Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Apartment Woes Part II

Uy, I am STILL apartment hunting. I feel as though this chapter of my life is never going to end. I’m going to continue living with my parents until I’m 85 and only then will I finally find the apartment of dreams because old people get ALL the cool stuff in their senior housing apartments. Hell, by the time I’m 85 I feel as though my parents will just be turning 90 so maybe we can be neighbors and I’ll officially never leave the nest…ever.

And now I’m depressed.

Alright, so I’m being dramatic, but I’m just frustrated. I thought that getting a roommate would take some of the stress out of this whole situation but now I’m just finding that we have TWO people who can’t be pleased. And it’s not that I’m hard to please at all. In fact, I’m extremely low maintenance!! I just don’t feel like I should have to pay $1000 a month in rent and get nothing in return for that! It’s ludicrous to me. I’m willing to negotiate and compromise on most things that I ultimately want in an apartment (in unit washer and dryer, heated parking garage, big ol’ deck), but in order to do that I have to find something that’s even worth LIVING in first off!!! How can landlords even think that some of these places are livable!! Who could live like some of these people do!!!! What landlord would willingly SHOW a place in such poor condition?!.

I have appointments to look at three more places this afternoon and if nothing pans out with them then its back to the drawing board…and I must admit I get a little excited every morning as I make my way to craigslist and peruse the posting that appeared overnight. I just know someday soon I’ll get lucky!


Anonymous said...

Bay View has many affordable apartments - mostly duplexes and flats. You can still be close to downtown and the lake for anywhere from $600 to $900.

Otherwise, look for places above $1100/month on the East Side and downtown. You should be able to get a nice two-bedroom place for that price - and only $550-$600 each with a roommate.

Farrah said...

$900 -- affordable? Gulp!

If the second bedroom in my apartment wasn't so small, I'd love a roommate. But at 8 x 9, it's really only suitable for an office, or a baby's room (it would be THE cutest baby room).

My sympathies on living with the rents. That's something I can definitely relate to ;o) When you do find the perfect place, it will make it all the sweeter. You'll love it, and will be home!

Christi said...

Thanks for the input everyone =) Yes, I do like Bayview...but my future roomate works WAY up in Brown Deer so the drive for her wouldn't exactly be fair.

Oh my god, I'm so sick of complaining about apartment hunting. I'm really sorry guys!!!

Derek said...

Have you looked at buying a condo? If you're willing to pay $1000 a month as long as you get something back in return then that should work for you.

Worked for me! :)

Michael Manning said...

Christie: If you do rent, it's worth running a Better Business Bureau Check on the Landlord. I hope you find the perfect home!!!

Krista said...

CHRISTI! Go look at this puppy RIGHT NOW:

Christi said...

OMG krista. You totally just made my day. He is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!!!!!

He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine.

And yes, I just quoted Wayne's World...what.