Friday, June 01, 2007

Much Funnier than The Bird

Every now and then my dad will bust out the “now, now” finger wave while driving. It’s sort of his ridiculously composed way of releasing road rage. I’ll always make fun of him whenever I see him shaking a finger at someone that just cut him off because honestly, who does that anymore…besides maybe my grandmother, but I like to think even she is too cool for that.

Today however, in the always heated morning commute to work, a woman looked me straight in the eye, and shook her finger at me the ENTIRE way through the very large intersection that we were stopped at…well, that I was stopped at. She apparently felt that regardless of who’s turn it REALLY was to cross through the intersection, she had made her complete stop sign stop (even though I know there’s no way she got one one thousand out before she was half way through the intersection) and that entitled her to go. I quickly threw on my brakes and let her pass in front of me but honestly began to laugh uncontrollably as I watched her shake her finger at me and spout something out through her mouth (although it’s very possible she was singing). I literally barely moved my tires before I realized she was going to make it HER turn and yet she truly felt the need to reprimand me, as if while braking I was spreading boogers on my five year old best friend or something. I hope she feels better now.

So there you have it, there are two people in the world that use the “now, now” finger wave…my dad, and the woman I will call Monique, because she looked like a Monique. I’ve decided that my grandmother IS too cool for the finger, so she is not counted. If you see either of them on the road, tell them I say hi.


Farrah said...

I'm the worst at 4-way stops. I'm always patient enough to let someone else go first. But then I think my car becomes invisible as like 3 more people go. At which point I give my, "No, no, no! It's not your turn!" rant, while I proceed to gas it through the intersection.

Jean said...

Oh. My. Goodness. There is nothing that makes me more upset that the, "now, now" finger or the disapproving shake of the head. I would MUCH rather have someone flip me the bird. Everybody absent mindedly makes a bonehead move while driving (though some more dangerous than others of course). I feel the same exact way when people say things like, "ah, ah, ah ahhh," in that scolding tone. I am an adult! Yell at me but don't scold me like a child!'s Friday...and I still have that 40 minute commute home!

Christi said...

YEAH! Grrr to the finger and Grrr to people going out of turn! =)

I don't have road rage at all, but people do bother me when I drive.

Mentle said...

I love the part about the booger smear.