrow I promise.

PS: Heard about the P&A re-org today. CRAZINESS!!!!! My little H-D contacts continue to keep me in the loop. Love you guys! =)