Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Nothing Post

My gosh do I have a hard time keeping up with this stupid blog. What is one supposed to write about when absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary happens to them? I suppose at that point I could begin analyzing the everyday mundane: wake up, go to work, eat breakfast…but I’m not good at that. The mundane in my life is just that, mundane. I don’t have that unique talent of making even the most boring of task seem interesting and funny. I suppose you could consider it the “non-writer” in me. Or that I’m just not funny. That could be it too.

Seriously though (as if I made a joke), not much has been going on. In all honesty the thing I look forward to most these days is my weekly trip to New Berlin where I get to prance around in high heels and shake my goodies to a metal chair while laughing at how not sexy I can make a stripper move look. I think it’s the lankiness of my body stature. It doesn’t fit well on a chair. I think I’m more cut out for the pole. I’ll have to try that next.

Oh yeah, and keeping with the fitness theme, I did manage to bust out a 2 mile run and a 5 mile walk last week, that was fun! I wish the 5 miles had been a run, but I’ll work on that. I figured a 5 mile walk was pretty darn good considering the only exercise I have consistently managed to participate in since the marathon in 2004 is the walk up and down the stairs to my bedroom every morning. Someday I’ll be able to run 26.2 miles again. My knee may not agree with that statement, but to that I say “shush knee, who asked you”.

This weekend I have some fun wedding stuff to attend to, and then hopefully a night in Chicago with my friend Katie, so maybe at the end of it all I’ll have something interesting to post about. If not, maybe I’ll come back anyways to let you all know what I had for breakfast and maybe turn it into some elaborate story about how my Corn Pops somehow altered my course of life! Don’t count on it though. We all know only Lucky Charms has the ability to that =)


Mentle said...

I have nothing else to say but HI!

Christi said...

HI mentle =)

Farrah said...

Thank you for mentioning the class at Miss Pole. I signed up to take Strip This in May and I talked a girl I work with into taking it too. I'm hoping to uncover a hidden talent so I can quit my day job in insurance and work as a stripper full time (jk!)

Christi said...

haha ME TOO! I think I'm going to try and take the Pole I class in May just to tap into a few more stripper resources =)

You'll have to come back and keep me posted on the Strip This class. I'm interested to hear about it!

Farrah said...

I will! And you'll have to report on the pole class too. Don't the pole parties sound like fun? I'm a little bummed about not having anyone in my life right now for practicing my skills, but, the next person I date will be in for quite the surprise! (lol)

Christi said...

The pole parties do sound fun. I think it'd be fun to get a big group of girls together and do them. Doing sexual moves is much more fun (and comfortable) around a group of friends.