Monday, April 09, 2007

Lap Dancing - Class Number One

Let’s talk a little bit about lap dancing:


Hmmm…okay let me go back and explain a little bit, before the play on words get a bit out of control here. On Thursday evening, my two good friends and I signed up for what we thought would be a fun excuse to get together and catch up once a week. It turned out to be one of the hardest workouts I’ve experienced in a very long time. In fact, as I’m typing this out…I’m STILL sore, and it’s four days after the fact!

When the idea of taking a lap dancing class was brought up, my thoughts instantly returned to the belly dancing classes I took about a year ago. Although the workout wasn’t exactly mind blowing, I did learn a few cool hip moves out of the deal, so all in all it wasn’t a total bust! I figured a lap dancing class would offer me much the same experience: not an amazing workout, but something to talk about none-the-less.

Fast forward to Thursday.

Jayne and I arrived to the Miss Pole studio in New Berlin within minutes of each other and soon after, a slightly flustered Erin arrived just as the class was about to begin. We quickly got our “good to see you” hugs in and took our place on the carpeted floor of the studio amidst 6 other soon to be strippers…and a few metal poles (for the pole dancing classes). Our instructor started us off with a few stretches and then the workout began: floor pulses, chair squats, leg lifts, stomach rolls! I have to admit it’s a little uncomfortable to perform sexy moves in front of a group of complete strangers, and it took us all a little while to get over our shyness with each other as we pulsed on the ground. For the first few minutes of the class there was a lot more giggling than actual working out. We warmed up to each other pretty quickly though and soon we were straddling our chairs like we’d been doing this for years. We learned a few routines on our chairs, practiced our “sexy walk” and by the end of the class we were feeling both unbelievably sore, yet pretty damn sexy.

I am so excited for next week’s class. It’s both awesome girl bonding and fat burning all combined into a perfect one hour session. I highly recommend this class. It’s a unique alternative to the typical workout routine, and what girl couldn’t use a few new sexy moves to spice things up every once in a while!


Erin said...

Damn straight! So fun!!

Michael Manning said...

Christy: Haha! You are so funny. Enjoy!